2021 Quarterfinalists

We are so excited to announce the 2021 BlueCat Quarterfinalists! Congratulations Writers!


There are 341 quarterfinalists out of a total of 4388.

1888 by Daniel Kelly
10 Rounds Deep by Parker Bohner
86’d by Allen Schubert
A Brother and His Gun by Gabriel D. Gilleland
A Family Reunion by Xavier Burgin
A Random Act of Kindness by Jason N. Hefter
A Sensible Lunatic by Lyle Deixler
A Wray of Light by Preston Harrison Ahearn
Ability by Benedict Cohen
Allegiance by Mat Nguyen
Alone Tonight by Ralph Waine Hoy
Amy and Zoe Take the Long Way by Rachel M. Weatherly
An East Meets West Ghost Story by Arran Crawley
An Invincible Summer by Goldie Jones
An Irish Errand by Ari Frankel
An Open Table by James James
Anesthesia by Matt Fuller
Anything Can Happen in the Woods by Scott Morse
Apocalyptical by Reynaldo Garza
Arseholes by Julia Hartley
Astray by Faizan Kareem
At the Corner of Hitler and Goering by Joseph Kovler
Aureum by Steffon Thomas
Bearspray and Cake by Rachel Werbel
Before She Cheats by Ryan Underwood
Behind the Curtain by Charlotte Maher Levy
Better Half by Raisa Machado
Beware, Wolf! by David Liberman, Jacky Revah & Itzik Revah
Big Girl by Cyn Harris
Blackbird by Britni Hatcher & Steven Staats
Blanca by Carlos Grana
Blood and Steel by J.H. Barnett, Jr.
Blue by Andres Valentin Lopez
Border Skirmish by James Mulcahy
Borderline by Andres E. Mendez
Brain Storm by James Mulcahy
Break Away by Romeo Ciolfi
Briarwood by Sierra Sands
Brilliant Miami Sunset by Michelle Cutler
Bruh by Brett Stanning & Edwin Zigterman
Burner: A Killing in Palm Springs by Bob Canning
Cadenza by Mark Nahuysen
Cairo by Ahmed Siddiqui
Camera Ready by Stephen Montagne
Capital Punishment by Alina Norman & Bart Norman
Captive Wild Things by Wendy Young
Carry Me Back by Claire Fortier
Cascade by Nathan Fleetwood
Celebrity Gladiators by Jennifer Shumway
Cents by Sam Davis
Chain Free by N. A. Williams
Chariot by William Howard Norris
Childish Things… by Trevor Munson
Cling Film by Alice Burden
Cloud to Ground by Ellen B Lent
Clubball by Todd Friedman
Counter Earth by Ryan Vaughn
Coverage by Maureen Foster
Cracked by Kristine Namkung
Crash Car: The Rise and Fall of Decadent Dmitri and the USSR by Greg Roque
Cressie and the Search for Greater Good by Fred Cooper
Crimelords by John Mahony
Dancing Through Cracks in Time by Alisa Khodos
Dead Woman Waltzing by Janine Horsburgh
Dead, But Whatever by Boris Coll
Deadmall by Patrick Crozier
Dedicated to Morris Burke by Jeremy Leder
Del & Phyllis by JP Bernbach
Despondence by Adrion Trujillo
Dimension X by Michael S Price
Divine Blood by Aly Miller
Doc Band-Aid by Bob Bland
Dropping Dimes by Samuel P. Strantz
Eddie’s Complex by Anna Israel
Eggs by Audrey Estrada
Emergency Contact by Erin Brown Thomas & Kelly Vrooman
Endurance by Chaz Harris
Entanglement by Tabata Burdell
Evacuation by Aubrey Reynolds
Everything Is Fine by Evelyn Anna Danciger
Eye on the Sparrow by Marcus Bleecker
False Flag by Edward Coffey
Family Gathering by Darko Mitrevski
Fast Car by Winsphere Jones
FDNY by Michael Burke
Ferocious by Dimitri Devyatkin
Finishing Wally by The Gideon Brothers
Five Fathers by Aron Flasher
Fleet by Ari Brown
Flesh and Blood by Merlin Camozzi
Flight Plans by Keith Rivers
