2022 Semi-Finalists

We are so excited to announce the 2022 BlueCat Semi-Finalists! Congratulations!



There are 71 feature semi-finalists out of a total of 2779.

A Boy is a Boy is a Bomb by Søren Bredberg

A Safe Place For Shelter by George Wilson

About Tonight by Azan Kung

American Butterfly by Oliver Charles Silver

Ask Already by Sandra Lince

Before The Others by Meko Winbush

Berry Pickers by Agnes Karlsson

Blood and Ash by Kenneth Sanabria

Bo by Roland Paul Greedy

Bunny by Heidi Hayward

Buying Drugs Near the White House by Arik Cohen

Carville by Jonah Tapper

Charlie’s Spot by George O’Connor

Chimera by Andrew Kaberline

Clams by Sijia Cao

Cloak by Eric Bodge

Cocol by Jeremy Pope

Delby’s Merry Chaos by Dan & Azuure Joffre

Dom and Felix by Bridget Flanery

Donna And Samir Do A Kidnapping by Paul M. Horan

El Recuerdo by Andres Borda González

Everbrook by Aaron Morgan & Eric Vespe

Everybody’s Happy by Andrew Hiss

Fermat’s [not quite] Last Theorem by Brent Pollard

Fine Print by Domenica Hoyes

Fish Go Deep by Lex Sidon

FMK by David Jacks & Jeff Grimm

Frankie by Bishrel Mashbat

Hacking the Mob by Jason Riou

Halmoni’s Pot (Grandma’s Pot) by A. L. Lee

Happy Little Trees by Patrick Franklin

Hard Rain Falling by Lawton Browning

Henry and Gino by Danielle Reid

Is That you, Cecelia? by Erica Scandariato

Keslare Moon by Julie Merrick

Lexi & Annie by Teagan Trace

Lou & Linda by Richell Morrissey

Neon Kites by Alan Sim

Nor Gloom of Night by Stuart J Forrest

Old Man Young Man Snake by Bradley Hathaway

Once Upon a Time in Tokyo by A.Jay.U.

Romi’s Theorem by Rachelle Zalter

Sasha and Pancho by Dave MacLean

Say Boo by Francis M. Abbey

Separation Anxiety by Aidan J. Stebbins

Slo Burn by Andres Rovira & Kelly Esparza

Swimming with Pigs by Bernhard Schilling

The 4th Wall by Eric Lehning & Billy Senese

The Ampersand Inn by C.J. Arellano

The Chaperone by Jonathan Todd Ross

The Dream Cake by Anthea Jones

The Eden by Gonçalo Eugénio Pereira de Oliveira

The Faerie Rings by Zina Brown

The Feelers by Laurie Jones

The Fly that Doesn’t Listen Follows the Corpse into the Grave by Lu Asfaha

The Idiots: A Tale From The Ryft by Trey Kalb

The Lost Cause Chatelains by Chris March

The Man Doctrine by Christopher Prince

The Night Witches by Steven John Prowse

The Sequel by Daron Weiss

The unNatural Order by Becca E. Davis

Those Women by Nikki Williams

300 Sacrifices Of Children by Devon Villacampa

Thunderstorm by Maria Mathis

Treading Lava by Paul Frank

Trigger Happy Abbey by Zach McCartney

Trokita by Bernardo Duran Jr.

Ubiquitous by Lexis Hooton

Untitled (Elle and Leah) by Tia Matza

XOVA7 by Quanah Jay Hicks

Youth In Asia by Katie Crone



There are 42 pilot semi-finalists out of a total of 1185.

A Good…Mensch? by Matt Seiiji Ketai

Affaire Classée by Jenna Lafferty

Becoming French by Ashley Serrao

Bedlam by Michael G. Cooney

Booked Up by Dani Gomez

Ch*nk in the Armor by Andy M. Jiang

Dueling Signs by Jodi Dennithorne

Esperanza’s World: (AKA I don’t have time to be no stinkin’ hero) by Sergio Cervantes

Free Spirits by Katharine Densmore

Gemstone Heroes by John Vogel

Girl in a Box by Megan McKenzie

Good People by Katie Anthony

Grain of Salt by Ligia Maria Storrs Rojas & Justin Storrs

HONK! by M. Emmanuel Zammit

Jane by Niva Dorell

Logos by Alexander Blum

Meet the Bloomfelds by Lexi Savoy

Merryweather Gulch by Fergus Sweeney & Manfred Kuegel

#nofilter by Jesse Klein

One Step at a Time by Victoria Livingstone

Poor Old Bobby Witherspoon by Luke Canavan

Saving Sid by Tony Green

Scarlem by Tony Faria

Star Student by Chadd Alciati

State of Vigilance by Tom Holowach

The 99 Club by Michael Caggiano

The Beer House by Kate Mellors

The Conquest by Sarah Zeiser

The Eighth Wonder by Denise Devoy & Di Larowska

The Feed by Thu-Huong Ha

The Last Nerve by Aashka Pandya

The Long Game by Jeremy Bradford

The Off-Seasoners by Olivia Haller

The Palace by David Oliver Avruch

The Partisan by Jessica Romagnoli

The Weight by Dylan James

The White Room by Abhi Kumar

Theme Park Earth – Blue Sky by Anastasia Warmuth

Uncle Bike by Joslyn C. Jensen

Worse Than Terrible by Ralph Waine Hoy

Yemma by Nicole Ballivian

Young Country by Ariana Keswani McGinn



There are 25 short semi-finalists out of a total of 734.

Asuncion by Francisco Mendez & Antonio Asencio

Blink by Ira Livingston, IV

Chalonot by Emma Starer Gross & D.A. Stern

Cottage Grove by George Ellzey Jr.

Coupled Unconsciousness by Stephanie Mathews

Disembodied Voice with a Familiar Face by Chris Desiderio

Fence Sitter by Liz Galalis

Forget Me Not by Kiriakos Kanellos

Happy Laundry by Kahyun Kim

May Tomorrow Never Come by Fernando Hart

Mr Perfect by Desi Lyon

Room by Laura Quigley

A Short Story About Toughness by Sara Relli

Silence by Isiah Hale

Sketches Beyond Paper by Rishaad Mollah

Surrender Dorothy by Cristine Chambers

Tamarin by Pollyanna Stevens

The Corner Plot by Ezra Lerner

The End of Us by Lorena Chiles

The Jetty by Kevin Mack

The Very Best of the Voices in My Head by Bobbi Broome

Thin Walls by Robert Armanyous

Through the Hole by Mel Sangyi Zhao

Waverly by Peter Andrews

Welcome To The Stage… by Kyle Casey Chu & Roisin Isner


For a list of our 2022 Quarterfinalists go here.