2017 Competition Quarterfinalists

We are very proud to announce our 2017 BlueCat Screenplay Competition Quarterfinalists.

Congratulations to all the writers who advanced, and thanks to everyone who submitted this year!


There are 272 quarterfinalists out of a total of 3272 submissions.

A Gentleman of Good Hope by Christina Hulen
A God Amongst Men by Vijay Varman
A Journey of Winter and Summer by Amie Williams
A Quiet Woman by Jack Zafran
A Spriggan by Keir Burrows
Abe Lincoln: Public Enemy No. 1 by Bill Walker & Brian Anthony
Adrift In Charon’s Passage by Kenneth Thomas
Afterlife by Z. R. Denis
Alima by Ciaran McGoldrick
Allahu Akbar by Feras Hannawi
Anchor Baby by Ran Jing & Bridget Johnson
Angelic by Alicia Norman
Anything by George Carlos
Anywhere But Svolvaer by Linnea Saasen
As Good A Place As Any by Craig Gusmann
Baggage by Ryan Elkins
Ball of Fire by Sean Coleman
Bangin’ in Boca by Corey Roederer
Beat the Bug by Christophe Parault
Been Too Long by Laura DeBar
Blood & Dust by Will Keightley
Blood Eden by John Daniel Howell
Bodies of Water by Liza J. Bennett
Breaking Them Up by Dev Wadhwa
Brill by Tony Fagioli
Brown by Wendy Melchior
Brown Bastards by Omid Ghaffarian
Bundy by Paul Julian
Burning For You by Nicholas Westbrook & Jordan G Hardin
Burning Orchard by Mary LaMont
Bustin’ Out by Annalee Wooster
By These We Reach Divinity by Omid Nooshin
Cadaver Dog by Judy Soo Hoo & Isaac Ho
Canary by Nic Bettauer
Captain Fantastic by Raymond Maspons
Career Criminals by Phil Faicco
Cargo by Joseph Craig & Jason Rein
Cash Only by Tyson Breuer
Catbird Blues by Rebecca Drummond
Champion Grouse Hunting Society by Dean Preston & Eric J. Freedman
Charlie Carson Falls in Love by Ilisa Aaron Parrish
Chasing Daytona by Travis A Cox
Chasing Toots by David Bosley
Chico Grande by Jesus Celaya
Childproof by Michael Noonan
Choosing Flight by Jason Urban
Cinema Verite by Gregory Leonardo
Comic Book Kings by Amanda Keener
Communist Boxing Redemption Movie (aka: Red Glove) by Andrew LeMay
Connect by John Pisano-Thomsen
Dating and Dying in Pinnacle Point by Jeffrey Freeman
David & Goliath by Diana Stout
Dead Mustangs by Cole Fraley
Dead, But Whatever by Boris Coll
Deadly Intention by Steve Sherman
Death Greeter by Michael Musumeci
Defend The People by Joel Ebstein
Defend The Point by Justin Perry
Dhana and the Rosebuds by Federica Cellini & Giulia Corda
Digger by Dave Wade
Dilf by Ryan Dingus
Dogtown by Michael Sloane
Down by Jonathan Protass
Dream Thief by David Driscoll & Jeremy Wilson
Dreamstate by Craig Pietrowiak
Emerald Gothic by Mike Sumich
Endra by Oskar Tellhed
Enemy Mind by Kevin Keller
Escravos by Mike Teverbaugh
Evil Spirit by Glenn Lissner
Exit Music by E. David Sweeney
Exploit by Mark Anderson
Eye for an Eye by Avi Merkado & Dani Ashur
False Targets by Chelese Belmont
Fat Chance by Manja L Lyssy
Fat Girls Hunt Werewolves by Marva Ann Whitaker
Father of Mine by Faris Tanyos
50 Ways by Sallie Allen
4th of July by Erin Cardiff
Fox Hollow by Ariel Sobel
G.O.D. In The Machine by Nathan McCoy
Galaxxon – Peace of the Planets. by Paul Mahoney
Gamble by Kyle C. Mumford
Gentle by Keir Burrows
Go Heavy by Kristina Lyons
Golems Inc. by Max Gee
Greenbacks by David Murphy & Elliot Diviney
Greenwood by Emily Beal
