2018 Competition – Quarterfinalists

We are so excited to announce our 2018 Quarterfinalists!


There are 231 quarterfinalists out of a total of 2472 submissions.

A Clear Duty by Jeffrey Kerr
A Culture of Conflict by Josh Kaplan
A Fine Body of Gentlemen by Kevin Hopgood
A Game of Supers by Khamanna Iskandarova
A Parallax View by Peter Horgan
A Shot in Heaven by Jeff Bay Smith
A Yacht in the Apache Junction by Avi Glick
Amaranthine by Megan Turner
Amber by Johnny Sanchez
American Heroes by M. T. Miller
Among The Willows by Justin Krickovich
Anew by Becca Babcock
Argolis: Banquet of the Curse by E.M. Rooney
Bears on the run by Willard Whitson
Behind the Badge by John L. Martins III
Big Bad Wolves by Rachel James
Big In Japan by Anastasia Zerakiel
Big Red by Brennig Hayden
Biters (How My Vegan Girlfriend Became a Flesh-Eating Cannibal)  by Farrin Rosenthal
Blinder by Maryam Mir
Blood and Coal: The Herrin Mine Massacre by Kristel Taylor
Blood and Ivory by Robert Porter
Blood Land by Deborah & Neal Havener
Blood of the Lamb by Jonathan M D Croom
Boss Lady by Demetria Elmore
Breakfast at Twilight (Dawn) by Amber Lee & Alvin Adadevoh
Brilliant Corners by Seyi River
Brown Eyes Blue by Wyatt Wakeman
Brunch In Bel Air by Frank Palmieri
Buzz by Jeffrey Alan Chase
Carbon by Claire McClanahan
Change of Program by Manu Rewal
Circle by Clifton Robinson
Combustion by Craig Oliver
Comic Book Kings by Amanda Keener
Cookies by Morgan Slade
Crazy S.O.B. by Steve Cross
Crime Extraordinaire by Howard Fridkin
Daffodil by Nikai Johnson
Dago Harlem by Chris Caleo
Damnation by Chris Bryant & Tony Baker
Dead in the Water by Will Mustin
Dead On The Inside by Selene Raffel
Death of a Fool by Ismael Gomez III & Joe Leone
Demolished by Brian P. Gross
Depredations by George Gier
Diablo’s Rest by Philip Henry
Ditch by Ryan Little
Don Quixote by Rachel Wesberry
Don’t Look Back in Anger by Adam Pliskin & Stuey Pliskin
Double Redemption by Steve Sherman
Dream Catcher by Jameelah Jones
Easy Nothin’ by Sherry Engle
Eleanor, Invisible by Tory Kamen
Emancipating Maryland by Bridget Bell McMahon
Escher by Jason Kessler
Evangeline by Clint Adams
Exodus by Paul Joseph Thomas
Falling Up by Steve Tornello
Fast Fashion by David Mandell
Father Mucker by Peter Gazdag
Fell Swoop by Clay Prietsch
50 Miles From Boomtown by Flo Linus Baumann
First Lady by Nina May
Fleet by Ari Brown
Flyover State by Sarah Tither-Kaplan
For Elise by William Gammon
Forbidden Steps by Iram Parveen Bilal
46 Seconds To Impact by Vince Mazzara
From A to Zoe by Andy Silverman
Garden Hill Kumite by Blaine Tyler & Dane Reade
Garden of the Gods by Marisa Roman
Get Me This William Shakespeare by Pearse Lehane
Green Softness by Ana Lasic
Greenland by Simon Frank
H2 O by Jennifer Lamar & Marc Peterson
Hacked by Dylan Dockery
Heartland by Evan Shadlun
Her Weight On Me by Rebecca Shuhan Lou & Sofia Drummond-Moore
Here Comes AntiClaus by John E Galbraith
Here Lies Jane by Carol Fahey
High School Spider Apocalypse by Adlee Fayyaz
In Bocca Al Lupo by Jonah Zimmerberg-Helms
Indigo Sheep by Kimberly Nicole Walker
Jamal Garcia by Nora Contreras
James Hook by Travis Seppala
Jesus Christ by Brandon Tamburri
Jihadi Joe by Ernest Brawley
Karma by Kwok Keong
Killin’ It by Sean Kenealy
Kiss My Aura by Ross Evison
Last Chance in Munich by Kurt Haenicke
Last Days of August by Will Malin
Last Orders by Alistair Hudson
Life After Life by Andres Rivera
Long Call by Andrew Ferguson
Luckmann by Francisco Zamudio Jr.
Machine Learning by Ryan Vaughn & Anna Vosbigian
Magic Research Society by Amanda Keener
Maitland Road by Jeffery Richards
Mama’s Boys by Havon K Baraka
Mecha by Victoria Murphy
Men by Rebecca Dreyfus
Messengers by Anthony Ingoglia
Midnight Oil by Kristin Stuart Valdes
Misery Trail by Bruce H. Bosley & Danial Fields
Miske by Louis Spirito and Ron & Justine Fontes
Miss Hercules by Martin Hiew
Moor America by Brandon Lampley
My Cryin’ Heart by Charles Gorgano, Karl Lentini
My Monster by David B. Carren
Nekkid by William Gammon
New Eden by Chris Leonard
No Blood, No Foul by Frank Vespe
No Place by Sean Jennings
North by Jason Wright
Not My Emergency by Matthew Conlin