Florence and the Nightly Gale by Annaliese Ciel Walker
Forced by Erin R Dooley
Fowl Road by Matt Flynn
Fox Spirits by Bruce X Li
Frankie And The Delinquent by Hannah Hendy
Fresh Meat by Lu Asfaha
Fringe by Mary McCormick
From the Whorehouse to the Whitehouse: The Scandalous, True Life Story of Victoria Woodhull by Julie Austin & Adrian Colesberry
Gathering Crowes by Hus Miller
George Plus Dolly 3374 by Charles William Maclay
GeriOsity by Barbara Ward Thall
Get A Life by Irina Prokhorenko & Rachel Greenberg
Get Busted by Marc A. Lapadula
Ghosted by Matt Gallagher
Giant Void by Michael Reisinger
Gichi Manidoo by Charles J. Musser
Girl In Snow: A Nightmare by Mike Peña
Good Bad People by Joshua Amar
Grandeur by Shaun Perry & Jay Perry
Greatest Love of All by Aaron Cini
Haitiana by Rossely A. Harman
Handsome Devil by Andrew Albert
Hard Cider by Tyrone Breaux Jr. & William Perdue
Haunt by Tom Goodger
Heart-Shaped Box by David Comfort
Heir Apparent by Yellowlees Douglas
Homegrown by Abhishek Raghavan & Chad Hermann
Hothouse Flower by Heidi Hayward
How Far We’ve Come by Nkosi Roma
Human Terrain by Henry Hughes
If It Rains by Bruce Dundore
Immaculate Catastrophe by Heath Miller
Impressionable Minds by Mark DiPaola
Indian Summer by Madhu Powar Garg
Into the Rust by Oliver Silver
It Was Written by Valeria Vallejos
Jess by Sean Jourdan
John Horse and Wild Cat by Quinn Saunders & Laurel Williams
Joseph Campbell’s Penis by Griffin Reister Johnson
Jubilee by Mason Thomas Freeman
Kill Protocol Omega by Paul Furr
Kip McGregor by Heath Miller
Kitaab by M. Akram Shibly
Kiwakw: Winter’s Witch by Nora Jacobson, Harry Gray & Jesse Bowman Bruchac
Legacy Faire by Dale Davida Lippman
Limerence by Sonja O’Hara
Lineage by Maria Soscia
Let’s Go Crazy by Cory Krueckeberg
Lookout Mountain by Jason Gordon
Lost Cause  by Brent Lambert-Zaffino
Lost in LiquorLand by Joseph Lee
Love is Love by Jeff Kerr
Love Thy Neighbor by Philip Hall & Erin Fredman
Luca by Salla Alfieri
Lucy Prince Walks to Norwich by Nora Jacobson & Richard Weseley
Lupine by Stephen A. White
Maroon by Glenn Stanton
Meetings With Marty by Gregor Nicholas
Metastasis by Alessandro Guarino
MiDog by Laura Antonelli
Minor Miracle by David Henderson
Moirai by Alessandro Guarino
Molly by Daisy Aitkens
Moonstruck by Tyrel Pinnegar
More Than One Idiot Brother by Pearse Lehane
Morning Star by Jason Fink & Brandon Fink
Morry by Shelly Lipkin & Suzanne Fagan
Mourning Dove Cafe by Margaret Newlin Rice
MRS Degree by Cat Youell & Brad Crowe
Murder in Grace Falls by Ryan Northrup
My Own Flesh and Blood by Jacob Harpel
My Sister and I by Sean-Paul Thomas Cairns
Need to Know by Simon Craven
Neighborhood Watch by Matthew Rocca
Night Beat by Sean Arenas
No Time to Hide by Richard Krzemien
Not Alone by Terrence Ross
Nummo by Emmanuel Yoka
O Horizon by Madeleine Sackler
On the Run by Cath Gulick
Once A Colonel by Heather P. Shreve
One Night In The Country by Larry Hankin
Open House by Sean Jourdan
Optimism by Jennifer Harrison
Original Tru by Adam Huss
Our Game by Justin Servino
Ourselves Alone by Roland Greedy
Out Of Left Field by Zachary Stein & Stephen Marino
Out Of Nowhere by Marc Lapadula
Paint Made Flesh by Cady McClain & Howard Meyer
Paint Me a Painting by Corey Emanuel Jr.
