2022 Quarterfinalists

We are so excited to announce the 2022 BlueCat Quarterfinalists!  Thanks for all of your submissions. Our Semifinalists will be announced on April 12th.



There are 301 feature quarterfinalists out of a total of 2779.

16670 by Rich Mauro

¿SAY, QUÉ?! by Erik Baker

10 West by Nick Gallagher

300 Sacrifices Of Children by Devon Villacampa

7th Soul by Michael N. Ruggiero

A Bitter Frost by D.T. Yang

A Boy is a Boy is a Bomb by Søren Bredberg

A Football Hero by Jonah Tapper

A Moment Of Your Time by Adam Lapallo & Diana D’Amato

A More Certain Light by Liz Corbett

A Revolutionary Act by Lisa Russell

A Safe Place For Shelter by George Wilson

A Trapdoor by James James

About Tonight by Azan Kung

Above Mars by Kyle Kizu

After Ever After by David Schwartz

After Men by Adrian Lall

Alchemists of Alexandria by Brian DeWilde

All My Love, Kate by Joe Breen

Alms by Andrei Ivan Mamal

Altars of Greed by Brennan Howard

American Butterfly by Oliver Charles Silver

American Underdog by Gustavo Martin & Matthew Mascia & Vish Iyer

Antonia Zulueta by Ronald L. Ecker & Kyle Barnett

Art by Stefan Mannes

Ask Already by Sandra Lince

Before The Others by Meko Winbush

Beheaded by Helen Williams

Belvedere by Jonathan Steinfield

Berry Pickers by Agnes Karlsson

Best Served Cold by Bill Crossland

Black Waters by Kate Imy

Blackwood by Richard Powell

Blinded by Faith by Helen Hudson

Blood and Ash by Kenneth Sanabria

Blue Money by Tom Towslee

Bo by Roland Paul Greedy

Bombshell by Ludwig Leidig & Brett Williams & Yuri Joakimidis

Bond Street by Ryan Moore

Bunny by Heidi Hayward

Bushfire by Warren Paul Glover

Buying Drugs Near the White House by Arik Cohen

By Dark Lake by Tylie Cox

Carville by Jonah Tapper

Catching Out by Lizabeth Yandel

Charlie’s Spot by George O’Connor

Child of the Disappeared by Michael Holliday

Children Of The Spirit Moon by Dan Loschack

Chimera by Andrew Kaberline

Christmas Spirit by Paul Hennessy

Cipher by Michael Zarocostas & Taymour Ghazi

Clams by Sijia Cao

Clearwater by Jeff Bryce

Cloak by Eric Bodge

Cocol by Jeremy Pope

Compatible by Anthea Jones

Cottage Grove by George Ellzey Jr.