Nothing To Report by Amanda Pellegrino
Oh Mists, My Mists by Guilherme Viegas
Old Moon by Calvin Patrick Pembroke
Old South by Max Cusimano
On Writing – Murphy’s Law by Sean Patrick O’Brien
One Child by Marc Weinberg & Victoria Fraser
One Nighter by Vandon Gibbs
Onni in the Sauna by Bill Kelly Jr
Out in The Vineyard by Brian Brockway
Over West Main Hill by Nick McMurdy
Palimpsest by Mirtha Vega
Passage by Firdaus F. Bilimoria
Passing Stars by Daniel Hainey & Robin Benson
Perfectus by Pia Chaudhuri
Pigs with Paws by Kevin Rexroat
Playhouse by Amy Tasillo
Psycho by Fabia Sabella
Pushing Buttons by Lou Wollin
Queens by Max Sokoloff
Radio Silence by Samuel Masters
Ravenous by Brock Newell
Rayner by Angelina Gibson
Reason to Live by David Homick
Red In Tooth And Claw by Brennig Hayden
Red Light by Dempsey Tillman & Ted Dewberry
Renata by Kaelan Denali Dickinson
Revenge of the Reptiles by David Mills
River by Roderick E. Stevens
Roger by Brendan Cleaves & Stuart Foreman
Rumspringa by Jeb Banegas & Pierre Reboul
San Francisco by John J. Perez
Sardis the Merciful by Christian Thomas
Save the Butterfly by Keith Mallory
Saving Grace by Nick Shafir
Shamed by Daniel Rutka & Jon Laxer
She’s Someone’s Daughter by Kevin Donner
Shine by Matthew Viscuse
Shine a Light by Jordan Blilie
Shrimp by Nicole Jones
Sky Feather by David Lane Williams
Smiley the Elf: A Christmas Commie-D by Zack Pinsky & Jeff Leibovich
Snake Oil by Liam Allen-McGoran
Spring Cleaning by Isabella Cohen
Starring Kip Donovan by Alex Williams
State School by Sean Price
Studio City by Ryan Vaughn
Suck My Deke by Ritchie Arthurson & Jack Sandberg
Teenage Bodyguard by Gordon Frank Hayes
Thank You for Understanding by Nathaniel Missildine
The 12th King by Julia Phillips
The Animal Act of Human Cruelty by Nick Arvay
The Arrow Collar Man by Ellen Snedeker
The Barking by Dana Garrity
The Bridge of Locks by Christian Conte
The Burial of the White Swami by Avi Glick
The Captain by Ryan Vaughn & Anna Vosbigian
The Catalyst by Daniel Sheiman
The Day I Danced by Faith D. Cox
The Detail Guys by David Nathan Schwartz & Michael J. McDonough 
The Devil’s Crown by Jessica Valentine & Richard Valentine
The Devils Are Here by Paul Alan Cope
The Eagles of Kandahar by J.D. Mathes
The Earth Whisperer by Alex Markoff
The Fetch by Bill Ellis
The Fighting Girlfriend by Alexander Vargas
The Firstborn by Phil Smith
The Flying Island by Christopher Rucinski
The Four Divorces by Richard John Smith
The Frying Pan by Daniel Stine
The Gates of Paris by Jordan Zignego
The Grim Gumshoe by Jed Keith Woods
The Homestead by Julie McKay
The House That Jack Built by Jill A. Russell
The House that Jack Built by Barry Jones
The Ice King by Nestor Villalobos
The Last Best Place by Caleb Coffey
The Last Watchman of Mars by Philip T Brewster & Shona M Brewster
The Love Effect by Drue Metz
The Maidservant’s Cap by Jeff Opdyke
The Opposer by Andrew Brown
The Pocketknife by Jerry Perez
The Remnants of Lucy Jordan by Stacy Hullah
The Scarlet Pimpernel by David A Ruben
The Sea and Summer by Mhairi McIntyre
The Slammer by Tara Cocco
The Spy Slave by James Foye
The Superb Lyrebird and Other Creatures by Wendy Britton Young
The Suspect Within by Adam J. Fortner
The Time-trap by Mark Flood
The Unrepentant by Tom Carmody & Greg Hurd
The Urban Creepers by Dreama Elmore
The Vidiots by Sasha Tolmachyov
The Warriors’ Concerto by Jamaal D. Pittman & Lila Hood
The Weight of Paper Planes by Debra Farea
These Stories and More by Sarah Phillips
This Is Happening by Mike Salisbury
Three Gardens by Jacqueline Owens
To Kill a Secret by Caitlin Eha
Touch by Cameron Berner
Triggers by Robert J. Sawyer
Turn by Eva G.Szigriszt
Unforgettable by Joshua Capizzi
Valentyne by Dashiell Finley
Viper by Atul Sharma
Walking With Elvis by Matthew Lyne-Watt
We Planted Our Garden in Quicksand by Kevin Donner
WEDJAT by Robert Rogers
When It Rings by Ty Haisten & David Rivers
Wildfire by Duncan Ralston
Willowport by Jess Ansik
Winter Quarters by Nathan Floody
You Look Rested by Ted Ryan J. Christopher Sloan
You’ve Got Scam by Brian Brockway
Your Big Indian Sumo by   Piyush Thakur, Deepak Lohana & Alap Mohile