H. A. : Henchmen’s Annonymous by Sonja Jarrett
Hag by James Harbinson
Ham by Ray Dean Mize
Henry Moore is Melting by Jenny Seidelman
Hey, Hey Johnny! by Nick Citton
Holiday from Hell by Paul Mahoney
Holy Smokes! by Russ Brandon
Home by Franka Potente
Horoscope by Neil Harper
Hosed by David Berrade
How to Self-Sabotage in New York City by Chris Russell
Hunger Pains by Farrin Rosenthal
In a Flash by Michael Peterson
Infinite Man by Greg Robbins
Inked In Blood by Paul Corricelli
Isaac Newton by Randall Palmer
Jimmy and Abigail by Marc Lucas
Jonathan by Nicholas Pyle
Kateland and the Clown by Ronnie Khalil
Kill or Cure by Charlotte Cameron
Killer Wedding by Walker Hare & Tyler French
Killing For Company by Ambrosine Davies
Kin Folk by Darren Heffner
Kindred by Phil Parker & Josh Bryer
Lanigan & Co by Joe Kendall
Last of the Confederates by Matthew Cesario
Learning to Breathe by Michael Maitland
Lenore by Goldie Jones
Let’s Make Love by David Earl
Lie. Cheat. Kill. by Jason Roberts
Life Through a Lens by Chad Hutson
Little Brother by Matthew S. Alaniz
Little Brother by Adam Cosco
Lone Wolf by Kyle Bellinger
Long John Silver by Brian Gabriel
Love Is Always by Sarah Krembs
Maggie Rocks by Guy Francisco Polin
Magic Research Society by Amanda Keener
Mary Sue by Colin Heasley
Mercy by Geoff Bakken
Mind of Miles by Kahlil Maskati
Minyan by Adam Ansell
Monarch by Victor Fitzpatrick
Moonflower by Beth Curry
Mother to Son by Tylie Shider
Mr Nick and The Dark by Antony Buonomo
Mr. Moon by Mike Langer
Mrs. Bond by Kristi Hall
Night Force by Alex Mullen
Nikola Tesla: Necromancer by Kane W.Holder
No Ghosts Here by Becca Babcock
Norman by Stephen Tramontana
Oiléan by Deborah Ní Ghréacháin
Old Moon by Calvin Patrick Pembroke
Old Wounds by Tom Wardach
On by Ryan Jennifer Jones
Once More Before I Die by Helen Wentland
101 Ways to Survive the End of the World by Tracee Beebe
Only She Knew by Lance David Tate
Partly in Dreams by Lauren Greenwood
Past Kill Devil Hills Inspired by True Events by Steve Lanza
Penis Envy by Jayne Collett
Pizza Slut by Sarah Elisabeth Brown
Polliana by Adam Clark
Polyamory for Dummies by Travis Lemke
Radio Chaos by Mark Reynolds
Raleigh by Tod Brilliant
Rear View Mirror by Peter Chapman
Rearranging Esme by Delphine Hirsh
Rebecca and Quinn Get Scared by Cylin Busby & Nanci Katz
Removal by Peter White
Reparations by Harold Steinbach
Revenge Therapy by Craig Holland
Revolution Now by Kate Danaher & Kathleen Davison
Ridin’ On  The Rim by Wendell Whitney Thorne
Road to Damascus by Maxwell Hammel
Roatua: Last Voyage of the Valkyrie by Adam Crown
Rob by T Zhang
Roller Baby by Justin D. Smith
Running With Mister Freezy by Leland Malkus
Rustam’s Soup by Tiago Paulos
Sankaty Light by Caroline Michael Osborne
Save It by Morgan Hepburn
Scents by T. J. Kissell
Simple by Dean Alexander Churchill Straffon
Sloe Gin Fizz by Jasmine Kosovic & Rachel Parker
So it goes by Juliet Porter
Sober by Eric Winkler
Some Aspire for Death by Charles Steven Broadbent
Speak English by Kieran Angelini
Spoon Fed by Scott LaFortune
Spree by Laura Allen
Starship Rogue Dragon by Qishi Li
Stay Away From Stella Brown by Cody Andrew Wasson
Strawberry Summer by Carlen May-Mann
Subterfuge by Robert O’Neil
Suli by Lin Tu
Supporting Oscar by Jeff Hamman & Phil St. Gelais
