Meet Our Winners & Finalists

Agnes Skonare Karlsson – 2022 Grand Prize Winner

Berry Pickers

During an exceptionally hot summer in Sweden, a Thai migrant worker has to navigate the forest and his increasingly quarrelsome relationship with his older brother, in order to find the blueberries needed to afford passage home.

Lu Asfaha – 2022 Feature Winner and Fellini Award Winner

The Fly That Doesn’t Listen Follows The Corpse Into The Grave

A former shut-in returns to her childhood home to care for her ailing mother, and is confronted by the ghosts of her family's sins.

Nicole Ballivian – 2022 Pilot Winner


Emma, a 9-year-old New Yorker with a genetic polyglottal superpower, loses her entire family on 9/11, so she decides to kill Osama Bin Laden. Emma travels by land down through Latin America, then sails over the Atlantic, treks all across the Muslim World, meeting girls and women who fight their own lives' struggles, forming a lifelong sisterhood. After 10 years, Emma accomplishes her task in Abbottabad.

Kahyun Kim – 2022 Short Script Winner

Happy Laundry

A young boy finds himself in the realm of a water spirit when his dead friend’s clothing is washed in his family’s laundromat. There he must decide what price he’s willing to pay in order to stake claim to his independence with help from the paranormal.

Bradley Hathaway – 2022 Feature Finalist

Old Man Young Man Snake

A teenage boy is on the run in the middle of a North Dakota winter. He finds refuge at a secluded camp run by a mysterious old man that may or may not have his best interests in mind.

Heidi Hayward – 2022 Feature Finalist


A Portland trustafarian faces his hypocrisy after meeting a homeless woman in front of his luxury condo.

Laurie Jones – 2022 Feature Finalist

The Feelers

A seemingly put-together teacher impulsively invites her socially-awkward neighbor to her family’s Thanksgiving dinner, the first holiday since her boyfriend’s unexpected suicide.

Alexander Blum – 2022 Pilot Finalist


A young woman becomes addicted to a streaming service that creates original TV based on its users' dreams. When a feisty old friend convinces her she is being brainwashed, they form a plan to bring down the company.

Sergio Cervantes – 2022 Pilot Finalist

Esperanza's World

When the city of Los Angeles threatens to demolish her barrio to make way for Dodger Stadium, a middle aged nobody, Esperanza Trejo, must find the resolve to fight back.

Michael Zammit – 2022 Pilot Finalist


Too Asian for ‘White’ roles and too white for ‘Asian’ roles, a hard-up actress, struggling with her racial identity, begins work at a bizarre clown agency that functions as her long overdue therapy.

George Ellzey Jr. – 2022 Short Film Script Finalist

Cottage Grove

Cottage Grove follows a young man who struggles to communicate with his stroke-afflicted father in a grocery store parking lot while at the same time staying true to himself.

Laura Quigley – 2022 Short Film Script Finalist


Albert Wetherby is tired of being lonely and orders some company, but the young woman who arrives is so much more than he ever expected.

Cristine Chambers – 2022 Short Film Script Finalist

Surrender Dorothy

A desperate woman faces an ethical crisis when her husband of sixty years becomes trapped waiting for surgery in an overwhelmed New York hospital.

Pollyanna Stevens – 2022 Short Film Script Finalist


A poverty-stricken father grappling with unemployment in Rio de Janeiro is forced to consider the lengths he’ll go to in order to provide for his son.

Faizan Kareem – 2021 Grand Prize Winner


A widowed Muslim doctor who also happens to be an aspiring Imam, grapples with his faith when his child reveals their transgender identity.

Beverly Chukwu – 2021 Feature Winner

Prince of Lavendale Street

A 12-year-old romantic’s life goes from fairy-tale to nightmare as he clashes with his widowed Nigerian mother in order to find his princess and fulfill his father’s dying wish.

Nathan Karimi – 2021 Pilot Winner

All the Sons of Bitches in the World

After the accidental murder of their White classmate, three MOWA Choctaw boys escape the Gladstone Assimilation Academy and hatch a plan to raise money at the John L. Sullivan heavyweight championship.

Julianna Gelinas Bonifacio – 2021 Short Winner

Little Orange Flags

Twelve-year-old Iris is sent to live on a farm in rural Pennsylvania after an encounter with her mom's boyfriend.

Brennig Hayden – 2021 Fellini Award Winner


A conservative mother investigates the circumstances surrounding the death of her estranged son, pulling her into the criminal underworld of county line crime and the life of a young immigrant.

Benedict Cohen – 2021 Feature Finalist


When a corrupt official steals their benefits, a veteran must convince an oddball crew of disability claimants to help him pull off a heist.

David Hoffman – 2021 Feature Finalist

The Understudy

After twenty years as a journeyman actor, Chester Knapp finally takes the stage as a leading man on the same night his nemesis has chosen to kill Abraham Lincoln.

Rachel Werbel – 2021 Feature Finalist

Bear Spray and Cake

A comedic drama that follows Marilyn as she weather's the storm (an actual storm) at her long-time lover's rustic weekend wedding-- with her alcoholic mother.

Alison Lynch – 2021 Pilot Finalist

Dead-End Job

When the manager of a newspaper's obituary call center dies, an underachieving employee struggles to compose the perfect tribute for her enigmatic boss.