Pilot – Hour

There are 59 quarterfinalists out of a total of 586 submissions.

A House Divided by    Geoff Bakken
Adlon by Tom Leif Anderson
Age of Jackson by Ryan Vallo
Al Malone, Private Eye by Tim O’Leary
And Yourself by Benjamin Meyer
Bluebirds by Simon Wilkinson
Buffalo Nation by Alexander Major
By Design by Scott Davis
Chrysalis by Keaton McGruder
Clocks: Tick Tock by Elizabeth Preston
Cooking With Jane by Antonio Salinas
Crave by Jenna Lyles
Cusp by Sid Grey
Desert 10 by Zach Tomlinson
Eat Me by Catlan McClelland & Matthew Schlissel  
Facing North by Jorge Perez
Free Brian Thomas by Vincent Macaluso
Gilt by Andrew Crook
Halfway To The Stars by Howard Harband
Heirloom by Oliver Brackenbury
Hubris+Paranoia by Phil Connell
Hush by Samantha
I Love You, Mr. Freeze by Randy Rex
In Chrysalis by Nelson Downend
Insurrection by Simon Bowler
Kingdom Of Children by Kristen Joy Bjorge
Manninger by Richard John Smith
Master Race by Joseph O’Driscoll
Mirror Men by Jeffery Mack
Miskatonic University by J.W. Bentley
Monsterville by Dave Champoux
News Values by Jacob Paine Krasnow
Night Witches by Nic Yulo
Odessa by Isaac Siegemund-Broka
Outlaws by Bryan Kelsey
Pipe Bomb by Michael Orlando
Psycho Spa by Allison Rose Phelan
Pulp Action: Rotten Cove by Morris Jackson
Radicals by Tim Fasano
Sheer Happiness by Magdalena Wilms
Takes a Monster by January Wiryawan
Tangents by Titus Maclaren
The Backyard You Know by Ben Philippe
The Christian King of the Jews    by Brian Comerford
The Dive by Levi Scott
The Divinity Cycle by Nelson Downend
The Fates by The Cosci Brothers
The Golden Age by Lauren Hussey
The Harvest by Keith Turner
The Kiss and Cry by Kristen Gerweck
The Line by Andrew Lewellen
The Machine by Doug Rao
The Monarch Guild by Jason Ancona
The Portal by Ricardo Bravo
The Sensualist by Suzanne Griffin
The Twelve Chairs by Gregg Greenberg
Twin Sight by Kate Delin
Yiffy Kitten by Arvin Donner

Pilot – Half Hour

There are 43 quarterfinalists out of a total of 423 submissions.

