Script Consultant Ryan Roy Ustreams with BlueCat


Ryan is a WGA member, is represented by WME and Anonymous Content, his work has been made into a major motion picture, and he has sold both film and TV projects. After years as a working writer in Hollywood he has a practical perspective about what producers, agents, directors and talent want to hear and read to get excited about your script.

Specifically, his consultation focuses on the following:

 — Concept: The beginning of each consultative relationship will involve an in-depth analysis of the story itself, it’s genesis, and why it is a story worth telling. This may focus on originality, story dynamics, “boredom” factors, or any of a gaggle of elements critical to making your script hum.

This will organically lead to analysis of characters, tension, story engines, and into…

— Structure: Story (screenplay) structure is much deeper than plot points and act breaks. Structure can be an incredibly valuable tool in what’s called “script language”, or how one speaks to the reader through structure. This will involve an in-depth analysis of macro structure issues as well as micro writing elements like sequencing, scene placement, act breaks until we get to…

— Execution: From the Title Page to The End, words matter, execution matters. Ryan will roll up his sleeves with you examine and fine-tune how how you are placing words on a page. Are descriptions enough? Where can fat be trimmed? Does the dialogue match tonal goals? Are you doing the best you can to give each character the depth and breadth they deserve.

BlueCat founder Gordy Hoffman and Ryan Roy talk structure and pacing in our Ustream from June 16th.

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