Haley Bresnahan – 2021 Pilot Finalist

All Turned Out

When two former dancers inherit their childhood studio from their eccentric dance teacher, their clashing visions unearth their adolescent dynamic as sworn frenemies.

Jimmy Prosser & Rohan Shankar – 2021 Pilot Finalists


In a rapidly gentrifying San Diego, a power-tripping weed plant and a coughed-up lung convince a young couple to open a “cannabis-infused” home restaurant to exact revenge on the DEA and a local cheesesteak empire.

Eli Lutsky – 2021 Short Finalist

Lone Star

A surreal journey into the subconscious mind of George W. Bush as he becomes lost in thought during a moment of crisis.

Jorge Sistos Moreno – 2021 Short Finalist

In Freedom

A couple of indigenous Guatemalans receive an unexpected visitor threatening to throw their lives into complete disarray.

Leah Chen Baker- 2021 Short Finalist


An absent mother desperately attempts to win her young daughter's affection during a belated birthday celebration but risks straining the relationship further.

Rami Obeid – 2021 Short Finalist


A social worker is surprised at a boy’s determined plan to help his sick mother.

Jane Barr – 2020 Grand Prize Winner

An American Tale

An African American woman recounts the story of her life in the form of a tall tale too fantastic to be fully believed.

Joe Borg – 2020 Feature Winner

Sundays Only

An unconventional love story between Shannagh, a free thinker with bipolar, and Pete, a guarded ex-con battling with bulimia – shown only through their weekly dates on Sundays.

Tevin Knight – 2020 Pilot Winner


Following the lives of four black boys in their church community after an accidental death sends shockwaves through their home lives and friendship.

Aaron Richmond-Havel – 2020 Short Winner

Calle Cola

An amateur film-maker becomes distracted by romance while making a documentary about his activist community fighting against a predatory soda company.

Laura Dobre – 2020 Fellini Winner


A suicidal reporter becomes the object of a serial killer's affections.

Allison Webster – 2020 Feature Finalist


Charlotte Wells, a liberal mother in the hell-stained armpits of rich Texas suburbia, faces her worst fear: having raised a rapist son in the era of Trump. Through this realization, she faces her own morality and decides whether or not her son's punishment is her responsibility.

Amanda Krader – 2020 Feature Finalist

Diabolus in Musica

A young woman discovers that her antique piano can eat her enemies. And she's got a lot of enemies.

Edith Rodriguez – 2020 Feature Finalist

South Side Girls

Set in the early 2000s, a reclusive teenager and her outspoken best friend lean on each other to navigate troubled home lives and problematic first loves in a Puerto Rican south side neighborhood of Milwaukee, WI.

Jared Lopez – 2020 Pilot Finalist

Fear of Trembling

In the wake of his grandfather's death, a repressed teenage evangelist begins receiving prophetic visions from God, forcing him to confront his faith, family, and fear of the apocalypse.

Jesenia Ruiz – 2020 Pilot Finalist

Entre Nos (Between Us)

A Mexican family divided by the US-Mexico border that centers on the oldest daughter, Lupita, who, after her brother is suddenly deported to Mexico, struggles to keep her family together while raising her younger siblings, one of which is pregnant.

Liam Hale – 2020 Pilot Finalist

Our Vision

By adulthood everyone has had a vision that maps out their future: Penny will marry a stranger, Paul will die tragically, and Todd’s going to be a serial killer. Knowing one’s destiny certainly makes life simpler; but Molly has decided to take fate into her own hands.

Allison Theveny – 2020 Short Finalist

Hat Weather

Thirteen-year-old Kathleen does not want anyone to know her dark secret, least of all her best friend Annie, but there are monsters lurking in the snowy woods that just might make hiding, whether you’re Kathleen or anyone else, impossible.

Kristian Mercado Figueroa – 2020 Short Finalist

Hawk Bells

A story told via the perspective of a Taino Indigenous mother and daughter during Puerto Rico's colonization. We experience their day to day lives and the violent shift as we explore the practice of slavery and usage of Hawk Bells during that time period.

Laurel Kulow – 2020 Short Finalist

All You Want to Know

After realizing she had been sexually assaulted by her gynecologist years before, Sasha looks back at specific moments in her life that have stayed with her because she doubted her gut feeling and grappled with how people perceived her and how she perceived herself.

Oliver Giles – 2020 Short Finalist


An adolescent Boy and Girl see their final days out in quarantine after a mysterious virus sweeps through the country, killing all those infected on a specific 'expiry' date.

Ariel Sobel – 2019 Feature Winner

Fox Hollow

After losing her home to Hurricane Sandy, a closeted high school senior checks into the last hotel with a vacant room ― a five-star luxury inn – where she’s forced to live with her family in one room for six months.

Benjamin Christopher – 2019 Hour Pilot Winner

Tenth Street

Every 200 years, all living residents of Angel City vanish without a trace. It's about to happen again, and the only person who can stop it is a hapless loser who's the last living descendant of the town's protectors.

Katie Blair – 2019 Half-Hour Pilot Winner


On Manhattan's rigid Upper East Side, a socially and physically uncomfortable woman embarks on a fraught path to sue her own family's pharmaceutical company over the drug that gave her life-altering side effects. A dark comedy.

