2021 Semi-Finalists

Congratulations to the 2021 BlueCat Screenplay Competition Semi-Finalists!!


There are 75 semi-finalists out of a total of 4388 scripts.

1888 by Daniel Kelly
A Random Act of Kindness by Jason N. Hefter
A Sensible Lunatic by Lyle Deixler
Ability by Benedict Cohen
Alone Tonight by Ralph Waine Hoy
An East Meets West Ghost Story by Arran Crawley
Arseholes by Julia Hartley
Astray by Faizan Kareem
Aureum by Steffon Thomas
Bearspray and Cake by Rachel Werbel
Behind the Curtain by Charlotte Maher Levy
Better Half by Raisa Machado
Big Girl by Cyn Harris
Brilliant Miami Sunset by Michelle Cutler
Burner: A Killing in Palm Springs by Bob Canning
Cairo by Ahmed Siddiqui
Cents by Sam Davis
Chain Free by N. A. Williams
Crash Car: The Rise and Fall of Decadent Dmitri and the USSR by Greg Roque
Dedicated to Morris Burke by Jeremy Leder
Divine Blood by Aly Miller
Doc Band-Aid by Bob Bland
Emergency Contact by Erin Brown Thomas & Kelly Vrooman
Everything Is Fine by Evelyn Anna Danciger
Forced by Erin R Dooley
Fowl Road by Matt Flynn
Fox Spirits by Bruce X Li
Frankie And The Delinquent by Hannah Hendy
George Plus Dolly 3374 by Charles William Maclay
Gichi Manidoo by Charles J. Musser
Girl In Snow: A Nightmare by Mike Peña
Good Bad People by Joshua Amar
Grandeur by Shaun Perry & Jay Perry
Jess by Sean Jourdan
Kitaab by M. Akram Shibly
Limerence by Sonja O’Hara
Lookout Mountain by Jason Gordon
Lost Cause by Brent Lambert-Zaffino
Lost in LiquorLand by Joseph Lee
Meetings With Marty by Gregor Nicholas
Molly by Daisy Aitkens
Mourning Dove Cafe by Margaret Newlin Rice
Need to Know by Simon Craven
Nummo by Emmanuel Yoka
Optimism by Jennifer Harrison
Paint Me a Painting by Corey Emanuel Jr.
Prince of Lavendale Street by Bev Chukwu
Prove Up by Kathleen Williams-Foshee & Desa Larkin-Boutte
Red Herrings and Pink Flamingos by J B Goerke
Rifle by Franka Potente
Rita RPM by Janet J. Lawler
Seed of Knowledge by Eleonora Mignoli
SGT Vasquez’s Playlist © by Yerania Del Orbe
Sing Along With The World Stops Time by Leah Bronwyn Huss
Sonja by Oliver Clarke
Speed Reading Through The Garden State by Neal Mayer
Strays by Robert Wooldridge
Sugar Under The Mat by Girish Kohli
The Big Mahoff by Russell Brand
The Coward of Hickory County by Julia Maddox
The Ghost by Adam Lucas
The Golem of Cotopaxi by Arnon Z. Shorr
The Great Wall by Ellen B. Lent
The Interdiction by Paul Frank
The Trophy Wife by Luke Carr
The Understudy by David Hoffman
The Unwoman by Tyler Rigby
The Way Out by Matt Dority & Robert Leader
The Wedding by Mashael Alqahtani
Two by Rade Mileusnic
Yankee Goes Home by Shohreh Amirzafari Harris
Yiddish For Murder by Lee Stein
You Should Have Read My Screenplay by Allie Jennings


There are 45 semi-finalists out of a total of 1964 scripts.

A Guide to Good Ceasing by J. Eric Thompson
After The Earth Blows Up by Arik Cohen
Alice, Everywhere by Minda Wei
All the Sons of Bitches in the World by Nathan Karimi
All Turned Out by Haley Bresnahan
Ashtabula by Brad Small & Mark Paone
Ballsy by Patricia Nagy
Bombay Boy by Sid Mehra
Bruh by Brett Stanning & Edwin Zigterman
Cardinal Spirits by Hyun Chessman
Crowded by Lexi Foultz
Cwtch by Brennig J Hayden
Dead-End Job by Alison Lynch
Dimebag by Jimmy Prosser & Rohan Shankar
Freestyle by Kio Shijiki
Fugue State by Katie Lymn
Genesis by Vince Milazzo
Hammiral by Connor Paolo
Hazy by Han Tang
Hearth by Dalton Short
Hit-Mum by James Spillman & Monica Spill
If I Can’t Dance to It, It’s Not My Revolution by Sara Cooper
Infidelle by Anna Khaja
Jaded by PP Hsiung
Librarians of the Jules Verne by Lincoln L. Hayes
Love, LTD. by Ada Lee Halofsky
Magic Hour by Arman Hovsepian
Medicine Woman by Hilary Van Hoose
Mirella by G.S. Fields
Mystik by Craig Fleming & Chris Webster
Ravens by Frances Flannery
Rotters by Jack Buckley
Santa Muerte by Douglas Stark
Slip Jig by Megan Meadows
Sundown Aisle by Amelia Bane & Kelsey McLaughlin
The Door by Cameron Wynn Blackwell
The Hat by Thomas James Linton
The Hive by Kristine Scruggs
The Knowledge by Matthew Feitshans
The Living Dead by Ed Connole
Toxic Shock by Scout Comm
Untitled Gay Hitman Project by James Tison & Gus Constantellis
We The People: The Labyrinth by Esme von Hoffman
Willum by Shahana Lashlee
Zion by Nisa Neza & Taja Sparks


There are 33 semi-finalists out of a total of 1169 scripts.

A Yemeni by Alyssa Amer
Addie and the Lightning Bugs by Alexander Jeffery & Paul Petersen
Arctic Lodge by Joseph Southworth
Belated by Leah Chen Baker
Between Rooms by Asher Jelinsky
Bumps by Riley Hamilton
Dev by Deven Kolluri
Dime Store Cowboy by Barry Alan Levine
Dogfall by Nifemi Madarikan
Downfall by Veronica Ljungdahl
Fragmented by Jiming Sun Lindal
Heavy by Nuki Rhodes
Hyphenated-Americans by Fareid El Gafy
In Freedom by Jorge Sistos Moreno
Liquid and Dust by Michael Fairbrass
Little Orange Flags by Julianna Gelinas Bonifacio
Lone Star by Eli Lutsky
Ouroboros by Max Henry
Palingenesis by J. Zorn & Chayenne Lugo
Puppets by Rami Obeid
Rotten Meat by Rebekah Strauss
Seymour and Joyce by Warrick Druian
Strange Weather by Kio Shijiki
The Electric Bill by Max Burt
The Fainted Heart by Quinn Armstrong
The Man in the Cabin by Robbie Lemieux
The Other Half by Caitlin Burris
The Perfect Lamb by Omar Al Dakheel
Trying to Live by Marcela Onyango
Wahala by Sunny King
Waiting for Schrödinger by Kevin M Hanna
Walter and the 20-Million-Year-Old Spider by Shaun Radecki
Wereworm by Liam Hale


The 2021 BlueCat Screenplay Quarterfinalists can be found here.