2015 Feature Screenplay Quarter Finalists

This year, we set a new record of

4494 feature screenplay submissions.


Approximately five percent of those scripts

have been selected

to advance in the competition.


Congratulations to the Quarter Finalists!


A Guy Walks Into A Bar by Linnea Gelland
A Kensington Slattern by Peter Rennie
A Lost Tribe in Amsterdam by Ian Sax
A Meeting in Seville by Paul Mendelson
A Mischief of Rats by Franklin Friedlander
A Posthumous Performance by Drew Wagner
A Small, Tiny, Practically Insignificant Case of Demon Possession by Shannon Pestock
A-L-L by Robert Holt, M.D.
Adventure Has A Name by Justin Piasecki
Affirmation by Kyle Lavore
Agony by Walter Haley
Alien Rendezvous by Darlene Inkster
Almost Perfect by J. Sol
Amygdala by Moushumi Angre
An American in Space by Joe MacGregor
Andy The Android by Kevin Garcia
Angel of Mercy by Josephine Agricola
Antebellum by Kory Olson
Apathetic Death by Joanne Casey
Assisted Dying by Nick Chianese
At the Devil’s Door by Neal Tyler & Todd Henderson
Bani’s Lullaby by Shruti Swaminathan
Behind The Glass by Steven Fait
Between the Road and Charlie Macklin by Rod Thompson
Bison Man by Michael Rhodes
Black Hickory by Ronald L. Ecker & Evan M. Pinchuk
Black Santa by Darren Dillman
Broken Futures by Chris Welsh
Brooklyn Graffiti by Javier Ortiz
Brother Tommy by Peter Wittenberg
Bull Comb Blues by David Warnock
But Thinking Makes it So by Johnny Coffeen
Butter Side Up by Kitty Percy
Chamelon by Paula Lewis
Charon’s Pass by Robert Bridge
Children of the Fire by Eric Hueber
Chiriaco Summit by Ryan Vaughn
Christopher Robin by Scott Alex Rudolph
Cooties by Frank Longo
Crazy About You by Deana Costner
Cryogenesis by Todd Baker
Dare County by Irwin Greenstein
David King Of Promise by Sloan Inns & Jenna Inns
Days of Ignorance by M. Husnu Ozkurt
Dead Tired by Geoffrey Uloth
Deadly Views by Bill Johnston
Deserter by Conall Pendergast & Hugh Gibson
Disposessed by George Billard
Dolly’s Tamales by Paula Kay Hornick
Don’t Mess with Mr. Meow Meow by Robert Broderick
Dream Weaver by Greg Daubenspeck
Dumb It Down by Paul G. O’Malley
Dwayne and Connor’s 10th Grade Mixtape by Mercedes Brazier-Thurman
E.R. by Eleonore Gachet
Elephant Milk by Diane Sherry Case
End of Line by Paul Hunt
Ever After by Adam McCulloch
Eye See You by Stephen Arthur Cardinal
Far From Cool by Augustus Rose
Finding Joy by Virginia Lee Brucker
Footsteps Of My Father by Erik V Wolter
For One Night Only by Peter Schmidt
Forms Of Life by Evan McNary
40 Something Love by Declan Butvick
4 Corners by David Morring
Franz Ferdinand Must Die by Katharine O’Brien
Frog’s Born by Zoe Hatfield
Front Runner by Benjamin Tyler
Full Court Press by Debra Chesley
Full English by Jemma Walton
Ganbaru by Todd Maetani
Garden on the Edge of the World by Willie Hynd
George! by Leonardo Noboru de Lima
Gifted by Angelina Karpovich
Gioacchino Lupara by Thomas Ascenzi
Girls in White by Chloe Sabbs
God Help Us by Michael Ball
God Of Your Fathers by Jordan Kalms
Godmother by Karen Willoughby
Golgotha by David Turkel
Good Enough by Susan Damato & Mary Navarra
Graves of Lesser Men by Conor King Devitt