Swetha Regunathan – 2019 Shorts Winner

Forever Tonight

An Indian-American girl wrestles with her otherness at a pre-prom gathering.

Eleanor Kirk – 2019 Fellini Winner

Learning Curve

The brainy but emotionally tone-deaf Sam Widge joins the eclectic assortment of staff at Shirley Dirley's tuition centre, where they seem to focus on anything other than actually teaching.

Eric LaPlante & Susie Moon – 2019 Feature Finalists


A geology professor juggling menopause, an elderly mother with dementia and a career in crisis has her world upturned when her 19 year old daughter elopes with her boyfriend during a routine survey of sandstone in the California desert.

Jackson Murray – 2019 Feature Finalist

The Mothman

Small-time pro wrestler Mickey Piper undergoes an experimental procedure to treat his advancing brain damage and begins a surreal transformation into his onstage alter ego.

Marc Ketchem – 2019 Feature Finalist

Family On Ice

With a delinquent daughter doing drugs and considering prostitution, a son adventuring into the treacherous world of online chatting and exploring his sexuality, a cheating father fighting to hold onto his youth, and a burned out mother reeling from her new boss who won't get off her case, things are not looking good for the dysfunctional Harris family in 1986.

Tom Groneberg – 2019 Feature Finalist

The Empty Quarter

On the Crow Reservation in Montana, a young man from a broken family strives to complete the four tasks required to become a War Chief. The only problem is, he isn’t really sure who the enemy is and who he should be fighting.

John Paretti & Jakob Free – 2019 Hour Pilot Finalists

Pulp Syndicate

In 1938 New York City, cartoonists, mob bosses, and titans of business vie for supremacy in the nascent comic book industry.

Miriam Rahimi-Cholensky – 2019 Hour Pilot Finalist


A group of women from different walks of life join forces to take down a notorious, wealthy, Tasmanian rancher.

Seth Harrington – 2019 Hour Pilot Finalist


A failed lawyer who returns to the small, Texas hometown that made his life a living hell and gets a chance at redemption when he takes on the defense of a client no one else wants: an 8th Grader accused of murder.

Sonya Terjanian – 2019 Hour Pilot Finalist

The Curator

A brilliant curator, fighting for truth and integrity in the corrupt world of a large New York art museum, has to solve the mystery of a forged Caravaggio painting even though the museum, the art market, and the Russian mafia are all trying to stop him.

Clare Higgins & Julie Fassnacht – 2019 Half-Hour Finalists

Crash & Burn

Trout, Montana isn't known for much -- besides a four-story fiberglass fish. But that's about to change when middle-school misfits Denny, Rob and Oliver try to crack a local cold case, and get way in over their heads.

Clarissa Carson – 2019 Half-Hour Pilot Finalist

Bottom of the Top

A small-town black college freshman faces intimidating Upper East Siders, incompetent frat boys fresh off their gap years, and her scheming high school nemesis as she struggles with being in the bottom socio-economic tier of her top tier university.

Venetia Ginakakis – 2019 Half-Hour Pilot Finalist

Artemis of Chicago

Artemis navigates single life at an age her Greek-American family considers too late while desperately trying to find a date to her late father’s traditional funeral.

Amber Scott – 2019 Short Finalist


Sunshine chronicles a day in the life of Gwen, an elderly African American woman who suffers from dementia, of her young caretaker, Joe, and the surprising ways they connect through the fog of the disease.

Johnny Sanchez – 2019 Short Finalist


Johnny is an 11-year-old Latino boy whose uncle has been seized by I.C.E. Needing money to hire a lawyer for the uncle, Johnny must go with his father to a drug deal. Inspired by true events.

Sivakrishna Vakamullu – 2019 Short Finalist

Only Dead Know the Dead

A railway trackman on night duty watches a young man's dead body waiting for the autopsy team to collect it. His thoughts and experience do not make a right match!

Aggie Pak-yee Lee – 2019 Short Film Festival


Muteum is a mutation journey happened in an Art Museum.

Bobb Barito – 2019 Short Film Festival

Light My Fire

A vengeful father hunts down his daughter's boyfriend on the Fourth of July.

Carlen May-Mann – 2019 Short Film Festival

The Rat

It's Halloween night, and Renee is madly in love with her boyfriend Jim. On their way to a frat party, he takes a detour to a haunted house, where Renee is forced to confront a terrifying situation.

David Freid – 2019 Short Film Festival

Guns Found Here

A surprisingly non-fictional tragicomedy about how America traces a gun involved in a gun crime back to its owner.

Ellen Evans – 2019 Short Film Festival

Life in Miniature

A short film about small things - and the woman who creates them.

Ernst De Geer – 2019 Short Film Festival

The Culture

It’s the opening night at the concert house where Arvid works, but when his sister steals the spotlight, his worst sides are revealed.

Fanny Ovesen – 2019 Short Film Festival


Anarchy emerges at a public pool party when a group of small girls push the limits of their strength and power.

Jimena Muhlia – 2019 BlueCat Short Film Festival


A teenage boy with overflowing hormones can’t help but start fantasizing about his best friend’s mother after inadvertently catching her in a compromising position. Thus begins a test of their friendship's strength...

