2017 Competition Semi-Finalists

We are so excited to announce our 2017 BlueCat Screenplay Competition Semi-Finalists!

Note: The 2017 Quarterfinalists can be found here

Congratulations to all the writers who advanced!


There are 72 semifinalists out of a total of 3272 submissions.

A God Amongst Men by Vijay Varman
Allahu Akbar by Feras Hannawi
Anything by George Carlos
As Good A Place As Any by Craig Gusmann
Been Too Long by Laura DeBar
Breaking Them Up by Dev Wadhwa
Brill by Tony Fagioli
Burning For You by Nicholas Westbrook & Jordan G Hardin
Cadaver Dog by Judy Soo Hoo & Isaac Ho
Champion Grouse Hunting Society by Dean Preston & Eric J. Freedman
Chasing Daytona by Travis A Cox
Chico Grande by Jesus Celaya
Childproof by Michael Noonan
Comic Book Kings by Amanda Keener
Deadly Intention by Steve Sherman
Dogtown by Michael Sloane
Dream Thief by David Driscoll & Jeremy Wilson
Exploit by Mark Anderson
Eye for an Eye by Avi Merkado & Dani Ashur
Fat Chance by Manja L Lyssy
Father of Mine by Faris Tanyos
Hag by James Harbinson
Hey, Hey Johnny! by Nick Citton
In a Flash by Michael Peterson
Infinite Man by Greg Robbins
Inked In Blood by Paul Corricelli
Isaac Newton by Randall Palmer
Jonathan by Nicholas Pyle
Kindred by Phil Parker & Josh Bryer
Let’s Make Love by David Earl
Little Brother by Matthew S. Alaniz
Little Brother by Adam Cosco
Lone Wolf by Kyle Bellinger
Monarch by Victor Fitzpatrick
Mr Nick and The Dark by Antony Buonomo
On by Ryan Jennifer Jones
101 Ways to Survive the End of the World by Tracee Beebe
Past Kill Devil Hills Inspired by True Events by Steve Lanza
Penis Envy by Jayne Collett
Pizza Slut by Sarah Elisabeth Brown
Rebecca and Quinn Get Scared by Cylin Busby & Nanci Katz
Road to Damascus by Maxwell Hammel
Running With Mister Freezy by Leland Malkus
Scents by T. J. Kissell
Sober by Eric Winkler
Spree by Laura Allen
Strawberry Summer by Carlen May-Mann
Suli by Lin Tu
Take Out Girl by Hisonni Johnson & Hedy Wong
That’s a Really Nice Urn by Greg Wayne
The Anklebiter by Andy Jones
The Beast In Kansas by Bryce Wolfgang Joiner
The English Player by Robert Berg
The Gideons by Kevin Vickery
The Last Bookstore by Brooke Purdy
The Loonies by Evan Marlowe
The Road by Nick Wallace
The Townhouse by Baruh Benjamins
The Weight of Paper Planes by Debra Farea
The Wolves of Dresden by Maxwell Peterson
There’s Something Wrong with Kate by Mia Borders
Those Who Hear by Jerome Velinsky
Tiny Hairless Penis by Greg Wayne
To Patch a Broken Star by Sabya Naylone (Clarke)
Tree People by Guy Francisco Polin
Trouble’s Gone by Matt Tannery
Unpromised by Jason Chan
Up the Mast by Andrew Smith
Wayne by Adrian Ceranowicz
Westchester by Sachin R. Mehta
White Sheets by Julius Ritter
Zion, Mexico by Ellie Jepperson



There are 47 semifinalists out of a total of 1380 submissions.

Academy by Andrew Smith
Adulting by Terrance Dewayne Thomas
American Futures by Alex McGuire
Avalon by Randall J. Knox
Bleed At Will by Romy Loor
Buffalo Roam by Howard Wen
Clementine by MJ Palo
Colony One by Quentin David & David Minaskanian
Conquest by Christopher De Paola
Crossroads by Regina Wilson
Crush by Thomas Robotham
Daydreamers by Eugene Ahn
Dirty Business by Alison McKenzie
Drive by Hillary Schoelzel
Dunwich by A.J. Demers
Femme Fatales by Briana Bleecker
Game Face by Liz Thompson
Hysterical Females by Holiday Kinard
Junk Dreams by Maria Soscia
Levenmore by Pogo New
Monster Mauler by Bryan L. Trotman
Non Essentials by Sophie Dawson
Our Girls by Inda Craig-Galvan
Past Life by Katherine Waskul
Pedro and Me by Steven Schwartzstein
Persuasion by Susan Hippen
Photographs by Karla Nappi
PULP – Puppets Under Life’s Pressures by Raphael Loucadellis
Saint Francis by Ben Sembler
Sea Change by Anya Meksin & William Gerrard
Shift by Glenise Mullins
Small Town by Ella Roby & Lachlan Marks
Son of the Dragon by Steven Jon Whritner
Squat by Bill Keenan
The Blank by Harrison Levitan
The Depths by Joanna Studdert-Kennedy
The Fates by Jason Tropiano
The Gold by Matt Ackels
The Orphan by Allie Kingsley & Tony Baker
The Path(s) of Andy Wilson by Jason Haskins
The Temps by Julia Montanez
Thirteen Secrets by Clint Miller
Those Beneath by Debi Yazbeck
Tongs of Chinatown by Nadia Madden
United We Stand! by Pierre Mezerette
V(ictory) by C. Wrenn Ball
White-Shoe U by Beanie Barnes



There are 30 semifinalists out of a total of 1075 submissions.

Ageusia by Will Schneider
Agwajiing the Sanitarium by Michael O’Rourke from a story by Winona LaDuke
Board Games by Emanuel Nisan
Borders of Life by Mohamed Karim
Breaking the Elephant Spirit by Megan Porter
Bronwyn Goes Dancing by Shane Anderson
Cherry Picking by Stacie Gancayco-Adlao
Colored Water by Cynthia Veal Holm
Deaf Men See by Blake Ofstedal
Digging by Mike Glover
Emily by Hebron Simckes
Everybody Has a Thing by Allan George
Everyday Hero by Jerry Oliver
Expectant by Eleanor Utting & Abigail Henry
Fly Away by Ikechukwu “Ike” Nwoko
Fox by Athena Mandis
Frosty by Danny Yang
Gray by Warren Smith
Janae by Aliyah Cole
Luna by Shani Drake
Rare by April Phillips
Rascal by Dave Paterson
Sunshine by Walker Hare
The Bargain by Brad Arnold
The Bear Trap by Stevan Serban
The Bloody Nickel by Eric Pumphrey
The Call by Colm Ryan
The Scientist by Cameron Thrower & Joe McKernan
Wednesday With Vivian McEntire by Alexander Jeffery and Paul Petersen
Worry Balloons by Bec Lerve