Curly’s Camp for Girls (and Boys) by Kelly Byrne

Dead Reckoning by Chad Hutson

Death by Chocolate by Callie Cohn

Death Steppe by Judy Bruce

Declassified by Raymond Hauck

Defined by Memory by Conor Ryan

Delby’s Merry Chaos by Dan & Azuure Joffre

Desdemona by Nelson Downend

Detour by Brad Palmisano

Doc Band-Aid by Bob Bland

Dogs of War by Jamaul Benjamin Phillips

Dom and Felix by Bridget Flanery

Don Q by Ben Lokey

Don’t Be a Jerk Today by Joe Leary

Donna And Samir Do A Kidnapping by Paul M. Horan

Dread by Colton Lawrence

Dreamworld by Brian Quinn

Driving Into Oblivion by Rory MacColl

Driving with Shannon by Sven Anarki

Dusty Cowboys by Stanley Schofield

El Recuerdo by Andres Borda González

Elf Angie by Thomas Carmody

Emotional Support Animal by Suzie Bohannon

Errol Flynn Dies In The End by Rory Waltzer

Evening of the Irredeemable by James Martin Lafferty

Everbrook by Aaron Morgan & Eric Vespe

Everybody Wants To Be Italian! by Jessica Abrams

Everybody’s Happy by Andrew Hiss

Far Rider by Kai Kido

Fear by Rene van Rooyen

Feel Better by Sarah Tither-Kaplan

Fermat’s [not quite] Last Theorem by Brent Pollard

Finding Santa by Matthew Giacheri

Fine Print by Domenica Hoyes

Firestorm by Randy Nelson

Fish Go Deep by Lex Sidon

Five Thousand Years by Jim Grieco

Fly Away Blackbird by Jacqueline Read

Fly on the Wall by Felipe Martins Fernandes

FMK by David Jacks & Jeff Grimm

Forever by Nonie Shiverick

Forkful by Joseph Izzo & Joseph Mangelli

Frankie by Bishrel Mashbat

Future Tense by T. S. Daly

Gang of One: Hurricane Ron by CJ Hatch

Ghostwriter by Harry Sadeghi

Glycerine by Michael Easton

Go Left! by Suzanne Guacci

Gozzy Boys by Kat Svaldi

Hacking the Mob by Jason Riou

Halloween Parade by Julie Sharbutt

Halmoni’s Pot (Grandma’s Pot) by A. L. Lee

Hangman by J.C. Doler & Paul Petersen

Happy Little Trees by Patrick Franklin

Hard Rain Falling by Lawton Browning

Harper Mason by B. Isabella Bodnar

Harvest by Melanie Sevcenko

Head Games by David Page

Henry and Gino by Danielle Reid

Holding On by Will Ahrens

I am the Dragon King by Storm Choi

Improv by Genet Hughes

In-Security by Jacquelyn A. Gibbons

Inevitable Cruelty by Emma Hicklin

Is That you, Cecelia? by Erica Scandariato

It Happened In Silence by Shaun Delliskave

It’s Over by Jeffrey Max

Juliet by Jesse Russell & Olga Rojer

Keslare Moon by Julie Merrick

Kiwi by Eric Rich

Lawn of the Dead by Rick Mele

Lexi & Annie by Teagan Trace

Long Way Home by Jamaal D. Pittman

Losing Brooklyn by Joe Delissio

Lou & Linda by Richell Morrissey

Love Unknown by Alex Stathis

Main Drag by Ryan Thorsen

Masters and Servants by John Enright

Meetings With Marty by Gregor Nicholas

Mi Romeo by Brian Paglinco

Midnight Concert by Charlotte Briones

Mimi and Saad: An American Love Story by Usman Ally

Mind Games by Matthew Manson

Missing Mandy by Jordan Lavender

Mister C by Terry Connell

Monster on the Miracle Mile by Patrick Crozier

Mr. Wendall by Justin Sherman

My First and Last Film by Stavros Costarides

My Undeniable Attraction by Kathryn Kim & Margaret Rossini

Nando’s Legacy by Davida Lippman

Neon Kites by Alan Sim

No Second Prize by Michael Wormald

Noble Iceland by Christian Pendered Zur

Nor Gloom of Night by Stuart J Forrest

Oath by Paul Frank

Octo Sapiens by Cameron Broadhurst

Old Man Young Man Snake by Bradley Hathaway

On The Wire by Craig Nobbs

Once Upon A Time In London by Rob Napoletani

Once Upon a Time in Tokyo by A.Jay.U.