Maxwell Addae – 2019 BlueCat Short Film Festival


A young man attends his nephew's baby naming ceremony with a plan to steal the money collected from family and friends to run away and keep a secret hidden.

Michael Kam – 2019 Short Film Festival


An awkward, lonely boy is infatuated with his new neighbor, a young caregiver. In his own way, he reaches out to her...

Nicholas Manuel Pino – 2019 Short Film Festival

The Funeral Band

On his first day as the newest member of 'Thicker than Blood Brass Band,' John, a now teenager displaced by Hurricane Katrina, learns all about the unique community he's been disconnected from and the traditions that follow them to the grave.

Sam Gainsborough – 2019 Short Film Festival

Facing It

As a man anxiously awaits a meeting in the local pub, he is forced to explore his own difficult memories and relationships in an evening that will leave him changed forever.

Zoel Aeschbacher – 2019 BlueCat Short Film Festival


When the elevator of their public housing breaks down, the fates of Felix, a disabled pensioner, Ana, a single mother struggling with her move and Seydou, a young man passionate about dance, intertwine towards an explosive ending where their limits will be tested.

2018 Feature Winners Ismael Gomez III & Joe Leone

Death of a Fool

A teenager and his dying grandfather conduct afterlife investigations in Miami when a mysterious man hires them to find the secret to immortality.

2018 Hour Pilot Winner Ben Philippe

The Backyard You Know

After a series of setbacks at Harvard University, IBI JOSEPH is forced to move back to the Bronx—the home he thought he'd escaped as a young prodigy.

2018 Half-Hour Pilot Winner Joey Siara

Infinite Gary

Gary, a perfectly bland middle-aged dad, begins to unravel after being violently attacked by a doppelgänger. Joined by his punk rock daughter and her half-baked boyfriend, Gary embarks on an existential odyssey to locate his attacker.

2018 Short Winner Amy Wang


A 5-year-old girl attempts to overcome feelings of inadequacy and isolation at a boarding school for overworked parents.

2018 Fellini Winner Kwok Keong


A budding photographer yearns to do hard-hitting journalism just like her late father until she lands the opportunity to cover the 2008 elections in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, the very place where her father was brutally murdered while on assignment just a decade earlier.

2018 Feature Finalist Khamanna Iskandarova

A Game of Supers

A rich eleven-year-old must come to terms with living in a country and going to public school after ending up in a poorhouse.

2018 Feature Finalist Nathan Floody

Winter Quarters

When a dead body is found in the lion cage, an aging animal trainer must kidnap his lions from the circus while finding the real killer to clear their names.

2018 Feature Finalist Rebecca Dreyfus


MEN is the story of a woman who–when confronted with her difficult father's terminal cancer–begins a secret, unstable affair with his favorite student.

2018 Feature Finalists Rebecca Shuhan Lou & Sofia Drummond-Moore

Her Weight On Me

A coming-of-age psychological thriller centering around a Chinese-American girl who, sexually stunted because of her parents' intense pressure, must break free not only from their control but from a monstrous nightmare presence.

2018 Hour Pilot Finalist Isaac Siegemund-Broka


In 1918, a young gun of Odessa's organized crime faction attempts to rise in prominence as his closest friend takes on a leading role in the concurrent Russian Revolution. Based on selected works by Isaac Babel.

2018 Hour Pilot Finalist Jacob Krasnow

News Values

In order to save his job, a disgraced local news videographer chases an impossible story that threatens to topple the corrupt but successful athletic program at a major university.

2018 Hour Pilot Finalist Lauren Hussey

The Golden Age

In Post-World War II America, an aspiring horror writer moves to Hollywood to pursue her dreams. But after procuring a job at a major movie studio, an unexpected murder rocks the insular community of colorful personalities, and the suspect is anyone's guess.

2018 Hour Pilot Finalist Randy Rex

I Love You Mr. Freeze

A girl is abducted by a psychopath with a manifesto, and a world-weary Sheriff must team up with the local ice cream man to find her before it’s too late.

2018 Half-Hour Pilot Finalist Chris Maudsley

Black Cabs

A young, unemployed footman attempts an honest living at the height of the abolition movement in ruthless Eighteenth-Century England, thrown into a sedan-chair startup with his dead employer’s chaotic son and a savvy social campaigner. 

2018 Half-Hour Pilot Finalist Joshua Smooha

Area 51

A secret force of government agents assigned to investigate alien happenings adjust to their new and overly emotional teammate: a super A.I. in a hunky new human body.

2018 Half-Hour Finalist Pogo New


A young woman struggles to achieve and maintain basic markers of human success while literally living with anxiety and depression—as in, she sees them as her roommates.

2018 Half-Hour Pilot Finalist Samuel Josephs


A hunky astronaut terraforming the moon returns to Earth to help announce his pro-life pop star wife's candidacy for governor of Texas when he vomits and faints on Live TV - he's pregnant with an alien baby, and life begins at conception.

2018 Short Finalist Bernhard Riedhammer

Cardboard Box

A homeless girl’s life is defined by her troubled past, her daily struggles of survival, and her attachment to a cardboard box.