Grief by Cihan Narin
Half Of Me by Sage Wells
Happy Birthday, Ray! by Kathryne Isabelle Easton
Herland by Derek J. Pastuszek
Hindsight by Janice Hallett
Hinterland by Ewen Glasss
History of Fire by Michael Whitton & James Hamilton James
Holy New York and the Inner Moonlight by Sonya Goddy & Claire Lowery
Hooked by Allen Wolf
Hopes Twenty by Craig A Rutherford & Lee Betteridge
Hunter Lake by J. Holtham
i by Alex Rollins Berg
If I Were You by Allison Buckmelter & Nicolas Buckmelter
In Visible Ink by Emily L. Manthei
Intrepid by Ben Warner
James Burns by Kenneth Molloy, Jr.
Jaya by Puja Maewal
Kerry Dunbar by Evan Laughlin
Kevin by Chas Fisher
Kill Shelter by R. J. Daniel Hanna
Kings Of Hot Springs by Dana Deree
Last Twist At The Blue Moon Hotel by Duncan Hammond
Lead Balloon: The Janet Hirsch Story by Adam Rose
Lifers by Phil Burdette
Lilly Loves Phoenix by Maarit Nissilàˆ
Marilyn by Peggy Bruen
Medal of Honor by Col Duke Mulligan
Memories by Marnie Mitchell-Lister
Method by Laurie Nunn
Milk Thistle by Adrian Ferrara & Gavin Ferrara
Minyan by Adam Ansell
Montage by Michael F. Brown
Motel by April Phillips
Mouth by Kimi Howl Lee
Natalia by Pauline Mark
New York is a Friendly Town by Chad Schneider
1947 by Summer Pervez
Ninety Proof by Nick Lentz
Og’s Utopia by Sam Mossler
Oh Mother by Russell Davis & Michael Bernieri
One Arabian Night by Maha Sidaoui
Overkill by Christian J. Hearn
Paralysis by Dan Cassell
Past Tense by Linda Ujifusa
Patchwork by A.E. Keener
Pedro by Amelia Phillips
Perspektive by Michael Deuschel
Piano Player by Colin Larkin
Pie In The Sky by Gary Wells
Pigalle by Lizzie Mason
Plague Angel by David Uloth
Plan C by P. Patrick Hogan & Steve Loh
Promises by Trevor Mayes
Red Sky by Robert Brody
Redemptive Opportunities by Dorothy Pecoraro Bertram
Redial by Dominic Reynolds & John Reynolds
Romek by Matthew Kic
Run! by Anne Katherine
S.L.A.S.H. by Leif Johnson
Safe by Sedona Feretto
Sailfish by Kyle Portbury & Toby Osborne
Santa Boy by Gary Geyer
Saving Shakespeare by Isabel Bacigalupo
Sawbuck by Mark Strauss
Scatter by Ed Cripps
Scriptures and Cigarettes by Joseph O’Driscoll
Selling Water by the River by James Connelly & Justin LaForge
Semmelweis by Keith Tomlinson
Sex Monsoon by Anna Maganini
Sexton by Elizabeth Oyebode
Sibling Rivalry by Ehren Hotchkiss & Brian Hotchkiss
Signs, Songs & Optimism by Sharen Wood
Simon Says by Keryl Brown
Sins of a Super Hero by Dennis Douda
Sky Thief by Jamie Barthol
Slave by Alejandro Sesma
So Now What? by Connie Weidel
Social Chameleon by Alexandra Weir
Speed by Ryan Jennifer
Squirt by Randy Kaplan & Scott Bernstein
Stewardess by Teresa Sullivan
Storm House by Mark Hibbett
Strategem by Kieron Holland & Antaine Furlong
Student Teacher by Molly Gardner
Sweet Souls Atrocious by Tracey Bradley
Taking the Toll – The Life and Life of Gilbert Booth by Theodore Schaefer & Patrick Lawler
Talk Show Host by Jake Blandford
Tango with Solitude by Maria Hinterkoerner
Tanks by Col. Duke Mulligan
Tansen by Aarthi Ramanathan
Ted Will Return Shortly by Dan Ochwat
The Adoration of Elliot Nightingale by Ellen Wittlinger
