2020 Quarterfinalists

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We are so excited to announce the 2020 BlueCat Quarterfinalists! Congratulations!


There are 351 quarterfinalists out of a total of 3552.

3L by Grace Hansen
A Devil Will Fall by Gavin Fields
A Girl of Darshafan by Denis Carver
A Hard Day’s Heist by Nick Boocock
A Little Darkness by Bret MacDonald
A Tent on Jupiter by Derek Nicoletto
A Winter Scene by Sam Griswold
About A Girl by Christopher Borden
Adult 1.0 by Amelia Wasserman
Afterlife of Memory by Jordan Fuller Vera
Agent Thumb by Alison Parker & Rodriguez Fruitbat
Alien Football Hero by Joel Karlinsky
American Blue by Jen Bieser
Andante by Tyler Kendrick
Apricity by David Quainton
Arcadian by Scott Hardie
Army Brat by Julie Anbarchian
Art Appreciation by Jennifer Titus & Mark Provencher
As An Actress by Maria Hinterkoerner
At the Edge of the Field by Michael A. Kowaleski
August Jig by Abraham El-Raheb
Awake by S E Sheldon
B.B. by Amanda Verwey
Ballyer by Joseph Farrell & Alan Scharf
Bear-Proof Suit by Nicholas Shafir
Beheaded by Helen Williams
Beside the Seaside by Mimi A.F. Newman
Beyond Logic by Bridget Bell McMahon
Bharata by Nishanth Ramasubramanian
Black Betty by Kennetha Martin
Black Tiger by Karl Mather
Blessed Lake by Brian Millard
Blood and Steel by J.H. Barnett
Bloom by Kevin Murphy
Blue Comedy by Vincent Accettola
Blue Sky and I by Durnford King
Blue Xmas by Nick Growall
Borderlands by Craig Houchin
Boys Will Be by Anne Carmack
Broad Daylight by Douglas Cushnie
Bugonia by Jack Sanderson
Burn It Down by Jordan Canning
Burnd by Shannon Davies
Call Out by Nir Shelter
Case Unsolved by C.J. Arellano
Cathell by Sam N Tsembides
Cavity by Easton Dufur
Chemistry by Jacob Marx Rice
Children of the Storm by Michael Ryan Hahn
Choirmaster! by Andrew Parkhill
Chosen by Casey Yun
Clay by Adi Blotman
Clone by Kerinne Jenkins
Combustion by Craig Oliver
Controlled Burn by Alexander Videtto
Cowboy by Alex Mindt & Randall Harvey
Crash 187 by B K
CrazyTown by J.T. Tepnapa
Creche by Dave Sheski
Cross Your Heart by Chris Hicky
Cuesta Verde by Matt Flynn
Curse Your Maker by Brian Carufe
Da Sol by Corbin Billings
Damages by Jeffrey Turboff
Damsels, Henchmen, Monsters, Oh My! by Nikai Johnson
Darla in Space by Eric Laplante and Susie Moon
Dävy by Tanner Matthews
Days of Going Nowhere by Pei Pei Chen
Death’s Game by Anthony Piersanti
Death’s Hidden Love by Ernestina Juarez
Deerslayer by Nathan Cabaniss
Deluge by Kenneth Vatan-Woodall
Desert Born by Austin Badgett & William Teller
Desolation Angel – The Reckoning of Jack Kerouac by Damian Hall
Devilment by Eric LaRocca
Devils Elbow by Jeffery Richards
Devin’s Turn by Kathleen O’Meara
Diablous in Musica by Amanda Krader
Diabolina by Kamal John Iskander
Distant Relatives by Lou Wollin
Djinn by Noel Hoffmann
Do You Love Me Now? by Liza Kumjian-Smith
Don’t Blow It by Adam and Katherine Luaces
Down by Mohanalakshmi Rajakumar
Dream, Girl! by Timothy Joseph Tyler
Dyslexic by David Nathan Schwartz & Michael J. McDonough
Electric Indigo by Thomas Krutainis
EON by Jason Kubik
Escape Pod by Buster La Haye & Eugene La Haye
Eyes On by Ryan Underwood
Fair Game by Kent Reason
Fandom by Ellie Simon
Fat: A Love Story by Rebecca Scott