2018 Short Finalist Meegan May

First Words

In the near future, a new experimental technology gives two grieving parents the chance to speak to their young daughter, who has been in a coma since a vicious assault four years ago. But they will only have three minutes to help find her attacker - and say goodbye.

2018 Short Finalist Peter Haig

A War on Terror

After enduring an attack by Taliban insurgents, a group of US soldiers wake up in a room unsure if they are alive, dead, or worse. 

2018 Short Finalists Shekhar & Shalinder Bassi

Absolute Beginner

Grandfather and widower, PREM, sets out to fall in love for the first time but before he can do that he must find love, which proves to be a challenge.

2018 Short Film Finalist Alicia MacDonald

Bad News

When some people are unable to switch off from work, it can be fairly noticeable. We see one particular group of friends who are suffering more than most and hear how it has even started affecting one of the group's home life.

2018 Short Film Finalist Derin Seale

The Eleven O'Clock

The delusional patient of a psychiatrist believes he is actually the psychiatrist. As they each attempt to treat each other the session gets out of control.

2018 Short Film Finalist Jennifer Boles

Cowboy Town

Cowboy Town is an impressionistic documentary about a 1970s replica roadside ghost town with automatons in rural South Dakota.

2018 Short Film Finalist Marielle Woods

Do No Harm

A short film about a combat medic attempting to hold on to humanity in the midst of a war much bigger than himself. A medic's job is to fix people up, but how does that obligation reconcile with someone who is trained to fight and may be asked to kill?

2018 Short Film Finalist Monica Santis

Towards the Sun

A 12-year-old girl confronts her scarring past when she is placed at an immigrant children's shelter for unaccompanied minors in Texas. As her future hangs in limbo, she embarks on a healing journey to recover her own sense of power through her artwork.

2018 Short Film Finalist Omar Al Dakheel


The bond between a disabled Muslim father and his son is tested when love is pitted against religion.

2018 Short Film Finalist Sarah-Leigh Burger

Mite-y Beard

A displeased wife enters a world of unexpected adventure after deciding to finally confront her husband's stubborn, unkept beard. 

2018 Short Film Finalist Shanrica Evans


A teenager with gender dysphoria witnesses the physical assault of a transgender woman.

2018 Short Film Finalist Steve Sears

Special Feature

A special feature making-of for a motion picture. 

2018 Short Film Winner Tessa Hoffe


A young girl cares for her younger brother at home, while she awaits her mother’s return.

2017 Feature Winners Judy Soo Hoo & Isaac Ho

Cadaver Dog

When a young autistic Latina rescues a stray cadaver dog, she stumbles upon a 15 year-old cold case that no one wants solved.

2017 Feature Finalist Laura Allen


Liv, a single-mom and small-time shoplifter, barely makes ends meet with her deviant lifestyle.  But when she reconnects with her estranged father she finds she must navigate a new place for herself in the world.

2017 Feature Finalist Baruh Benjamins

The Townhouse 

A young black writer spends a busy day coming to terms with his crumbling relationship with his older white girlfriend as they prepare for an afternoon recital and an evening party in their townhouse. The day comes to a head as demonstrations throughout the city break out into a full-scale riot before escalating into something much more terrifying.

2017 Feature Finalist Jesus Celaya

Chico Grande

A boy in 1960's Mexico struggles with what it means to be a hero- all the while obsessing over the TV Western serials of that era.

2017 Feature Finalist Sachin Mehta


An Indian jeweler struggling to fulfill his family's American dream gets caught up in the darkest corners of the 1980s L.A. jewelry district.

2017 Pilot Winner Beanie Barnes

White-Shoe U

Four Ivy League students build an illegal drug operation, using it to orchestrate and grow their own social power. But as their power accumulates, they find it harder not to become pawns in the game of their own making.

2017 Pilot Finalist Maria Soscia

Junk Dreams

Following years of separation from her elderly mother, a mentally unstable woman confronts deep-seeded family hostilities after a radio psychic relays a message from her deceased father.

2017 Pilot Finalists Allie Kingsley & Tony Baker

The Orphan

Al, a down and out reality show host, must make the best of the worst TV show in history: The Orphan, a show about impoverished children from around the world competing to be adopted by a wealthy family in Bel Air.

2017 Pilot Finalist Bill Keenan


In a wryly comical near future, where too many baby boomers have saved too little money and amassed too much debt, an unemployed man aspires to the affluent lifestyle of his rich brother while trying to avoid the humiliating fate of his destitute brother who lives in a vast ghetto of boomers known as Squat City.

2017 Pilot Finalist MJ Palo


After a recently murdered high-school sweetheart's body is dug up from her grave, the secrets of a small mountain town begin to unravel.

2017 Short Screenplay Winner Will Schneider


A depressed lunch lady finds new meaning in her mundane life when she falls for a troubled janitor.

2017 Short Screenplay Finalist Walker Hare

Sun Shine

When an African American teenager gets a seemingly depressed white guy to open up, she discovers he's on his way to commit a mass shooting.

2017 Short Screenplay Finalist Mohamed Karim

Borders of Life

A gritty portrait of courage, tragedy and immigrant life through the eyes of a Syrian refugee.