Paradise by Jordan Carlson & Ryan Knapper
Powder Kids by Randy Zuniga
Power Trip by Jim Patton & Dwayne McKenzie
Prince of Lavendale Street by Bev Chukwu
Private by Brad Bong
Prove Up by Kathleen Williams-Foshee & Desa Larkin-Boutte
Provocation by Brett Stanning & Michael Kitson
Pulse by Pascal Mercay
Purity Sterling by Robert M Gallagher
Purple Heart by Steve McLean
Raptus by Bennet De Brabandere
Raven by Bill Hanan
Red Herrings and Pink Flamingos by J B Goerke
Red In Tooth And Claw by Brennig J Hayden
Red Ridin’ in the Hood by Roger Hart
Reign by Gabrielle Wendelin
Revolution by Charlotte Keneipp
Rifle by Franka Potente
Rise Up Little Girl by Matthew Avant
Rita RPM by Janet J. Lawler
Rivers of Gold and Tears by Steven S Hoffman
Rocket Girl by Kevin Noonan
Role Initiative: The Bard of Balmoral by Daniel John Harris
Ross Commons by Mike Gallagher & Holly Martinez
Ruby by Claudia Johnson & Matt Stevens
Run Free by Jessica Johnston
Sabertooth by Joslyn Jensen
Sanctification by Mendel Weintraub
Santa Inc. by Thomas L. Carmody
Santiago’s Prayer by Ed Johnson
Scarred Hearts by Andrew Akler & Niki Rihal
Scout’s Honor by Cynthia Mersten
Security by Isaac Meyer Levy
Seed of Knowledge by Eleonora Mignoli
Separation by Anna Bierhaus
September Sky by Vanita Shastry
Seven Slides by Jennifer Healy Gloeb
SGT Vasquez’s Playlist © by Yerania Del Orbe
Shotgun Ashes by Krysten Resnick
Show Me Your Teeth by Scott Liapis
Silence in Berlin by Matthew Wolff
Simple Kind Of Man by Ehren Parks
Sing Along With The World Stops Time by Leah Bronwyn Huss
Slipping Away by Craig Clyde
Slush by Michael Cherkezian & Salim Khanachet
Smoke Eater by Aidan B West
Snarl by Mark C. Spera
Sojourn by Christopher James Murray
Sonja by Oliver Clarke
Sons of the Soil by Lawrence Glasner
Soul Samurai by Dennis James Clarke
Southie Won’t Go by Jared Goodman
Space Scraper the Motion Picture by Suzy Schmidt & Kyler Wilmoth
Speed Reading Through The Garden State by Neal Mayer
Star-Crossed Potpourri by Richard Dane Scott
Stayin’ Alive by Sunny Mohajer
Strays by Robert Wooldridge
Sugar under the mat by Girish Kohli
Super Turbo Overdrive by Peter Hsieh
Suspended Belief by Catherine Craig
Sweeper by Nick Drago
Swine Heart by Theresa Anne Carey & Bruce Stephen Brochtrup
Take Off by Rachel M Weatherly
Team Emma by Andrea Zastrow
Tehrangeles by Lida Nasseri
Thank You My Dear by Paul Kelso
The Apiarist by James Liu
The Big Mahoff by Russell Brand
The Black Rose by James Mitchell
The Book of Men (TBOM) by Alex Coelho
The Carrier by Todd Restler
The Corner of Willow and Orange by Jason Murgatroyd
The Country Club Crashers by Zachary Stein & Stephen Marino
The Coward of Hickory County by Julia Maddox
The Cuyama Rodeo by Kathaleen Brewer
The Divided States of America by Vandon Gibbs
The Falling Chamber by Raymond McDonald
The Fat Trap by Kasi Brown & Brandon Walter
The Ghost by Adam Lucas
The Girl Who Sings In The Dreams by Huu-Tuan Nguyen & Vo Thach Thao
The Golem of Cotopaxi by Arnon Z. Shorr
The Grand Strand by Luke Lowder
The Great Haul by Max Kopelowicz
The Great Wall by Ellen B. Lent
The Half-ling by Noel Hoffmann
The Hitchhiker by Dan Ast
The Holdout by Nick Padmore
The Honeypot by Rodney Lawrence Bernardo
The Hotel Barbers by Daniel Woburn
The Image Makers by Marina Shron
The Inheritance by Nicholas Moreno
The Interdiction by Paul Frank
The King of Clovers by John Gallagher, Jr.