Feminist James Franco by Helene Faure and France Ortelli
Fence Off by Karolyn Szot
Fiasco by Richard Woodie Mister
Finley and Quinn by Larry Holyoke
Fitter Families by Caitlin Scherer
Flittermouse by Adrian Ferrara
Focus by Laura Dobre
For Whom The Bell Tolls by Daniel Harris
Friends of the Apocalypse by Nick Bradford
From Black to Red by Jordan Kelvin
Full Moon by Joseph Robles
Fun and Dames by Samuel P. Strantz
Glide by Sam Rosenberg
God Bear by Jake Lee Hanne
Gone to the Woods by Alexandrew Recore
Goodevil by Craig Smiskol
Growing Up Crazy by Jane Peters
Guardian Angel by Emmett Kowalski
Guts by Caitlin Stow
Gyopo by Christina Ye Rim Jun
Habitat by Nicholas Thurkettle
Heart by Daniel Lauder
Heloise+Abelard by Gayla Kraetsch Hartsough
Hendersonville Olympics by Joseph N Kovler
Hi, I’m Sheryl Crow and I Work at Target by Andrew Benedict
Home of the Devils by Steven D’Addieco
Hoodrat Girls Save the World by Christopher Borden, Jesse Calderone & Matthew Merenda
Hooked by Julie Zeilinger
Hotspot Rising by Adam Hersh
How To Be Dysfunctional After Divorce by Erin Keefer Reich
Hurricane Seasons by Javier Ortiz
Hustler’s Blues by Brandon Mowles
I Killed Tofu by Troy Elliott
In Love With Einstein by Linda Shayne
In Sheep’s Clothing by Matthew Mascia
Intensive Care by Jake and Jenni Ahlquist
Intrinsically Disordered by Parrish Hurley
J-Turn by Jordan Fuller Vera
Jessica’s Gift by Jim Garrison
Jim Dandy by Barry Opper
Joppatowne Hustle by Michael Mirabella
Journey to Fisterra by Alan Lambert
Judy The Executioner by Jason Kemp & Christopher Thoman
Jungvolk by Jake Lowenstein
Jyoti by Jared Goodman
Kayfabe by Farouk Chakwa
Kin Crossing by Libby Copa
King of Dreams by Sean Doyle
King of Rio Barro by Jonathan Easley
Know Your Body by Ariella Carmell
Kobos by Adam Hersh
Komtess Bohemia by Mel Piper
Lake of Fire by James Debenham
Lancaster Pastoral by Raymond Cho
Land’s End by Jonny King
Late Radiance by Aaron Golden
Learning to Drown by Elizabeth Walker
Left Hook by Bruce Smith, Darryl Lindberg
Les Aquanauts by Damian Fitzsimmons
Let’s Die! by Samuel Clark and Andrew Wells
Letters from Grandma by Karl Seeleitner
Life at Sandy’s by Aleksandra Hansen
Lightning Roy by Stuart McClave
Like Gold Dust by Martin Bell
Lineage by Maria Soscia
Long Way South by Michael Gustavo Peterson
Look At Me by Dan Gallun & Jessie Holder Tourtellotte
Lost Words by Daniel Lauder
Love And Insurrection by Ernestina Juarez
Love Never Sleeps by KD Farris
Magma Rising by Tim Gilmer
Maidens Of Babylon by Grady Charles
Masao by Sandra Vea
Matchmaker Matchmaker by Daniel Wasserman
Mikey by Merlin Camozzi
Mildred Wants to Die by Anthony McMillan
Mint by Drew Guajardo
Monograph by Denis Coupal
Morpho by Craig Winstead
Mud Bugs by Drew Guajardo
Never Been F*cked by Erica Scandariato
Never Have I Ever by Troy Hart
New Alcatraz by Dylan Dockery
Newport Harbor Highs by Alex Simpson
No Mercy by Sean Mick
No Room at the Inn by Sean Kirkpatrick
Nobodies from the Bank by Shakira Pressley
Nubile by Donna Dinovelli
Oil and Water by Alfred Thomas Catalfo & Morgan Webster Dudley
Old Hand by Benjamin Mair
On Location by Jeff Seemann
Once Removed by Adam Libarkin
Only Ones Who Won’t Be Missed by Anthony Ladesich
Only When It Rains by Jason Ruscio
Orphan Train by Gunnar Garrett
Our Game by Justin Servino