2017 Short Screenplay Finalist Colm Ryan

The Call

A taxi driver is interrogated over a bank bombing. As he is questioned about what happened by a police detective, certain details do not add up.

2017 Short Screenplay Finalists Cameron Thrower & Joe McKernan

The Scientist

Dr. Roy Jackson was once an accomplished scientist. Now a 60 year old homeless man, living in the woods and spending all of his time acquiring junk to help him build a time machine out of a shopping cart. His latest attempt fails and he's back to the drawing board. An unlikely friendship teaches our obsessive inventor that patience is the true key to time travel.

2017 Fellini Winner Jason Chan

The Art of Letting Go

Waking up after 15 years in a coma as the result of a traffic accident, an unhappily married woman has to re-learn everything with the aid of her husband’s new fiancée, and map out a new path for her life.

2016 Cordelia Winner Haydn Fox

Title IX

As a couple’s marriage heads towards a disastrous end, the story reflects on the events that brought them to the present.

2016 Short Screenplay Finalist Tess Carroll

I Sleep Easy

A young girl demonstrates her method of appeasing the yellow-eyed beast that haunts her town.

2016 Joplin Winners Chad J. Nelson & Alexander Ellerston


After a chance encounter with his identical twin's mistress, a curious psychologist begins to unravel a web of deceit leading to fatal consequences.

2016 Roshan Winner Paras Borgohain

Deepest, Darkest or How Not to Lie

When a public relations executive discovers a note from her deceased best friend, she must find the trigger for his untimely death - revealing his long-distance relationship with a man, while confronting her own fears of unrequited love.

2016 Short Screenplay Finalist Nikki Tran

When We Run

Saigon, 1978. A young girl learns the meaning of sacrifice during an impromptu escape out of Vietnam.

2016 Short Screenplay Finalist Nic Yulo


Struggling to keep his dysfunctional family afloat, a teenage boy challenges his immature father by threatening to ruin a family tradition.

2016 Short Screenplay Winner Elizabeth Capot


A woman wakes up to find that she is literally falling apart—again.

2016 Feature Finalist Justin Piasecki

Death of An Ortolan

A disgraced White House chef is discovered decades later preparing meals for prisoners on death row, but he risks a chance at redemption when he befriends an inmate whose guilt appears doubtful.

2016 Feature Finalist Jonathan Holmes

In the Cradle of Granite

When a young girl discovers the corpse of a notorious outlaw, her father must strike a deal with the stranger bringing the body to justice. Miles from civilization in the harsh Oregon frontier, together the two men will discover a bounty is always best earned alone.

2016 Feature Finalist Hannah Leshaw

Amara, 15

Amara, 15 (formerly Hijita de Papá) is a coming-of-age feature about a 15-year-old Bronx teenager who is desperate to escape her father's sexual abuse but who will do anything not to leave her two little sisters behind.

2016 Feature Finalist Conall Pendergast


A mute drifter and a lonely night clerk must face their deepest fears when confronted by a mysterious man in a patchwork dog mask at a remote, rundown motel.

2016 Feature Winner Oreathia C. Smith


A black woman will not allow another black woman to attend her white church.

2015 Feature Finalist: Theodore Schaefer & Patrick Lawler

Taking the Toll - The Life and Life of Gilbert Booth

A young toll booth operator falls for a woman at his father’s nursing home but soon discovers that it’s her 99 year old grandmother who may be more in tune to his eccentric philosophies, including time travel and his imaginary friend.

2015 Feature Finalist: Palmer Holton

The Anxieties of Peter Wilhelm

When Peter Wilhelm’s adulterous daydreams creep too close towards becoming reality, he finds himself being whisked away to a rehab facility for sex addiction, only to become part of a radical new procedure that promises to make him fall in love with his wife again… or drive him insane.

2015 Feature Finalist: Joseph O’Driscoll

Scriptures and Cigarettes

After a near-death experience, a devout Mormon teenager experiments with the outside world for the first time, risking his relationship with his family and community.

2015 Feature Finalist: Alex Rollins Berg


After a flash flood kills his father, destroys the family farm and leaves him to support his younger brothers, a poor but enterprising teenager sets off to Kuala Lumpur for an iPhone factory job, only to get caught up in the lives of the fabulously wealthy American factory owners.

2015 Short Screenplay Finalist: Ludwig Thelin

The Last Days of the Dolores Project

In a few days, the chimpanzee Dolores will step out of the flight simulator and onto a real airplane, together with the pilot who taught her how to fly, but before the flight, the pilot wants to tell a colleague a secret.

2015 Short Screenplay Finalist: Danielle Barcena


An abused woman struggles to free herself from her brother’s web of control when a grocery store clerk offers her the chance to escape.

2015 Short Screenplay Finalist: Darren Robert Tibbits


Following the deaths of two teenage boys, a small-town simpleton with a hobby of crashing strangers’ funerals makes the locals more uncomfortable by trying to sell his homemade casket.

2015 Cordelia Award Winner: Kitty Percy

Butter Side Up

When a hopelessly unlucky smalltime criminal kidnaps a celebrity by mistake, he finds his luck starting to change in unexpected ways.

2015 Joplin Award Winner: Leonardo Noboru de Lima


An unhappy family man faces another level of his mundane existence when he wakes up to find himself inhabiting a sitcom version of his life.