One Man Army by Lawrence Whitener

Oneonta by Joseph Delissio

Osama Bin La La Land by Michael Howard

Out To Launch by Patrick Corcoran

Pacha by Michael G. Cooney

Parodi and the Whales by Matias Vellutini & Rob Dunn

Phoebe by Jason K. Allen

Pipe Dream by Corey Mayne & Eric Mayne

Post Great by Adam Stuart Hersh

Powder House by Gibran Mendez

Prison To Paradise by Peter Narodny

Protest Art by Jacob Marx Rice

Raven Winters and the Spirit Vortex by Heather Ostrove

Rebel by Charles Cordaro

Recitation by Courtney Froemming

Refracted by Roger Thomas

Rich Men Die Happy by Sam Stillman

Ritchie Boy by Alan J. Field

Romi’s Theorem by Rachelle Zalter

Rootstock by Nick Kokonas

S.H.A.R.P. by Josh Auter

Sanctuary by Darryl Wimberley

Sasha and Pancho by Dave MacLean

Sathu – Year of the Rabbit by Josh Trigg

Say Boo by Francis M. Abbey

Separation Anxiety by Aidan J. Stebbins

Sexual Healing by Alexander Bozicevich

Shadows From Above by Joseph Imperial

Should It Be This Hard by Nina Winther

Shroomsday by Christopher Wade & Matthew Allen

Siege on Sand Mountain by John Park

Since I Left You by Casey McFeron

Sinema Slayer by Andrew Madsen

Sled Race by Kevin Jordan

Slo Burn by Andres Rovira & Kelly Esparza

Snatched & Held by Joseph Helms

Sons of Treason by Sheila Rinear

Space and Time by Wendy Anson

Splintered by Sebastien Woolf

Spoons by Connie Lansberg

Stars & Stripes by Erica Ruhe

Strangers In Shanghai by Liz Lachman & Cynthia Greening

Subversives by Brett C. K. Bowker

Susie Lee: -Daughter of Mercy by Robert Orlando

Suzanne Valadon: The Sin I Will Commit Again by Mikelle Kruger & Patrick O. McKenna

Swimming with Pigs by Bernhard Schilling

Symphony of Blue by Lexi Savoy

Team Emma by Andrea Zastrow

The 4th Wall by Eric Lehning & Billy Senese

The Ampersand Inn by C.J. Arellano

The Angel of the Waters by Akiva Cohen

The Backbenchers by John Economopoulos

The Belvedere Jungle by Robert Kelly McAllister

The Blue Blood Moon by David Sabbath

The Boy in the Well by Abdullah Azizi

The Burning Chicken by Mo Faisal

The Casket Girl by John Darbonne

The Chaperone by Jonathan Todd Ross

The Choice by Roger Walker

The Crisis by Omid Niliaram

The Downward Spiral by Tim Granados

The Dream Cake by Anthea Jones

The Eden by Gonçalo Eugénio Pereira de Oliveira

The Face of Goode, Evil & Heroic by Paul Kemp

The Faerie Rings by Zina Brown

The Feelers by Laurie Jones

The Fly that Doesn’t Listen Follows the Corpse into the Grave by Lu Asfaha

The Forgotten Borough by Jeff Ingber

The Game AKA A Certain Romance by Andreas Terry Toumbas

The Glorious Revolution by Hanna Nielson

The Handler 1 – Junkyard Dog by Lawrence Whitener

The Hard & Short of It by Fredrick Leach

The Idiots: A Tale From The Ryft by Trey Kalb

The Image Makers by Marina Shron

The Itch by Jeremy Bradford

The Key of Be by Rich H. Kenney, Jr.