The Kiss-Off by Gio Forlenza
The Last Captain by Inigo Puente Bustindui
The Lies We Tell Ourselves by Courtney Froemming
The Life of Cockroaches by Gillian Croft
The Lone Wolf by Jannik Ohlendieck
The Medicine Line by Bill Keenan
The Menlo House by Ryan Vaughn
The Muse by Eve Rouverol
The Newlyweds by John Lawniczak
The Outcasts by Alkyoni Valsari
The People’s World of Wonders presents – JYOTI by Jared Goodman
The Present by Candace Kearns
The Punchline by Sara Murray
The Race That Stops a Nation by Nick Pollack
The Ranch by Geoff Ryan
The Resident by Mike Gerbino & Zahra Zubaidi
The Resurrection of Josie Layne by Alex Welch
The Ringmaster by Maya Albanese
The Road Out of Afghanistan by Artur Benson
The Rommel Gambit by John Doble
The Sea Captain’s Cottage by Stephanie M Couture
The Secret of Isabel by Regiane Margonar Reis
The Sixgun Saint by Warren Lane
The Sledge Patrol by Reed Arnold
The Strange Affair of the Elevator by Katy Regnery
The Synaesthete by Annie Thorpe
The Trophy Wife by Luke Carr
The Tunnel by Nick Taylor Buck
The Understudy by David Hoffman
The Unwoman by Tyler Rigby
The Utopians by Scott Winfield Sublett
The Waiting Room by Joel Stern
The Wax Doll by Stefan Haderer
The Way Home by Jason Grimste
The Way Out by Matt Dority & Robert Leader
The Wedding by Mashael Alqahtani
These Sad Things by Paul Hayward
Thick as Thieves by Brandon Silberstein
Third Man by Michael Ouzas
Tongues of Men and Angels by Elizabeth Hayes
Too Dangerous To Live by Christine Watson
Torch Song by Josh MacNeal
Touch by Cara Geyser
Treasure by Kenneth Irby & Stephanie Santos
Trojan by Brian Connolly
True Patriots by Valerie M Bischoff
Two by Rade Mileusnic
Uncle Ola by Sean Aydon
Under the Mountain by Sebastian Guzman
Undercurrent by Debby Huvaere
Venerated Vultures by Ted Hall
Visceral Fatherland by LeLe Park
Waimi by Matt Holcomb
Watching the Sea by Katie Ennis
We Flew When the Birds Walked by Daniel Leventhal
Westminster by Anthony Gilmore & Ryan Seale
When the Devil’s due by Nathan John Barnes
When the Music’s Over by Terrence Ross
Where the Oceans Meet by Pacifico Geronimo III
Widow’s Creek by Buster La Haye & Eugene La Haye
Will to Power by Chris Mul & Michael Mul
Yankee Goes Home by Shohreh Amirzafari Harris
Yiddish For Murder by Lee Stein
You Should Have Read My Screenplay by Allie Jennings


There are 189 quarterfinalists out of a total of 1964.