2015 Short Screenplay Winner: Susan Fleming

Six Months of Wonder Woman

On her twenty-first birthday, a fledgling poet plans her escape from an alcoholic father; but before she can leave home, her superhero-loving mother has one last questionable lesson to teach.

2015 BlueCat Feature Award Winner: Kimi Howl Lee


When a broke Fem-studies major with an unwanted pregnancy assumes an alias and delves into a transactional relationship with an affluent family man, she must masquerade as a suburban trophy wife while finishing her degree––before her dual identity is unveiled.

2014 Short Finalist Wenonah Wilms


A young Native American comic book fan faces his life and fear of dancing with the help of his superhero alter ego.

2014 Short Finalist Athenia Paris Mekarnia


A Muslim man finds a strange woman when he travels to a remote mountain in search of a wolf he encountered as a child.

2014 Short Finalist Jeremy Lerman

The Twelve Plagues

A Jewish painter travels to receive a prestigious award, coming head to head with his wife's new boyfriend, Torah-thumping art patrons, and a slutty parapalegic. 

2014 Feature Finalist José Luis González

The History of Magic

A degenerated traveling Mexican magician and his teenage niece find themselves on the same path of life as he approaches her home in a Texas border town.  

2014 Feature Finalist Kateland Brown


Set against the illegal dogfighting scene in Los Angeles, a gangbanger sentenced to community service at an animal shelter forms a bond with an abused pit bill scheduled to be euthanized. 

2014 Feature Finalist Dennis Capps

Chicago Shuffle

A mild-mannered Prohibition-era accountant has a chance meeting with the twin brother he never knew he had, a brash Chicago gangster, but when he wakes up trapped in his brother's identity, he's forced to find himself as he fights to return to his old life. 

2014 Feature Finalist Doug Mallette

Bad House

Hoping for a fresh start, a desperate father moves his estranged wife and kids into a mysterious new house, where he soon discovers the horror of the perfect family.

2014 Cordelia Award Winner Jason Pittock

Face to Face

A cosmetic surgeon's life starts to unpick at the seams after he accidentally ruins the face of a celebrity client.

2014 Joplin Award Winner Savion Einstein

The Longest Birthday

When a clinical trial in Israel fails to treat her young son's cancer, a single mother takes him back home to Los Angeles to celebrate one more time. 

2014 BlueCat Feature Screenplay Winner HF Crum

3 Faces of Hunger & Thirst

The true story of the assassination of a revolutionary Mexican presidential candidate unfolds from the original standoff of three gunmen in Tijuana. 

2014 BlueCat Short Screenplay Winner Jennifer Cui


A young Chinese girl ventures outside her home to find a crowd gathered near a dead body, only to find something entirely different upon second glance. 

2013 Winner Pierre Chance

Demain, Je Me Tue

In Tokyo, four strangers in life find a bond in death.

2013 Finalist Bryce Wolfgang Joiner

Giants of the Valley

Theodore Tuttleberg, once the tallest man on earth, forms a bond with a morbidly obese recluse whom he saves from death, but when he seeks to make him famous he almost kills the soul of his one true friend.

2013 Finalist Michael Yagnow

Dead Dolores

As a grieving frontier sheriff succumbs to madness, his unseasoned deputy is forced to confront a pile of corpses and a troubled young barber who possesses an unnatural and homicidal obsession with the suitors of his gorgeous twin sister. 

2013 Finalist Michael Quintana

We Lost Grace

On the eve of their anniversary, while still coping with the death of their next-door neighbor, a married couple tries to adjust to their daughter’s return home, and the truths they learn along the way. 

2013 Finalist Kendal Alexander Whitlock

A Cat's Tale

Yeo, a senior citizen security guard stuck in a perpetual state of mourning his wife and son, meets a neighbor girl and soon finds himself in the middle of a Singaporean underworld, attempting to expose the murderer of the girl’s cat. 

2013 Joplin Award Winner Rachael BernSousa & Mary Lusted

Hand Lit Match

A teenage tomboy escapes her dead-end Australian country town by joining a visiting sideshow as a wrestler – then sets her sights on the top of the American female league in the 1950's.

2013 Cordelia Award Winner Christopher Brown


A young boxer must take his fight outside the ring when the guys he trains with discover the truth about his sexuality.

2012 Short Finalist Annaliese Ciel Walker

Wort Irkington's Hate Books

A reclusive bus driver coughs up a curious phlegm creature and finds himself forced to choose between his new friend and his life’s work: his Hate Books.

2012 Short Finalist Kristi Simkins

In The Silence

The story of a woman who has shut herself off emotionally from the world around her for unknown reasons.

2012 Short Winner Ben Cleary


In his small, isolated cottage, Alexander finds a very unusual trumpet that will turn his lonely existence upside down.

2012 Finalist Zeke Farrow

Untitled Sarah Palin Sex Doll Project

When the last virgin in high school creates a fake girlfriend on Facebook as part of an elaborate scheme to get a real one, the woman whose pictures he stole shows up and his fiction becomes a reality. 

2012 Finalist Alex Eylar

The Prime Mover

A young man witnesses a glitch in time itself, and becomes a target of the individuals tasked with protecting the system the world relies on. 