Our House, Our Rules by Eoin Maher
Out Of Xatala by Debi Yazbeck
Pastor Dash by Pearse Lehane
Pause by Tom Harrison
Pendulum by Sebastien Blanc & Davide Marangoni
Phantom Blues: The Legend of Robert Johnson by John Frederick Roth-Imsdahl
Plain Dealing by Jordan K. Williams
Poison Mangoes by Kenneth Conner
Pseudologia Fantastica by Howard Fridkin
Psych 101 by Sid Jabery
Queen Maeve by Hanna Nielson
Queen of Hogs by Brad Martocello
Radical by George Pafitis and Tamir Khalil
Raul From Hell by John R O’Hara
Rebellion by Sergio Kopelev
Recoil by Robert Armanyous
Red In Tooth And Claw by Brennig Hayden
Red Right Hand by Jonathan Easley
Red Seven Out by Jim Maceda
Registered by Lee Eiferman
REM by Niko Williams
Renaissance Men by Alexander Fichera
Resilient by Todd E Wise
Restless by Patrick Lazzara
Return to Spalding Drive by Kevin Brunner
Rich Bitches by Philip Hall & Erin Fredman
Rock & Roll High School Vampires by Scott Morgan Grady
Rough Stock by Seppe Van Beneden
Ruby House by Amy Monaghan
Sadie by Nicholas Nogueira
Samir_The Poet by Rajan GUlati
Sana by Michael Orton & Robert Aguilar
Satisfaction by Jamie Harbinson
Saving Mark Twain by Staton Rabin
Seabirds by Jennifer Enchin
Second Coming by Burton Novak
Seeds We Sow by Ricky Nations and Lance Ringler
Seen, Unseen by Anita Palathingal
Shoot the Duck by Mark Norberg & Christy Stratton
Show Chickens by Tracy Ashworth
Simply A Moment by Robert P Mangrum
Skuldig by Andrew Matthew-Goth
Small Boats by Anna Bierhaus
Snare by Neil Krolicki
Snow Soldiers by Bill Holland
Son by Allison Webster
South Side Girls by Edith Rodriguez
Space Suckers by Derick Otto & Rebecca Arnold
Spindle City by Daniel Earney
Spring-Heeled Jack: The Terror of London by Nicholas Horwood
Storms of Love by alessandra cardoso
Stratum by Craig Nobbs
Street Dreams by Nic Kelly
Sundays Only by Joe Borg
Sunny & Hyde by Joey Day Hargrove
Tailspin by Emilio Corsetti III
Ten Rounds to Life by Mary O’Riordan
Terms and Conditions by Casey Schoch
Tethered by Michael Raymond
That’s how the light gets in by Andrew Durkan
The Andropholis Sphere by Christopher Sorensen
The Anklebiter by Andy Jones
The Art of the Con by Thomas Finn Day
The Art of Willful Detachment by Virginia Franken
The Assassination of an American Teenager by Mike Harris
The Beautiful Kind by Deborah Heslop
The Berber King by Charles Andrew Gash
The Better Man by Brian MacEvilly
The Blasé by Alan Kininsberg
The Bravest Women by Kenneth Offricht
The Bridge by Shelia Watson
The Camel Knows The Way by Matthew Riopelle
The Castle Doctrine by J. Scott Farrin
The Changeling by Aoife Bradshaw
The Cycle by Eugene Ahn
The Dead Ends by Lachlan Marks
The Dodger by Teresa Sullivan
The Events by Brennig Hayden
The Fallout by Michael Fairbrass
The Florentine Dancer by Tyler Geditz
The Flower Car by Seth Insua
The Fountain by Jason Murgatroyd
The Girl With The Paintbrush by Christie Allen
The Golden Dragon Massacre by Spaceman Chong
The Gospel According to Keith by Clark Kokich
The Hiatus by Jamie L Latta
The Homestudy by Derek Nicoletto
The Horde by Vincent Stoia
The Impresario by Daniel Leventhal
The Inimitable by Megan Turner
The Last Swordsman by Deven Spencer
The Lease of Nature by Anderson Boyd
The Loft by Kevin MacLean
The Lost Live On by Edward Case