3/1 by Sierra Sands
2 Falls Forward, 1 Step Back by Ada Lee Halofsky
A Guide to Good Ceasing by J. Eric Thompson
After The Earth Blows Up by Arik Cohen
Alice, Everywhere by Minda Wei
All the Sons of Bitches in the World by Nathan Karimi
All Turned Out by Haley Bresnahan
American Way by Jake Thomas
Angels of Avalon by Karl van Allen
Annalise, the Cursed by Jeff Zuschlag
Armageddon: 2043  by Mark Gambino
Ashtabula by Brad Small & Mark Paone
B Team by Michael Bradley Cohen
Ballsy by Patricia Nagy
Becoming Angel by Rich Tayloe
Between Here and There by C.J. Liao
Big Shoulders by Jennifer W. Wright
Black Ice by Pallas-Amenah Morgan
Blind Love by Tsu Shan Chambers
Bombay Boy by Sid Mehra
Brimley’s Best by F. Clark MacArthur
Cam Soda by Emily Abbott
Cardinal Spirits by Hyun Chessman
Carnies by Michael Joshua Knox
Cascadia by Katie Waldron
Choppa City by Cain Angelle
Clout by Rishabh Bhavnani
Clown Town by Laura Skopec
Club Hirado by Karly Seeley
Concert Pitch by Steven Holleran & Mary Holleran
Cooze by Wendy Jean Wilkins
Crackpots by Kate Pinato
Crocodile by Christopher Holt
Crowded by Lexi Foultz
Cwtch by Brennig J Hayden
Da Vinci Rising by Alessandro Chille
Dai Lo by Hymnson Chan
Daisyworld by Savannah G Pearson
Dead Air by Sam Griswold
Dead Serious by Jaimie Bouwkamp
Dead-End Job by Alison Lynch
Dig by Ricardo C. Lira
Dishonorable Discharge by Patrick Mulderrig
Dollar Princess by Emily-Anne Mikos
East Parkway by Jamie Nieto
End Times by Matt DeMotts
ENUMCLAW by Joseph Cefalu
False Prophet by Kaitlyn DeShon
Dimebag by Jimmy Prosser & Rohan Shankar
Freestyle by Kio Shijiki
Fugue State by Katie Lymn
Gated by Molly Skubak
Genesis by Vince Milazzo
Gilding The Lily by Lauren Anthony
Grace in the Clutch by Addie Talbott
Hammiral by Connor Paolo
Hardcore ’86 by Chris Pittas
Hawthorne – Betrayals by Scott Bastedo
Hazy by Han Tang
Hearth by Dalton Short
Helen by Tim O’Leary
Hellwath by Alastair Collinson
Her Majesty’s Spymistress by Marcus Goodwin
High Church by David Gray
Hit-Mum by James Spillman & Monica Spill
Hornswagglers by Nicole Rodriguez
Hound by W. Jones
Hounds by Jeremy Manning
Hunting Justice by Jennifer Phillips
I am Lucki by Leslie A. Witter
I Am That Man by Christopher De Paola
If I Can’t Dance to It, It’s Not My Revolution by Sara Cooper
Illegible by Josh Makinda
In the Weeds by Diane Carley
Infidelle by Anna Khaja
Into the Red Centre by Adrian Goodman
Jack Rabbit by Tex Gresham
Jaded by pp Hsiung
Jersey by David Schlow
Jessie’s Pharm by Christine West
Kana by Sam Sharpless
Knight Errant by Sabina Sattar
Less Actives by Adam E Broud
Letter From Takai by Matthew Mikulich
Librarians of the Jules Verne by Lincoln L Hayes
Lilith by Gregory Bell
Lincoln File by Josh Price
Live Aid by Michael Lwin
Lotus Flowers by Hilda Afrakoma
Love, LTD. by Ada Lee Halofsky
Madame Pooch by Fia Perera
Magic Hour by Arman Hovsepian
Matchmaker by Taylor Allison & Kylie Segert
Medicine Woman by Hilary Van Hoose
Meltzone by Tegan McLeod
Mental by Amy Julia Haeussler
Middle Age by Myles Hewette
Milton & Sons by Amy Baek & Joshua Gimenez