The Lady and The Tiger by Sam Caton

The Lady in the Cellar by Par’ Mims

The Last Communion of Teddy Munroe by Tom Furniss

The Library of Forgotten Technology by Nina Winther

The Lost Cause Chatelains by Chris March

The Luminous Child by Cheryl Wade

The Magic Hourglass by Joel Karlinsky

The Magnificent Seven Dwarfs by Adam Tedder

The Man Doctrine by Christopher Prince

The Missing Ink (of the Xia) by Paul Wensley

The Monocle by Mark Cavanagh

The Night Witches by Steven John Prowse

The Night Within by Mark Lammerding

The Particular Peculiarities of a Sooty-Capped Puffbird by Michele Atkins

The Rebel Orphan by Mat Kanno

The Remnant Faithful by Andrew Steven Poschner

The Royal Game by Tony Gilbert

The Runner by Nora McAree

The Salamander Letter by Liz Lachman & Cynthia Greening

The Seamstress of Santo Tomas by Les Smith

The Secret Notes of Professor Thomas by Joni Ravenna & Joshua Townshend Zellner

The Sequel by Daron Weiss

The Shakers by Steven Prieto

The Space Between Men by Valerie McCaffrey

The Specials (Plus One) by Paul Timblick

The Stupid Bastards by Paul Coleman & Matt Landry

The Sun in the Soul by Massimo Bruni

The Third Day by Jave Galt-Miller

The Truth Serum by Martin K Zitter

The unNatural Order by Becca E. Davis

The War in Serendipity by Noel Hoffmann

The Wind Howls by Carlos J. Matos

This Land is our Land by Austin Rodriguez

This Songs For You by Mark Cervasio

Those Women by Nikki Williams

Thunderstorm by Maria Mathis

Tomorrow is Sunday by Dhimitri James Vasili

Torpedo Run by Farrin Rosenthal

Touch Point by Wayne Christensen

Touch Red by Michaela Zannou

Train Buddies by Paolo Chianta

Treading Lava by Paul Frank

Trigger Happy Abbey by Zach McCartney

Trokita by Bernardo Duran Jr.

Trouble Will Find Me by Colin Moore

Turn A Blind Eye by Edward Leech

Twilight Dove by Francisco Bongarzone

Ubiquitous by Lexis Hooton

Under Dark Waters by Jeff Nowak

Under Pressure by Steve Smith

Underdark by Damon Day

Unlocking Freedom’s Door by Kenneth P. Fox

Unrest by Nancy Dillon

Untitled (Elle and Leah) by Tia Matza

Valley of the Shadow by Logan Shaw

Van 59 by Brian Trotter

Vienna Calling by Renate Grassmugg

Viral Solution by Michael Valente

Vultures by Logan Mitev

Water Under The Bridge by April French

Waves by Fateema Al-Hamaydeh Miller

Weightless by Anna Hooper

Williston by Kishore Kraleti

Winnie & Clyde by Matthew Rafferty

Worse than Terrible by Ralph Waine Hoy

XOVA7 by Quanah Jay Hicks

Youth In Asia by Katie Crone


There are 136 pilot quarterfinalists out of a total of 1185.

A Good…Mensch? by Matt Seiiji Ketai

Acheron 2350 by Malachi Watkins

Affaire Classée by Jenna Lafferty

And The Green Grass Grew… by Laura Spaeth

Angela by Levi Dean

Anything to Anywhere by Antonio Gomez & Maria Vazquez

Back Fires by Alex Blumberg

Becoming French by Ashley Serrao

Bedlam by Michael G. Cooney

Best Four Years by Josh Perry

Blind Allegiance by Ebony Gilbert

Blood Money by Sean McGuire

Booked Up by Dani Gomez

Campus Police by Brad Crowe & Cat Youell

Ch*nk in the Armor by Andy M. Jiang

Control C by Andrew Ivimey & Joel Buxton

Cult of Y by Ralph Waine Hoy

Dark Horizons by Kirk Kirkland

Dead Season by Arin Leviti

Diamond, Texas by Sean Davis

Disordered by Parrish Hurley

Dueling Signs by Jodi Dennithorne

Easy Go by Jay Adams

Esperanza’s World: (AKA I don’t have time to be no stinkin’ hero) by Sergio Cervantes