Sure-Fire by Michael Goldburg, Dave Chan, Steve Wisniewski
Survive by Whitney Rem Waken
Sycophant by Robert McClure
Take Out Girl by Hisonni Johnson & Hedy Wong
Teardrop by Stephen Goodman
That’s a Really Nice Urn by Greg Wayne
The 405 by Patrick Byrne
The 7 Step Total Sanity System: How to Turn Your ‘Mental Illness’ into Mega-Millions! by Ryan Nanni
The Adventures Of Fox by Vincent Robbins & Nicholas Fox Robbins
The Anklebiter by Andy Jones
The Baby Whisperer by Wynn Petersen
The Beard by Sonja Verpoort
The Beast In Kansas by Bryce Wolfgang Joiner
The Big Kiss-Off by David G. Burg
The Blue Nile by Richard C Bailey
The Caregiver by Joelle Luman
The Circle Game by Nic Bettauer & James Riseborough
The Civil Line by Sonya Davis
The Crying Man by Walker Hare
The Cully Hill Boys by Tim Planagan
The Devil’s Prophet by Jason E. Depersis
The Elixir of Life by Clint Miller
The Emancipation of Annabelle Bixby by Julie K Porter
The English Player by Robert Berg
The Experiment by Lynda Lemberg & Jeffrey Allen Russel
The Faerie Redemption by Annie Landry
The Final Round by Gary Allison
The G.O.A.T. by Sid Grey
The Gideons by Kevin Vickery
The Hands of the Keeper by Nathan Price
The Last Bookstore by Brooke Purdy
The Last Refuge of Scoundrels by James Corns
The Last Wild Indian by Heather Ragsdale
The Last Year by Wes Fisher & Digant Kasundra
The Life and Times of Reggie Pepper, Esq. by Andrew J. Harris
The Loonies by Evan Marlowe
The Memphis Mafia by Jason B Williams
The Miracle Healing Boy by David Welty
The No-Goods by Michael Hubbard
The Not Ready for Prime Time Family by Richard Willett
The Other Planet by Kim Ray
The Other Sport by Vivian Miranda
The Release by Kandace Cornell
The Republic of Jack by Jeffrey Kerr
The Resonance Effect by Michael Iannacone
The Resurrection Man by Blake Hawk
The Road by Nick Wallace
The Royal Aloha Club by Jody Ellis & Bryan Fierro
The Savage by Christopher Ryan Yeazel
The Sculptor by Kris Lippert
The Sparring Partner by Karelia Scott-Daniels
The Studio by Baruh Benjamins
The Time of Your Life by Robert Stork
The Townhouse by Baruh Benjamins
The Trouble with Mermaids by Andrea McGee
The Weight of Paper Planes by Debra Farea
The Well by Charles Andrew Stulck
The Witching Hour by Josh Matt Rivera
The Wolves of Dresden by Maxwell Peterson
There’s Something Wrong with Kate by Mia Borders
Those Who Hear by Jerome Velinsky
Tiger in the Lion’s Den by J.J. Borenstein
Time Zero by Carlo Carere & Erin Muir
Tin Flute by David Berrade
Tiny Hairless Penis by Greg Wayne
Title IX by Lucy Jane Bledsoe
To Patch a Broken Star by Sabya Naylone (Clarke)
Tom by John Reynolds
Travisville by Vince Mazzara
Tree People by Guy Francisco Polin
Triangle by Joe Greer
Tribal by Erik Candiani
Trouble’s Gone by Matt Tannery
Ugly Truths Part One by Corrinne Mann
Unpromised by Jason Chan
Up the Mast by Andrew Smith
Victorious by Rigel J. Dawson
Walking On Palmettos by Jim Christell
Wayne by Adrian Ceranowicz
Welcome Home, Bobbie June by Al Topich
Westchester by Sachin R. Mehta
Where Are They Now by Stacey Davis
White Sheets by Julius Ritter
Why They Die Young by Alex Wall
You Gotta Walk That Lonesome Valley by Mark Herder
Zion, Mexico by Ellie Jepperson



There are 130 quarterfinalists out of a total of 1380 submissions.