Minitaur by Allan Chaykin
Minority Party by Alexandria Churchwell
Mirella by G.S. Fields
Mister Hollywood by Jeremy Dozier
Mystik by Craig Fleming & Chris Webster
Not a Cult by Molly Skubak
Not Yet by Marieve Herington & Jeffrey Jones
NZR by Leon Masters
O.L.D. (Old Lady Dicks) by Karen T. Hartline
Oddjobbers by Jake Segelbaum
Off The Board by Neil Garguilo
Oleandrin by Nick Davis
Pangea by Thomas Smith
Paranormal Press by Arman Hovsepian
Pearland by James Shippy
People On Ice by Stephen Brower
Phoenix Rising by Ryan Paige
Popular Faith by Mark Skeele Wilson
Poseidon by William Jeffery
Project Nova by Milan Sanghani
Project TTC by Caitlin Benton
Pros and Cons by Andrea Lawson
Proud by Matthew Allen
Puppets by Sarah Bockian
Queerdos by Megan Foley
Ravens by Frances Flannery
Reivers by Will Murtagh
RMS Windel by Sierra Sands
Rotters by Jack Buckley
Rough Stock by Seppe Van Beneden
Santa Muerte by Douglas Stark
Scotus by Alan Jenkins
Secret Putin by Mackenzie Horras
Seeking Refuge by Ligia Maria Storrs Rojas & Justin Storrs
Selfish by Jennie Wolfgram
Sexual Healing by Jennifer Medvin
Shining Starla by Stephen Webb
Show Me Show by Mike Glazer & Mary Jane Gibson
Sick In The Head by Jaimie Bouwkamp
Slip Jig by Megan Meadows
Smoke Without Fire by Kelly Holliday
Special Toys by Benjamin Lewis
Spitfire by Bridget Visser
Starr X by Hugh O. Gorman
Stroke of Genius by Alexander Fichera & Luke Carlsen
Sundown Aisle by Amelia Bane & Kelsey McLaughlin
Sutton’s Case by João Leitão
Tales of the Demon: Night Terrors by Caleb King
Terra Vita by Alex Blumberg
That’s The Spirit by Kelly McInerney
The “ni hao” English Academy by Hedi Mclaughlin
The Art of Selling Yourself by Gavin Cutter
The Banks by Arthur Young
The Blue Line by Tai French
The Door by Cameron Wynn Blackwell
The Drowning Of Ghosts by Noni Salma
The Exhibit by Russell Putenney
The Farm by Marisa Schley
The Hat by Thomas James Linton
The Hive by Kristine Scruggs
The Jobber by Alie Turfe
The Knight’s Phoenix by Joseph Mwamba
The Knowledge by Matthew Feitshans
The Living Dead by Ed Connole
The Molly Maguires by Colin Ryan
The Moss on the Stone by Corey Holmes
The Nighthawks by Christopher Chambers
The Purity Ring by Nathan Floody
The Return by Hannah Richards
The Rez by Danielle Stratton
The Sand Creek Massacre by Timothy Weckesser
The Sheriff of Sturgill by Monis Rose
The Songstress by Kuros Charney
The Underdogs by Esme von Hoffman
They Listen by Debora Bottino
To The Depths by Benjamin Fraser
Tokens by Zoe Johnson
Toxic Shock by Scout Comm
Triptych by Sharbari Zohra Ahmed & Abigail Sands
Truck by Dan Baron
Under Heaven by Ben Bigelow
Unfinished by Eric Giancola & Tricia Olds
Untitled Gay Hitman Project by James Tison & Gus Constantellis
Variety by Joshua Collins & Matthew Morris
Virgins by Sophie Hessekiel
Virus, Inc. by Kelly Woodson
We The People: The Labyrinth by Esme von Hoffman
Where Do Hedonists Go Now by Lisa McAllister
Willum by Shahana Lashlee
Zion by Nisa Neza & Taja Sparks
ZoZi by Jordana I Frankel


There are 120 quarterfinalists out of a total of 1169.