Adullhood by Vadim Egoul & Caleb Graves
Area 51 by Josh Smooha
At The End by Sergio Garcia
Black Cabs by Christopher Maudsley
Black Republican by Joe Abel & Dwayne Perkins
Can’t Help Myself by Elaine Loh
Carol Cares by Jennifer DeFilippo & Mu Sun
Charm City Cheddar by Brett Melnick
Cloudland by Kincaid Walker
Conception by Samuel Josephs
Craig and his Uncle Ron by Craig Miller & Dustin Chafin
Crazy People by Daisy Rogozinsky
EPS by   Holly Scarabosio, Christopher Carson Emmons & Michael Miceli  
5 Freaks in a Van by Thomas Cunningham & Patrick Guera
FUBAR by Richard Martin
Genre Gap by Lindsay Rootare
Infinite Gary by Joey Siara
Issues by Pogo New
Jennifer’s Last Stand by Heather Kennedy
Kink by Lisa Carroll
Madam Caraveil’s Caravan of Curiosities   by Amanda Keener
Mercy by Mackenzie Austin Kalish & Bruce Kalish
Model Minority by Emily Wahlund
Never Ready by Michael Bramante
Oh God by Nick Skardarasy
Out Of Their League by Tim Rege
Psychos by Laurel Kulow
PULP: Puppets Under Life’s Pressures by Raphael Loucadellis
Real M*thr by Claire McClanahan & Vanessa Stewart
Reaper & Joe by Michael Heubel & Aaron Guttenberg
Schism: Renewal by Malcolm Taylor
SimCal by Matthew Shafeek
Special by Jay Cundiff & Kyle Jorgensen
Talk Therapy by Thomas Moore
The Embers by Tanner Tovar
The Rest Stop at The End of the Universe by Sam Suksiri
The Shame Game by Susan Sassi
The SportsChannel by Erin Quinn
The Vault by January Rain
To The Fullest by Jordan Imbrey
Tutors by Valerie Work
Unplanned by Joshua KAplan
Welcome to Wall Street by Richard Davidian
Wild Quiet by Liz Thompson


There are 71 quarterfinalists out of a total of 762 submissions.

A Blood Throne by Xavier and Jonathan Garcia
A Diary for War by Larry Gibbs, Jr.
A Favorable Promotion by Emanuel Nisan
A War On Terror by Peter Haig
Absolute Beginner by Shekhar & Shalinder Bassi
Amadi Comes Home by Laura Bray & April Matthis
Bautizo by Alex Z. Avila
Beyond the Fuchsias by Tara Jackson
Born to See by Kristina Usaite
Call History by Lillian Paterson
Canon by Jaydn Gosselin
Carcosa by Will DeWitt
Cardboard Box by Bernhard Riedhammer
Deaf Men See by Blake Ofstedal
Demeter Revelation, The by John Petrizzi & Brad C. Hodson
Dogs by Jake Fallon
Downstairs by Marion Dauriac
Emmanuel by Sam Herath
Every Dog Has His Day by Matthew S. Alaniz
First Day First Show by Piyush Thakur, Deepak Lohana
First Words by Meegan May
For the Love of Fear by Luke Hanlon
Freezer by Elisabeth Watts
Ginger And Fred by Miranda Jane Sen
Help Wanted by Ikechukwu “Ike” Nwoko
Holier Than Thou by Janelle Tweed
Horizon by Nic Yulo
Hunted by James Elmes
Icon by Max Blakeley
If I Can’t Be Happy by Kathryn Mockler
In Loving Memory by Andrea Bang
Jersey by Patrick John Ford
Juliette by Ellie C. Bright
Just A Taste by Margaret M. Spirito
Kiersten by Brian Lose
Laundry Day by Perry Stoutt II
Life Tune by Tommy Garcia
Loser by Austin Alexander
Lost Memories by Bernhard Riedhammer
Melville by Jeremy Storey
New Hampshire by    Brandon “Chipp” Ohl & Brogan McCuen   
No Going Back by Connor Mackay
Olly’s Cabin by Jake DeRose
On Track by Lauren Christie
Pants, Comrade! by Shekhar & Shalinder Bassi
Pozole by Jessica Mendez Siqueiros
Recidivism by Stina Carlstedt
Reynolds by Jessica Sinyard
Ruby by Luke Howe
Seeing the Light by Bronwyn King
Serial Killer Agency by Andrew Mang
Snapshot by Sharon Murray
Spic by Johnny Sanchez
Switchman by Henry Leeker
The Farm by Deborah Riley
The Forgotten Skeleton by Dilpreet Kaur Walia
The Gambler’s Imp by Jonathan A. Johnson
The Kilima Chain by Josh Folan
The Last Call by Kristen Gerweck
The Last Horizon by Franziska Morai
The Players Game by Garrett Shay
The Tale of a Bloody Bounty by Matthew James Ridgewell
The Target by Brendan Cleaves
The Trucker by Rod Kashani
The Undisputed Champion of the World    by John Morrison
Tower of Strength by Jeremy Storey
1219FM by Ruthie Hanson
Wa Wa by Amy Wang
White Ferrari by Sarah Smith
White-Collar Crime for Kids by Jason Petrovitch
Wormfood by Sarah Higgins