Academy by Andrew Smith
Adulting by Terrance Dewayne Thomas
American Futures by Alex McGuire
Anatomy of a Black Market by Lak Rana
Available by Candace Brown
Avalon by Randall J. Knox
B.F.E. by Chad Alexander
Baby, It’s Cult Outside by Jeremiah Peck
Bad Faith by Scott Perloff
Birthmark by Richard Marvin
Black Hatters by Adam Toltzis
Bleed At Will by Romy Loor
Bloody Kansas by Jonathan Flicker
Buffalo Roam by Howard Wen
Bunkered by Sarah McCarron
Buried Bodies by Iris K. Shim
Careme by Evan Marlowe
Charlatan by Richard Cullen
Clementine by MJ Palo
Cocque & Bull by Stuart Marchant & Colin Baines
Colony One by Quentin David & David Minaskanian
Condor Construction by Richard Stephen Bell
Conquest by Christopher De Paola
Creed by Madison McCray
Crossroads by Regina Wilson
Crush by Thomas Robotham
Dark Flow: The Last Seven Minutes by Brett Wilkinson
Day of Rest by Phil Wood
Daydreamers by Eugene Ahn
Dirty Business by Alison McKenzie
Disorderlies by Caitlin English
Drive by Hillary Schoelzel
Dunwich by A.J. Demers
Emma’s War by Glenn E. Mitchell II
Entry Level Murder by Allen Ivers
Evergreen by Joseph S Thomas
Femme Fatales by Briana Bleecker
Fire Brothers by Carmen Madison
Flight Risk by Valerie A. Brotski
Foreign Politics by Ben Maloney
Game Face by Liz Thompson
Group Homies by Conor Hanney
Grunts by Jessica Brookman & Eloise Healey
Hank and Martha in the Basement by Kate Langsdorf
High Priests by Lia Nies
High School Illusion by Jenna Hunt
Home Front by Joseph Lee
Hostages by John Gorski
Hysterical Females by Holiday Kinard
I’m F.i.n.e. (Fucked-up, insecure, neurotic and emotional) by Geoffrey Garza
Identity by Joe Torres & Chris Brewer
Isabelle’s Starting to Happen by Paul Haddad
Joe Hollywood by Mark Loughlin
Junk Dreams by Maria Soscia
Jupiter by Zachary Volker & Brandon Weaver
Levenmore by Pogo New
Low-Budget by Daniel Sheiman
Mars Now by Bill Hargenrader
Mid-Century Modern by Bradley Jones
Mohave Blues by Kim Strickland-Sargent & MM Kruse
Monster Mauler by Bryan L. Trotman
Mr. Abdul Goes to Washington by Skander Halim & Gina Ippolito
Nightingale by Amanda J. Bermudez
Non Essentials by Sophie Dawson
Northern Border by Tyler Savage & Dash Hawkins
O & E by Joseph Botelho
Offside by Mattea Greene
Our Girls by Inda Craig-Galvan
Palm Springs Eternal by William Plyler
Past Life by Katherine Waskul
Pedro and Me by Steven Schwartzstein
Pepper Private Eye by Michael Vaughn
Per Capita by Nicholas Wiener
Persuasion by Susan Hippen
Photographs (Working Title) by Karla Nappi
Pillar of Fire by Neil Forsyth
Police Procedural by Kevin Coutu
PULP – Puppets Under Life’s Pressures by Raphael Loucadellis
Redshift by Charles Callaghan
RoomMates by Bill Janson
Saint Francis by Ben Sembler
Sea Change by Anya Meksin & William Gerrard
Shade Crossing by Kadyn Michaels
Shadow War by Harvey Solomon
Shift by Glenise Mullins
Small Town by Ella Roby & Lachlan Marks
Snake Eyes by Adrian Colussi
Solis by Dana Brawer
Son of the Dragon by Steven Jon Whritner
Spillage by Mary Griffitts
Squat by Bill Keenan
Sticks & Stones by Kyle Giardino
Struck by Elaine Chekich
The Blank by Harrison Levitan
The Blanked by Glenn Acosta
The Boat Boys by Brandon Miller & Josh Lefkowitz
The Consultant by Hannah Fitzpatrick
The Depths by Joanna Studdert-Kennedy
The Fates by Jason Tropiano
The Flying Dutchman by Chris Taylor
The Gold by Matt Ackels
The Hunt by James Richard Janowsky & Ari David Szporn
The Orphan by Allie Kingsley & Tony Baker
The Path(s) of Andy Wilson by Jason Haskins
The Pioneers: A Date With The Crosbys by Ted Day and Ben Wright Smith
The Temp by Nick Crawford
The Temps by Julia Montanez
Thirteen Secrets by Clint Miller
Those Beneath by Debi Yazbeck
Tongs of Chinatown by Nadia Madden
Trade Secrets by Dash Finley
Treading Water by Christopher L. Kaufmann
Truck Bait by Benjamin Meyer
(un)heroic by David Aaron Tripp & Brandon Zachary
United We Stand! by Pierre Mezerette
Unorthodox by Bryan Marvis & Anne Estrada
Unsupervised by Dylan Ross Evans
V(ictory) by C. Wrenn Ball
Walk Cycle by John Nugent
Watertown Craft by Gillian Smith
Weekend Warriors by Brandon Martin & Loren Schiller
Weeping Willow by Liz Carlson
What Have I Done To Deserve This by Gary Giddens
Whisper in the Vines by Sasha Siljanovic
White-Shoe U by Beanie Barnes
Wolves by Dean Alexander Churchill Straffon
Wonderland by Annie Krasnow
Yonge Street Strip by Lisa M. Gold
Zero Tolerance by Nick Coviello



There are 96 quarterfinalists out of a total of 1075 submissions.