by Rafael Pires Basanez
A Yemeni by Alyssa Amer
Act of Contrition by Stephanie Long
Addie and the Lightning Bugs by Alexander Jeffery & Paul Petersen
Affliction by Laura Fielder
Air Kiss by Gio Forlenza
Aisle 6 by Christopher Michael Mapp
An Inner Truth by Temistocles Diaz
Any Given Night by Ann Nelson
Arctic Lodge by Joseph Southworth
Argie Berman by Suzy Stein & Fernando Perez
Aurora by Tim Debruler
Belated by Leah Chen Baker
Between Rooms by Asher Jelinsky
Blind Bird by Fred O. Dery
Bumps by Riley Hamilton
Burn. by Amanda Scott
Celestus by Carl Huebner
Chilaquiles by Rocky Nguyen
Come Closer by Pierre Langenegger
Confidence by Marshall Logan Gibbs
Copycat by Victor Kammeijer
Cravings by David Mullin
Dancer at the Corps by Anna Thornton & L.A. Wolfman
Decisions, Decisions by Sonibel Rae
Dev by Deven Kolluri
Diamonds by Peter Andrews
Dime Store Cowboy by Barry Alan Levine
Dogfall by Nifemi Madarikan
Downfall by Veronica Ljungdahl
Dumplings by Wren Lee
Fragmented by Jiming Sun Lindal
Francis Bacon by Darcy Cagen
Fraud by Chris Conway
Fresh by Sancheev Ravichandran
Goodbye Esfahan by Natasha Forouzannia
Green Horn Planet by Dimitris Sokolakis
Gretchen by Joe Barajas
Grounded by Kath Callow
Growing Chains by Harlan Banks
Gymtimidation by Judith Casanova
Hair Days by Noam Argov
Heavy by Nuki Rhodes
Honey by Dane Barun
Hyphenated-Americans by Fareid El Gafy
In Freedom by Jorge Sistos Moreno
Innocent by Ben Ashelford
It’s Okay To Not Be Okay by Tannaz Keshavarz
Just Say Yes by Rachel Wagner
Learning To Smile by J. Jean
Like A Prayer by Paige Chung, Anders Finholt, & Liam Tait
Liquid and Dust by Michael Fairbrass
Little Orange Flags by Julianna Gelinas Bonifacio
Lone Star by Eli Lutsky
Lover Boy by Jeremy Bradford
Lyrical by Carter Stewart
Man of War by Sam Behrend
Mind Reader by Kimo Karp
New Moon 5280 by Dean Harakas
New to This by William Opperman
Night Job by Lauren Ernest
Ouroboros by Max Henry
Palingenesis by J. Zorn & Chayenne Lugo
Pay Attention by Sam Golland
Pickman’s Model by Ryan D. Coulton & H.P. Lovecraft
Piss by Paul Coleman
Price by Dustin Wiggins
Prima by Kimisha Renee Davis
Puppets by Rami Obeid
Quandary by Josue Berganza
Rachel Cho Goes to War by Michele Hogan
Right of Way by Jeremy Bradford
Rotten Meat by Rebekah Strauss
Roulette by Mitchell Martin
Sacrifices We Make by Rachel Fink
Seat Stealer by Ruby Hutson-Ellenberg
Seymour and Joyce by Warrick Druian
Shoot Me If You Can by Sylvain Loubet, Nicolas Polixene, & Jean-Jérome Loubet
Sidewalks by Harley Foos
Sins of a Father by Joe Gibbons
Sir by Molly Gardner
So Good To See You! by Pharra Perry
Something Like That by AJ Maryn
Strange Weather by Kio Shijiki
That Wasn’t So Bad by Dani Gomez
The Art Thief by Brendan Pinches
The Ball by Luis Hindman
The Castle Must Have a Princess by Skyler Tarnas
The Chapel’s Roof by Amelie Leclerc
The Client by Daniel Sheiman & Aaron Sheiman
The Doctor by Justin Patricolo
The Drive Back by Justin Guidroz
The Electric Bill by Max Burt
The Fainted Heart by Quinn Armstrong
The Ferryman of the Pali by Mike Gallagher
The Great Wingzini by Shaun Radecki
The Haunting by Ian Adelson & RJ Brown
The Machete by Rolando A Mendez
The Man in the Cabin by Robbie Lemieux
The Origin by Sunil Lama
The Other Half by Caitlin Burris
The Perfect Lamb by Omar Al Dakheel
The Prayer Of Constance Sorrow by Kat Foster
The Rug by Joshua Thornton-Alaln
The Stream by Kurtis Ratliff & Justin Martinez
The Thief and The Alchemist by Giacomo Tazzini
The Vision by Joseph Thomas
The Wall by Gary Gibich
There Used to be Sirens by Steve Hunt
Think Piece by Sam Barnett
Trying to Live by Marcela Onyango
Veneer by Scott Peters
Vivifica by Clara Deák-Leone
Wahala by Sunny King
Waiting for Schrödinger by Kevin M. Hanna
Walter and the 20-Million-Year-Old Spider by Shaun Radecki
We Were Never Right by Kevin D. Arms
Wereworm by Liam Hale
World’s #1 Grandson by Julian Stern
Wrecker by Aoife Bradshaw


Our 2021 Semifinalists will be announced on April 13th, 2021.