2018 Competition – Semi-Finalists

We are proud to announce our 2018 Semi-Finalists!

The 2018 QuarterFinalists can be found here.


There are 85 semifinalists out of a total of 2472 submissions.

A Culture of Conflict by Josh Kaplan
A Game of Supers by Khamanna Iskandarova
American Heroes by M. T. Miller
Among The Willows by Justin Krickovich
Anew by Becca Babcock
Blinder by Maryam Mir
Blood of the Lamb by Jonathan M D Croom
Brown Eyes Blue by Wyatt Wakeman
Cookies by Morgan Slade
Daffodil by Nikai Johnson
Damnation by Chris Bryant & Tony Baker
Dead in the Water by Will Mustin
Dead On The Inside by Selene Raffel
Death of a Fool by Ismael Gomez III & Joe Leone
Demolished by Brian P. Gross
Don Quixote by Rachel Wesberry
Evangeline by Clint Adams
Fast Fashion by David Mandell
50 Miles From Boomtown by Flo Linus Baumann
Fleet by Ari Brown
Flyover State by Sarah Tither-Kaplan
Forbidden Steps by Iram Parveen Bilal
46 Seconds To Impact by Vince Mazzara
Garden of the Gods by Marisa Roman
Green Softness by Ana Lasic
Hacked by Dylan Dockery
Her Weight On Me by Rebecca Shuhan Lou & Sofia Drummond-Moore
High School Spider Apocalypse by Adlee Fayyaz
In Bocca Al Lupo by Jonah Zimmerberg-Helms
Indigo Sheep by Kimberly Nicole Walker
James Hook by Travis Seppala
Jesus Christ by Brandon Tamburri
Karma by Kwok Keong
Last Days of August by Will Malin
Luckmann by Francisco Zamudio Jr.
Mecha by Victoria Murphy
Men by Rebecca Dreyfus
Messengers by Anthony Ingoglia
Miss Hercules by Martin Hiew
Moor America by Brandon Lampley
Nekkid by William Gammon
No Place by Sean Jennings
North by Jason Wright
Nothing To Report by Amanda Pellegrino
Oh Mists, My Mists by Guilherme Viegas
One Child by Marc Weinberg & Victoria Fraser
Onni in the Sauna by Bill Kelly Jr
Out in The Vineyard by Brian Brockway
Palimpsest by Mirtha Vega
Passage by Firdaus F. Bilimoria
Passing Stars by Daniel Hainey & Robin Benson
Perfectus by Pia Chaudhuri
Playhouse by Amy Tasillo
Psycho by Fabia Sabella
Queens by Max Sokoloff
Renata by Kaelan Denali Dickinson
River by Roderick E. Stevens
Sardis the Merciful by Christian Thomas
Shamed by Daniel Rutka & Jon Laxer
Shine a Light by Jordan Blilie
Shrimp by Nicole Jones
Studio City by Ryan Vaughn
The Arrow Collar Man by Ellen Snedeker
The Catalyst by Daniel Sheiman
The Detail Guys by David Nathan Schwartz & Michael J. McDonough  
The Homestead by Julie McKay
The House that Jack Built by Barry Jones
The Maidservant’s Cap by Jeff Opdyke
The Opposer by Andrew Brown
The Pocketknife by Jerry Perez
The Superb Lyrebird and Other Creatures    by Wendy Britton Young
The Time-trap by Mark Flood
The Unrepentant by Tom Carmody & Greg Hurd
The Urban Creepers by Dreama Elmore
Three Gardens by Jacqueline Owens
Turn by Eva G.Szigriszt
Unforgettable by Joshua Capizzi
Valentyne by Dashiell Finley
Viper by Atul Sharma
We Planted Our Garden in Quicksand by Kevin Donner
Wildfire by Duncan Ralston
Willowport by Jess Ansik
Winter Quarters by Nathan Floody
You Look Rested by Ted Ryan J. Christopher Sloan
Your Big Indian Sumo by    Piyush Thakur, Deepak Lohana & Alap Mohile


Pilot – Hour

There are 25 semifinalists out of a total of 586 submissions.

A House Divided by    Geoff Bakken
Bluebirds by Simon Wilkinson
Chrysalis by Keaton McGruder
Clocks: Tick Tock by Elizabeth Preston
Cooking With Jane by Antonio Salinas
Crave by Jenna Lyles
Hubris+Paranoia by Phil Connell
I Love You, Mr. Freeze by Randy Rex
In Chrysalis by Nelson Downend
Kingdom Of Children by Kristen Joy Bjorge
Manninger by Richard John Smith
Miskatonic University by J.W. Bentley
News Values: On Call by Jacob Paine Krasnow
Night Witches by Nic Yulo
Odessa by Isaac Siegemund-Broka
Pipe Bomb by Michael Orlando
Sheer Happiness by Magdalena Wilms
The Backyard You Know    by Ben Philippe
The Divinity Cycle by Nelson Downend
The Golden Age by Lauren Hussey
The Kiss and Cry by Kristen Gerweck
The Machine by Doug Rao
The Monarch Guild by Jason Ancona
The Sensualist by Suzanne Griffin
Twin Sight by Kate Delin


Pilot – Half Hour

There are 21 semifinalists out of a total of 423 submissions.

Adullhood by    Vadim Egoul & Caleb Graves
Area 51 by Josh Smooha
Black Cabs by Christopher Maudsley
Charm City Cheddar by Brett Melnick
Conception by Samuel Josephs
5 Freaks in a Van by Thomas Cunningham & Patrick Guera
Genre Gap by Lindsay Rootare
Infinite Gary by Joey Siara
Issues by Pogo New
Jennifer’s Last Stand by Heather Kennedy
Kink by Lisa Carroll
Mercy by Mackenzie Austin Kalish & Bruce Kalish   
Psychos by Laurel Kulow
PULP: Puppets Under Life’s Pressures    by Raphael Loucadellis
Real M*thr by Claire McClanahan & Vanessa Stewart
Special by Jay Cundiff & Kyle Jorgensen
Talk Therapy by Thomas Moore
The Vault: Swagger by January Rain
To The Fullest by Jordan Imbrey
Tutors by Valerie Work
Wild Quiet by Liz Thompson



There are 28 semifinalists out of a total of 762 submissions.

A Favorable Promotion by    Emanuel Nisan
A War On Terror by Peter Haig
Absolute Beginner by Shekhar & Shalinder Bassi
Beyond the Fuchsias by Tara Jackson
Born to See by Kristina Usaite
Cardboard Box by Bernhard Riedhammer
Deaf Men See by Blake Ofstedal
Dogs by Jake Fallon
Every Dog Has His Day by Matthew S. Alaniz
First Day First Show by Piyush Thakur & Deepak Lohana  
First Words by Meegan May
For the Love of Fear by Luke Hanlon
Ginger And Fred by Miranda Jane Sen
Holier Than Thou by Janelle Tweed
Horizon by Nic Yulo
Kiersten by Brian Lose
Laundry Day by Perry Stoutt II
Loser by Austin Alexander
Olly’s Cabin by Jake DeRose
Pozole by Jessica Mendez Siqueiros
Ruby by Luke Howe
Seeing the Light by Bronwyn King
Spic by Johnny Sanchez
Switchman by Henry Leeker
The Demeter Revelation by John Petrizzi & Brad C. Hodson
The Kilima Chain by Josh Folan
The Tale of a Bloody Bounty   by Matthew James Ridgewell
Wa Wa by Amy Wang