The Adventures of Vagabond & Vixen by Jeff Rohrick
The Anxieties of Peter Wilhelm by Palmer Holton
The Archivist by Greg Cohen
The Aryan Bookstore by Harold Zellman & Shelley Zellman
The Ballad of Wilbur Wright by Stephen Woodward
The Blue Saint’s Legend by Fabio A. Ortega
The Broken Grave by Kevin McGee
The Camera Man by Robert Samuelson
The Candy Cane Soldier by Evan Cooper & Brodie Cooper
The Cedars of Lebanon by Charlotte Gajek
The Celestial by Barry Brennessel
The City of Artists by Eurydice Da Silva
The Clincher by Thomas J. Glynn & Thomas Stanton
The Complex by Alison Star Locke
The Consultant by David Fairhurst
The Day We Tried to Live by Sergio Padilla
The Dead House by Shannon Pestock
The Floor is Lava by Thomas Nesti
The German Soldier by Carl Caulfield
The Ghost by David Bullock
The Ghost Army by Matthew Gordon Leslie & Stephen J. Smith
The Good Buy by Szilvia Borsan
The Key by Greg Price
The Lady Be Good by Jeff Toulouse
The Lawn Girl Diaries by Deirdre Morales
The Little Traveler by Wayne Bibee
The Making of Harriet T. by Yhane Smith
The McKenzie Friend by Paul Mendelson
The Memory Man by David Bugay
The Ostrich Farm by Tyler Tice
The Pain Man by Benjamin T. Busfield MD
The Pits by Paola Andrea Ariza
The Prodigy by Tommy Trull
The Projectionist by Alison Star Locke
The Rim of the World by Bettina Moss
The Savage Land by Jesus Celaya
The Second Coming by Sheryl Parrigan
The Secrets of Belford by Taylor Gillen
The Sleeping House by Suzanne Griffin
The Spoils of Sanctuary by Hallie Tassin
The Tank by Merrit Schmidt
The Tenant by Janet J. Lawler
The Trienniel by R. Frederick Ehrenreich
The Tunnel by Diana Westfall
The Women Here Are Giants by Al Topich
They Know Not With Whom by F. Aaron Franklin
This Old Man by Nicholas Oktaras
ThisAbility by Don Fried & Mike Fuhrmann
Tiny by Kendell Courtney Klein
Too Cool For School by Nicholas Martin Johnson
Trading Penance by Timothy D. Kanieski
Tragic Orgy by Aaron Easterbrooks
Triskaidekaphobia by Brian Padian
Twains, Trains And Riverboats: The Absolutely True Story of How Mark Twain Saved America by Kevin Cleary & Patti Vasquez
Want by Kati Royle
War Woman by Steven L. Fournier
Warsaw by Kimberly Kaplan
Way Up High by Dominic Reynolds
We Were Just Kids by Danielle Bonder
What’s So Funny by Tim Chan
White Gold by Rebecca Handley
White Label by Greg Gilpatrick
Wildlands by Alan J. Adler
Worm Head by Jonathan Crow
Worry Dolls by Robert Wolfe Dunn & Ryan Trevino
Wrong Blonde by Anthony Egan
Yes, Virginia by Ben Feuer


Competition Results Announcement Schedule:

  • Semi-Finalists will be announced March 15th, 2015.
  • Shorts Finalists will be announced April 4th, 2015.
  • Feature Finalists will be announced April 6th, 2015.
  • Joplin Award will be announced April 7th, 2015.
  • Cordelia Award will be announced April 8th, 2015
  • The Shorts Screenplay Winner will be announced April 9th, 2015.
  • The Feature Screenplay Winner will be announced April 10th, 2015.



Thanks to everyone who submitted to BlueCat, we were blown away by the response this year and grateful for all your hard work!

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