The Love Poems of a Professional Torturer by Leigh Hunt
The Mad Woman by June Escalante
The Memory of Sleep by Seth Insua
The Milky Way by Vincent Morrone
The Mountain That Eats Men by Dylan Bryan Dockery
The Murder of Stanford White by Bartle Bull
The Music and the Mirror by Jeremy Fassler
The Niro Cum Laude by Jordan Hopps
The Pearl of Gloucestershire by Paula Podgurski
The Pinch by James Raynor
The Pit by Neal Dhand
The Players by Sarah Galea-Davis
The Princess & Her Kingdom by Brian Uriel
The Pull by Bobby Marino
The Rats in the Walls by Rex Thomas Baylon & Jonathan Henry Travis
The Running Kind by Angela Ryan
The Skins of Our Fathers by Jennifer Sharp
The Sleeping House by Suzanne Griffin
The Terror by Nathaniel Griffee
The True Meaning of Labor Day by Wyatt Lemoine
The Uniform by Gabby Gruen
The Waiting Room by Alex May
The Warehouse Boys by Gonzalo Cappielli
The Wedding Driver by Michael Hankinson and Savannah Hankinson
Those We Leave Behind by Will Stewart
Tiananmen Square by Kristoffer Bübeck
Time Pooper by Brendan Boogie
Tinseltown by Tyler Domecq
To the Stars and Back by Hugh Schulze
Top Model by A. Jay. Ung
Treasure Hunt by Buster La Haye & Eugene La Haye
Trigger by Brandon Chang
Truth Be Told by Clive Morris
Tuxedo Terrace by Carmine Bicchetti
Two Dog Night by Cameron Webb
Two Houses by Gary Stewart Branfman
Two Once Removed by Jeffrey Curry
Two Scoops of Summer by Alison Taylor
Tycho by Marco Altamirano
Unsinkable Sam by Andres Rivera
Up in Smoke by Elijah Otwey
Vengeance Is Hers by Matthew P Grady
Virtual Steeles by A. S. Templeton
Virus Scan by Mark Howling
Volatile Acidity by Elliot Butler
Walt by Rob Troccolo
War By The Sea by Cody Farren
Warbrave by Andres Rivera
Welcome to Carlisle by Jean-Marc Grenier
West by Micah Stuart
Where He Buried Me by Joe Bousquin
Whistleblower by Amanda Abeynayake
White Christmas by Michael Kenny
White Out by Brandon Bacall Tehrani
White Picket Fence by Djordje Calic & Kyle Ostrander
White Sheets by Julius Charles Ritter
Wilder by Jessie Holder Tourtellotte & Dan Gallun
Wood Demons by Chadwick A Harman
Wulff Mann by Harrison Sim
You Make Me Feel by Ben Escobar
You Owe Me One by Andy Jones, Adam Weinstock & Greg Hendrick
You, The Jury by Sarah Louise Madden


There are 123 quarterfinalists out of a total of 1423.

$ainthood by Luis Cuenca
145 King East by Firdaus F. Bilimoria
33 Avenue D- The Lo-Is-Aida by Leslie Kramer
A Family Affair by Hannah van Dijk
Addicts by Maia Henkin
Alpha & Amie by Radia Hassan
American Martyrdom by David Aaron Evans
American Seance by Jose Prendes
Amniyat by Rossa McPhillips
An American Tale by Jane Barr
Animal Hospital by Fielder Jewett
Arianna by Mehul Desai
Badass by Kelly Beck-Byrnes
Barker Bros. Time Travel Machine Company by Tyler Danna
Big Pond by Tavish Gudgeon
Black Water by Gussie Roc
Blaze of Glory by Fred Kamping
Blood and Dreams: Complicit by Suzanne Griffin
Blood and Water by Litza Bixler
Bonds by Jake D Williamson
Bountiful by Vincent Stoia
Bride by Jessica Marie Littles
Brother’s Keeper by Jacquie Wright
Buckin’ Hell by Erick Ziegler
Bunkies by Haley Bresnahan
Carousel Effect by Thomas F. O’Brien
Chase Me by Kyle Tiller
Chef Hostage by David Gantz
City of Souls by Chris Pittas
Clarke by Ellen Tremiti
