fd logo final draftFor screenwriters on the move, creativity just became even more portable. The makers of Final Draft® – the number one-selling screenwriting software in the world – today released Final Draft Writer® for iPhone, an update to the already popular Writer app for iPad.

With the Final Draft Writer app, screenwriters are able to write, edit and read Final Draft scripts on their iPhone or iPad, as well as create new scripts with easy-to-use features such as Tab and Enter navigation, ScriptNotesTM, SmartTypeTM and more. Final Draft scripts can move from a desktop/laptop computer to an iPad or iPhone with ease via email or Dropbox, and will still appear perfectly paginated and formatted to industry standards every time.

“Our products make the writing process as easy and seamless as possible for screenwriters,” said Final Draft, Inc. CEO Marc Madnick. “Adding iPhone capabilities to our Final Draft Writer app means screenwriters can write anytime and anywhere. It will transform the way screenwriters work.”

Additional app features include:


  • Write using all the familiar Final Draft features such as scene navigation, ScriptNotesTM and SmartTypeTM.

  • With professionally formatted TV, film and stageplay templates, writers can easily get started on a brand new script right in the app.

  • Access and update existing scripts anytime by syncing with your Dropbox directly from the app.

  • Access familiar Final Draft tools without losing your place in the script.

  • Access all needed iPhone Menu Tools while still viewing the script file.

  • Bluetooth keyboard support.


  • Character Highlighting adds color to your dialogue to make table reads a breeze.

  • Customize the type, color and name of your Scriptnotes.

  • Not only can you quickly switch from one revision set to another, you can also export a

    PDF with colored revised production pages.

  • Production features like Scene Numbering, Omit Scenes, Colored and Locked Pages are



  • Export key information with Cast Reports, Scene Reports, Location Reports, and more. Easily search the entire script for characters, locations or other script elements to quickly make changes.

  • The app remembers where you left off so you can return to the same place quickly and add those final edits.

  • Free tech support and the ability to send feedback directly through the app right to Final Draft.


    Now available in the Apple App Store, Final Draft Writer is available for $14.99 for a limited time.

    About Final Draft, Inc.
    Final Draft, Inc. has published Final Draft® software – the number-one selling screenwriting application in the world – for 25 years. Final Draft software automatically paginates and formats your script to industry standards, allowing writers to focus on what they do best – writing scripts. Used by such industry giants as J.J. Abrams, James Cameron and Aaron Sorkin, Final Draft software is the professional’s choice and the entertainment industry standard. In addition to its flagship software product, Final Draft, Inc. offers other services for writers, like the annual Big BreakTM Contest – a screenwriting competition that launches careers, and awards over $80,000 in cash and prizes. Final Draft also offers Reader® and Writer® apps for iPhone and iPad, making creativity truly portable. To learn more about Final Draft, Inc. and its products and services, visit: www.finaldraft.com