2012 Finalist Anthony Easton

The Hosanna Tree

A tale of good versus evil set against the desolate backdrop of Dust Bowl era Oklahoma. 

2012 Finalist Ashleigh Powell


A down-on-her-luck nail salon employee is happy making the world a better place one pedicure at a time, until a near-death experience awakens within her strange supernatural abilities, and she suddenly becomes part of a giant battle of Good vs. Evil… played out in a shopping mall.

2012 Joplin Award Winner Guy McDouall

Random Acts of Violence

A quarantined pacifist fights to help find a cure for the fits of murderous rage he and other test subjects have become afflicted with. 

2012 Cordelia Award Winner Nick Luddington

Life in a Box

A young man struggling with the death of his girlfriend unwittingly commits suicide, condemning himself to purgatory. Now in a world where memories are all that is left, his desire for life is renewed and a desperate fight to escape begins

2012 Winner Michael Hamblin

The Emperor of Wyoming

The fractured and dysfunctional family of an Idaho mortician and struggling author falls apart – and comes together – as he and his estranged son grapple with the moral and ethical implications of a bizarre mission from God, delivered by way of a talking corpse.

2011 Fellini Awards Winner Will Ryan

I Want My Car You Son of a Bitch

When the wealthy boss of nearly retired personal assistant, Toni Fratzki, dies, she’s left to clean up the mess of his troubled teenage son’s illegal affairs and discovers the last chance of belonging to a family she might have.

2011 Fellini Awards Winner Cime Bruce

Talk of Mifton

A young girl who dreams of escaping her suffocatingly small town the day after her eighteenth birthday is injured in an accident that leaves her without the ability to talk or move. Now she must use her new gift on her caregivers if she is to continue to live.

2011 Fellini Awards Winners Jacob Gillman and Matt Diebler

Horse Girl

An unpopular and sexually naive 12-year-old engages in a downward spiral of unintentionally perverse get-rich-quick schemes in order to obtain the horse of her dreams.

2011 Fellini Awards Winner Fergal Rock

Calvin & Skye

A hypochondriac and a terminally ill teenager strike up an unlikely friendship.

2011 Fellini Awards Winner Tony Mullen

Electric Town

In the heart of Tokyo, an old man gets more than he bargained for when he turns to a robotic pet to relieve his grief.

2010 Cordelia Award Winner Steve Ruttley


A widow and her young son give refuge to a wounded government witness after discovering he’s testifying against the underworld figure that tore their family apart.

2010 Joplin Award Winner Maurizio Marmorstein

One Night in Asbury Park

A local teenage girl with nothing and nowhere to go meets a visiting foreign student in a rockin’, early 60’s dance hall. Their love clashes with the lethal rage of a jealous boyfriend.

2010 Winner Ian Simpson

Below the Waist

Vanessa, a brilliant, introverted 16-year old, must go to aberrant lengths in order to learn how to ‘feel’ again after a car accident at the hands of her best friend leaves her permanently paralyzed below the waist.

2009 Finalists Peter K. Hassan & Elisabeth Silverman Hassan

Death and Taxes

Chet spends his days running down tax dodgers on the neon streets of Las Vegas. But when he's forced to find and arrest his own deadbeat dad, things turn strange.

2009 Grand Prize Winner Jerry Mahoney

Gladly McGee and the Damn Retarded F*****

Two actors forge an unlikely friendship while playing offensive stock characters in the 1940s, then experience the ups and downs of Hollywood as it changes over the next 40 years.

2008 Grand Prize Winner Timo E. Peltonen

The Piano Tuner

In 1943 Germany, where trust has collapsed and fear burns brightly, a piano tuner investigates the mystery of a war widow’s son disappearing from his room.

2007 Finalist Vicki Speegle

Loved Ones

A young girl chasing adulthood struggles to win the love of her alcoholic mother but finds her quest complicated when her estranged half-sister returns.

2007 Finalist Irin Evers

Every time I go to Staten Island something bad happens…

When a Latino ex-gang member finds an identity in the Manhattan art school world, his brother’s criminal life proves to be a deadly distraction.

2007 Grand Prize Winner Ana Lily Amirpour

The Stones

In modern-day Tehran, a teenage girl from the working class falls for an upper-class boy. As a forbidden relationship ensues, she finds out the hard way what happens when rules are broken in a merciless society.

2006 Grand Prize Winner Young Kim

Hyung’s Overture

The oldest son of a Korean immigrant family leaves Harvard to manage a Bronx convenience store in order for his younger brother to fulfill his destiny as a world-class violinist.

2005 Grand Prize Winners Andy Stock & Rick Stempson

Gary The Tennis Coach

An ethically challenged Rod Laver worshipper moonlighting as a custodian finds himself in charge of the high school tennis team, only to throw down the singularly most unorthodox coaching performance in the history of the game.

2004 Grand Prize Winners Andrew Pagana & Justin Thomas

The Man in the Rearview Mirror

The story of a man, his wife and mother-in-law in pursuit of a suspected kidnapper on the Eisenhower highways of the 1950’s brilliantly recalls the Hitchcock classic, Rear Window, at 90 miles an hour.

Andy Pagana Interview

2004 Grand Prize Winner

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