Cloistered by M Rowan Meyer
Clowns by Mark Polish
Con by Jose Prendes
Controlled Recklessness by Katie Benvenuto
Curandera by Shawna Baca & Dustin Paddock
Damned by Chip Johnson
Disengaged by Angelita Zampona & Neda Ivanova
Don’t Die Alone by Riley Madincea
Drifter by Tom Kerevan
East Dakota by Val Balano
Elan by Adam Pasen & Samuel Horowitz
En Tournant by Victoria DeMartin
Entre Nos (Between Us) by Jesenia Ruiz
Exhibit Earth by Dorian Palumbo
Faculty Lounging by Kate Duffy
Fear of Trembling by Jared Lopez
Fi$h by Ian DaSilva Hamill
Freedman by Bryan Frank
Glacier Point by Alan R. Baxter
Glitch by Matthew Shafeek
Good Intentions by Ian Early
Half In / Half Out by Eric Stroud & Rory Kulz
Head First by Jade Courtney Edwards
Hiraeth by Siôn Eirug
Home Run Girl by Beth Alexandroff & Aubrey Bellamy
Homefront by Emily Ann Scott
Homegirl by Nomi Ruiz
Hunter X by Becca Barnes
I Love You to Death by Tess Andrade
In Amini by Louise Lynch
Jacqueline/Hyde by Matthew Bryan
Late Bloomer by Mia Scornavacca
Ley People by Tom McLean
Liz-At-Law by Douglas Stark
Made In America by Anna-Vera Whittinghill
Mankind by Jessica Kenney
Mental by Arthur Asseman
Meta Paragon by Luis Alberto Brown
Mr. Neptune by Michael Zammit
Mutant Zone by Dana Cowden
Newark by Harold Jimenez by Harold Jimenez
No Good Deed by Heather Farlinger
No Joy by Jo Fearn
Not Angry by Madelyn Atamanchuk
Our Family Business by Mollie McKinney
Our Vision by Liam Hale
Out of Retirement by Michael Peed & Eric Mithen
Parts by Craig Calvin Page
Prize Fight by Natalie Ganey
Refresh by Alec James
Road to Zion by Andrew Reid
Rumspringa by B. Prosky
S.N.A.F.U. by Jordan Friedberg
Sinatra by Richard Muti
Snowblind by Phillip Smith
Squad by Tevin Knight
Taking Off by Tess Andrade
Tales From A Third Culture Kid by Angela Ruhinda
Tell Me More by Randy Rex
The Ballad of Gina by Brandon Martin
The Benevolent by Matthew Stedman
The Bullpen by Jeff Nessel
The Chameleon by Sam Upton
The Contenders by Jamaal D. Pittman & Lila Hood
The Curiosity Club by Haley Emmino
The Curious Cases of Melanie Jackson by Travis J. Kehoe
The Gift by Chris Webb
The Hammer Falls by Travis Heermann
The Inner Lives of the Exceptionally Mediocre by Tyler Smith
The JukeBox by Pamela Anita Kirkland Vaughn
The Melting Point by Angela C. Gunn
The Pandora Window by Ray Chambers
The Promised Land by Al Palma and John Rizzo
The Really Expensive Space Show by Lincoln Hoppe, Alan Weischedel, & Danny Jordan
The Ret White & Brutes! by Alex M Langenfeld
The Sensualist by Suzanne Griffin
The Towns by Geoff Bakken
The True Story of the SS Rex by Paula Dixon
Third Wheel by Jody Wiltshire
Through Violet Eyes by Stephen Woodworth
Too Few to Mention by Hyun Chessman
Trying by Madi Goff & Aliza Pearl
Under Act by Nir Shelter
Union Made by Rikki Bleiweiss
Untitled Plantation Pilot by Jian Hennings
Valiant by Cassandra Rasmussen
Variety by Joshua Collins
Vigilant by Kyle Roark
Water by Pamela Winfrey
Welcome To You by Courtney Taylor Burness
Wild by Josh Doke
Winds of Fall by Rom Lotan
Woman’s Best Friend by Joey Day Hargrove
Women’s Work by Kevin Schwartz
Young Androids by Rosalia Le Calze & Alexis Marie Sera
Your Interpretation by Jordan Friedberg
Zero by Matt Brolly


There are 94 quarterfinalists out of a total of 1014.