Ever Your Mozart by Lily McLeod

Experts by Maggie Hart

Fool by David Hoffman

Frank by Nathan Cabaniss

Free Spirits by Katharine Densmore

Fuzzville by Bill Simmons

Gaby Guffner: Destroyer of Worlds by Matthew Manson

Gemstone Heroes by John Vogel

Girl in a Box by Megan McKenzie

Give it to Guerrero by Ralph Waine Hoy

Give Up! by Rachel Robyn Wagner

Gone Hollywood by Sara Hallowell

Good People by Katie Anthony

Grain of Salt by Ligia Maria Storrs Rojas & Justin Storrs

Greek Love by Lindsey Button

Handyman by Mark Alexander Herz & Bart Voitila

Heir Apparent by Yellowlees Douglas

Henry & Henrietta by Thomas Kivney

Holy Adolescence by Nicholas Dragonetti

HONK! by M. Emmanuel Zammit

I Know I’m Funny by Erika Wester

Inventing Jo by Morgan Nikola-Wren

Jane by Niva Dorell

Jormungandr by Christopher Maudsley

Keats by Robert Latham Brown

Kiki’s Kingdom by M.M. Kagan

Kurds of Nashville by Peter Andrews

L Ella by Gary St. Martin

Lionheart by Frances Flannery

Logos by Alexander Blum

Logos by John Bister

Looking Down by Adi Blotman

Lucky Debonair by Mark McDonald

Lunaris by Daniel Parra

Mad Nellie by Bridget Visser

Meet the Bloomfelds by Lexi Savoy

Merryweather Gulch by Fergus Sweeney & Manfred Kuegel

Mike Goes Fishing by Wayne Gibson

Mimic by Ruby Wyler

Miss America by Adi Blotman

Mobnoxious by Frank Vespe

Monster Carnival by Alia Zeid

Mushroom: First Contact by Charles Saunders

#nofilter by Jesse Klein

Nomad by Gonçalo Oliveira

One by B. E. Marvis & Anne Estrada

One Step at a Time by Victoria Livingstone

Our Lady of Hollywood and Vine by Jacqi Bowe

Pavlov’s Cat by Greg Bell

Perverse by Caroline Hayes

Players by Julie Sharbutt

Poor Old Bobby Witherspoon by Luke Canavan

Ravello by Koohzad Karimi

Re-Existence by J.J. Hillard

Ren-Fair by Jesse Mattson & Sam Mattson

Ruination by Dawson Doupe & Ryder Doupe & Todd Tapper

Santa Muerte by Douglas Stark

Saving Sid by Tony Green

Scarlem by Tony Faria

SCOTUS by Alan Jenkins

Sex and Soul by Schirete Zick

Sirgrus Blackmane Demihuman Gumshoe by William Schlichter

Sister by Alex Blumberg

St. Judy by Shelly Lipkin & Suzanne Fagan & Kathy Fagan & John Fagan

Star Student by Chadd Alciati

Staring Into Space by Tim Cox

State of Vigilance by Tom Holowach

Supermundane by Matteo Mascanzoni

Tennessee Forever by Dewayne Goforth

The 99 Club by Michael Caggiano

The Beer House by Kate Mellors

The Big W by Laurel Anne Stern-Nicholson

The Conquest by Sarah Zeiser

The Eighth Wonder by Denise Devoy & Di Larowska

The Empire Must Fall: The Sun Sets on the Empire by Sofya Lomaeva

The Examiner by Paul Coletti

The Feed by Thu-Huong Ha

The Fishbowl Effect by Megan Plank

The Formula by Justin Ray Embrey

The Golden Pearl by Alexandra Joyce

The Half Man by Sean Azze

The Khans by Omid Niliaram

The Last Nerve by Aashka Pandya

The Long Game by Jeremy Bradford

The Mission by Mark E Hayes & Gabriele S Hayes

The Night Artist by Yellowlees Douglas

The Off-Seasoners by Olivia Haller

The Palace by David Oliver Avruch

The Partisan by Jessica Romagnoli

The Unliving by Andrew Cohen & Paul Romano

The Venue by Jill Pauletich Ragan

The VHS Society by Adam McCabe

The Weight by Dylan James

The White Room by Abhi Kumar

Theme Park Earth – Blue Sky by Anastasia Warmuth

Totalicracy by Jean-Philippe Beaumont

Umzabalazo by Brian Flaccus

Uncle Bike by Joslyn C. Jensen

Violet’s New Life by Kim Ray

Virtual Magick by AS Templeton

Vultures by Logan Mitev

WatchMe by Meegan May

Weeki Watchee Enchanted Spring by Billie Speer

Wetlands by Tyler Danna

Who Done It by Jessica Miller

Wilderness by Michael Greenwald

Wolf Spell by Aaron Fitzgerald

Worse Than Terrible by Ralph Waine Hoy

Yemma by Nicole Ballivian

Young Country by Ariana Keswani McGinn


There are 96 short quarterfinalists out of a total of 734.

