Gordy Hoffman (second row, center) and the writer Oreathia (front row, center) with the actors in New Orleans.


2016 BlueCat Winner Table Reading in New Orleans

“MONA. RICHY. ROBBY. AND RAY”, Orethia C. Smith’s screenplay has grabbed the winner’s spot in the 2016 BlueCat feature competition. However, it’s success doesn’t end there. After discovering these upcoming talented writers, we do all we can to bring their screenplays to life. To let the writers hear and see the words they have written be spoken by characters they envisioned, we organized a Table Reading with the hope to inspire a future production of the film.

Gordy Hoffman, founder and judge of BlueCat, joined Oreathia at NOVAC, New Orleans on Sunday 10th July where great talented actors gathered for the reading, fascinated by this moving story, which evokes powerful messages within its lighthearted humor.

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Oreathia (left) reflects on the reading with local actors.