A Eulogy by Chadd Alciati
A Merciful Man by Terance Nelson
Ageusia by Will Schneider
Agwajiing the Sanitarium by Michael O’Rourke from a story by Winona LaDuke
Aria: A Banshee Song by Roisin Jones
Baby Shoes by Elaine Clayton
Baggage by Shaun Radecki
Before The Bomb by Tannaz Hazemi & James Grimaldi
Belle of the Ball by Matt Wells
Board Games by Emanuel Nisan
Borders of Life by Mohamed Karim
Break-Up by Emily Claire Utley & Courtney Hope Therond
Breaking the Elephant Spirit by Megan Porter
Brian’s Brain by Alexander Beale
Bronwyn Goes Dancing by Shane Anderson
Card by Lindsay Boyd
Cherry Picking by Stacie Gancayco-Adlao
Clinker by Dana Jennings
Closure by Ihuoma Okereke
Colored Water by Cynthia Veal Holm
Crushed by Ben Rejzer
Dandelionth by Soma Mei Sheng Frazier
Darkness Never Forgives by Gary Hanna
Deaf Men See by Blake Ofstedal
Death & the Widow by Gregory Fishwick
Digging by Mike Glover
Dog Years by Jeremy Storey
Emily by Hebron Simckes
Everybody Has a Thing by Allan George
Everyday Hero by Jerry Oliver
Expectant by Eleanor Utting & Abigail Henry
Fan by Emile V. Schlesser
Flesh by Olivier Surprenant
Fluid by Josh Shapiro
Fly Away by Ikechukwu “Ike” Nwoko
Fox by Athena Mandis
Frosty by Danny Yang
Fur by Lauren Anderson
Good Guy by Anne Carmack
Good News & Bad News by Tamim Almousa
Good Night, Star by Hannah Goodwyn
Gray by Warren Smith
Gus by Bry Troyer
How Can I Serve You? by Celinda Valeur
I over E by Ricky Tweedy
It Happens At Midnight by Joshua J. Oliver
Ivory by Carrie Clarke
Janae by Aliyah Cole
Know Thy Neighbour by James Schryer
Let Mercy Come by Andrew Serban
Life Forms by Robin Boreham
Life’s a dream, but time is reality by Marc C. Henderson
Louella by Erin Cantelo
Luna by Shani Drake
Lunch by Erica Scandariato
Mailbox Dilemma by Michael Lee
Melanie Jackson Private Eye by Travis J. Kehoe
Mute-Nee by Catlin Stevenson
Mutiny by Alanah Rafferty
My One In A Million by Michael Gibney
Newsworthy by Rachel Troche
Noteworthy by Jimmy Prosser
Nueva York by Johnny Sanchez
Other Masters by Shalita Grant
Over the Wall by Roy Zafrani
Page Turner by Marc Roussel
Rare by April Phillips
Rascal by Dave Paterson
SilentLove by Michelle White
Sophia by Shaida Chaudhury
Speak of the Wolf by Adam Sugerman
Sunshine by Walker Hare
Team: Beat Down by Lawrence Saint-Victor
The Art of Polite Conversation by Brynna Aylward
The Bargain by Brad Arnold
The Bear Trap by Stevan Serban
The Bloody Nickel by Eric Pumphrey
The Call by Colm Ryan
The Invisible Monster by Gordon LePage
The Old Man and the Radio by Demi Anter
The Ride by Brent Godfrey
The Scientist by Cameron Thrower & Joe McKernan
The Spite Club by Michael Cummings
The Storm by Ade` Craig
This Moment With You by Marko Pekkanen
This Wind Between Us by Chad MacDonald
Ticker by Kaycee Hughes
To Lina by Miranda Manzano
Tribes by Andy Marlatt
Unravel by Allegra Lisa
Wednesday With Vivian McEntire by Alexander Jeffery and Paul Petersen
Wildflower by Csanád Alföldi
Wings by Clark Kokich
With Grace by Amy Fredericks
Worry Balloons by Bec Lerve