A Short Story About Toughness by Sara Relli

A Simple Thank You by Jamie Stanley

A Soldier’s Horror by Deneuve Brutus

A Tale of Companionship by Sascha Nastasi & Regina Rosenfeld

Alex’s Mirror by JR Friend

Asuncion by Francisco Mendez & Antonio Asencio

Athena and the Axe by Patrick Seda

B.I.A.S. by David Angelelli

Ballad of the Cuckoos by John Biscello

Blink by Ira Livingston, IV

Brizo by Jessie Klearman

Buried by Larry J. Allen, Jr.

By Some Chance by Vincent Marano

Chalonot by Emma Starer Gross & D.A. Stern

Confabulation by Matt Brutsch

Coupled Unconsciousness by Stephanie Mathews

Danville by Patrick Deninger

Dark Forest by Nakreetipe Sudhisanronakorn

Dear Mae! by Sanju S Jacob

Director’s Playbook by Nino Aldi

Disembodied Voice with a Familiar Face by Chris Desiderio

Earth to Unknown by Neil Murphy

Ebb & Flow by Nay Tabbara

Everyone Wants A Doorman by Simone Johnson

Exile by Renan Amaral

Family Affair by Ernest Anemone

Fence Sitter by Liz Galalis

Forget Me Not by Kiriakos Kanellos

Galatea’s Dream by Elizabeth V. Newman

Genre Flick by Thom Hilton

Hangman by Sarah Rodenbaugh & Sascha Alexander & Dayna Schaaf

Happy Laundry by Kahyun Kim

Hearsay by Cindy Heath

Hidden Dolor by Rebecca Lejić-Tiernan

Hitchhiker by Samantha Walker

Honey Cake by Odette Zakarian

Horror Kid by Billy McAfee

I Hope This Email Finds You Well by Quinton Buxton

Incubus by Tito Fernandes

Iridescence by Jeremy Hsing

Leopard by Dan Abramovici

Love’s Labors Lost? by Stanley B. Eisenhammer

Maria Manananggal by Darlene Sharmaine Dy

May Tomorrow Never Come by Fernando Hart

Mr Perfect by Desi Lyon

My Cup Is Nearly Empty by Dillan Ostrom

No Power, Great Responsibility by Natasha Gregg

Old Dog by Nick Josten

Out for a Run by Todd Waring

Patrol by Rick Rowley

People in A Box by Megan R. Fitzgerald

Rare as Red Hair by Robbie Robertson

Reaper by Isiah Hale

Room by Laura Quigley

Santa’s Lot by Alison Parker

Satellite by John T. Holowach & Michael Robert Liska

Shadow by Helen Foster

She Coming Back by Jason Lindsay

Shooting Blanks by Olivia Rose

Silence by Isiah Hale

Sketches Beyond Paper by Rishaad Mollah

Sow by Esteban Powell

Starch by Ajai Vishwanath

Strange Fruit by Deidre Staples

Summer Solstice Sunset by Jen Stoughton

Surrender Dorothy by Cristine Chambers

Switch by Sara Robin

Synastry by Griffin Holmes

Tamarin by Pollyanna Stevens

Tammy’s Replacement by Paul Rowe

The 7 by Dana Stein

The Balloon by Bryan Campbell

The Black Pill by Kumyl Saied

The Cat by Drew Allen

The Corner Plot by Ezra Lerner

The End of Us by Lorena Chiles

The Jetty by Kevin Mack

The Ledge by Joel Karlinsky

The Silent Recital by Lia Wu

The Tortoise by Matthew Neff

The Very Best of the Voices in My Head by Bobbi Broome

Thin Walls by Robert Armanyous

Thingamajigs by A. S. Templeton

This Dance Called Life by Stan Siwik

this weary flesh by Jarrod Smith

Through the Hole by Mel Sangyi Zhao

To A Far More Lovely Girl by Louis James Hollander

Two Fishermen by Rick Whelan

Undercover Bitch by Jocelyne Kuhn

Waiting for Schrödinger by Kevin Hanna

Washing the Body by Peter Andrews

Waverley by Peter Andrews

Welcome To The Stage… by Kyle Casey Chu & Roisin Isner

Wine. by Grace Enock

Work Me Lord by Mary Lee Foster

You’ve Never F**ked Anyone With Beer Goggles by Kevin Sundstrom