‘Piotr’ by Kate Sellers
1, 2, 3, All Eyes On Me by Emil Gallardo & Derrick Mo
5 Star Review by Kiley Rothweiler
A British Romance by Lorna Davenport
A Space Opera by John Achomuma
A Thousand Eyes by Kiefer Luttrell
Ache by LeLe Park
Adjunto by Felix Pineiro
AirB-N-Blood by Aaron Barrocas
All Saints’ Day by Shauna Fitzgerald
All You Want To Know by Laurel Kulow
Banished by Chris Cole
Calle Cola by Aaron Richmond-Havel
Car / Love by Marc Barrett
Chaos by Manuel Galvez Flores
Chiburi by Neil Biondich
Chualar by Ann Marie Pace
Copy Bitch by Paul Coleman
Dante’s Office by Sebastian & Zachary Benn
Daughters by Declan Powers
Deb and Joan by Isaac Rathbone
Deja Vu by Haley Baird Riemer
Discernment by Trevor O. Munson
Dizzy by Kenneth J Calhoun
Dreamcatcher by Shaun Radecki
Eye of the Veil by Dorothy A. Atabong
Feed The Ghosts by Brett Michael Orr
First Breath by Geoff Bakken
Firsts by Oliver Warden
For Your Entertainment by Austin Brown
Fraud by Chris Conway
Garden Gnomes by Linda Barnett
Ghosted by Leah Wood
Greg the Puddle by Shaun Radecki
Guts or Glory by Andrea Niada
Hat Weather by Allison Theveny
Hawk Bells by Kristian Mercado Figueroa
Heather’s Breath by Jonathan Crefeld, Patrick Morgan & Anthony DeGennaro
I Want My Mom by Dania Puente
In Too Deep by James Spillman
Kid Midnight by Mychal Sargent
Know Your Monster by Helen Faulkner & Jordan Woodley
Lalu & The Forest of Bending Trees by Lance A. Williams
Latchkey Kids by David Deignan
Late Night Demons by Robert John Fagin
Late Night Fishing by Chris Hann
Lily by V.R. Rao
Maestro by L. K. Kladitis
Making Up Stories by Squeaky Moore
Mary Tries to Get a Piece by Eric A. Vasallo
Miriam the Mime and the End of the World by Konner Wilson
Momentum by Tanja Blume
Mutant Zone by Dana Cowden
Not in My Backyard by Max Wilson
Passenger by Sean Baran
Pebble by Oliver Giles
Pig Head by Tanya Cubric
Public Enemy No.1 by Rubik Roy
Resurrection by Nick Rossi
Ride Request by Allison Kraus
Rosa by Ferran Navarro-Beltrán
Sentenced by Tevin James Knight
Six Under by Spencer Smith aka Jasper Touns
Slaughter On The Texas Plains Or The Untimely Death Of Mr. Took by Wayne Gibson
Sora No Umi by Michele Gentile
Squished by Shaun Radecki
Starry Dreams by Bella Dontine
Superbug by Gio Forlenza
Swan Song by Edward Rickards
Tank by Laurie Durrett
Temporal by Michael Berlind
Tennis Story by Brian Gladstone
Thank You for Meeting Me by Ash Mackinnon
The Baby Shower by Kate Schumaker
The Blackberry Patch by Marlene Petro
The Blank Page by Laura Grody
The Crossing by Tom Levesque
The Cull by James Bray and Sean Ryan
The Exit by Abigail Christine Kienbaum
The Fork of Destiny by Brandon Martin
The Heart Project by Natalie Setoute
The Interference by Mirza Ekinovic
The Last Breath of Winter by Thom Holland
The Note by Alan Love
The Present by Dana Benningfield
The Scratch Off by Cory C. Warner
The Visitor by Jude McGowan
The Wild Child by Wong Ka Ki & Yeung Leung Chuen
Under the Bridge by Mike Bevins
Urania Leilus by Andrew Serban
Viva Maria by Sean Fitz-Gerald
Waiting by Christine West
When the Man Comes Around by Sven Latinovic
Wiley and the Hairy Man: An American Folktale by Roland Greedy
Winemaker by Miriam Rahimi-Cholensky

Our 2020 Semifinalists will be announced on April 14th, 2020.