2019 Quarterfinalists

We are so excited to announce BlueCat’s 2019 Quarterfinalists! The Semifinalists will be announced on April 9th, 2019.



There are 295 quarterfinalists out of a total of 2755 submissions.


6 Degrees by Jenn Pinto
A Custom of the Sea by Amanda Prentiss
A Quiet Absence by Raymond Jeong
A Trial For Miles by Duane Rodney
A War on Terror by Peter Haig
About Chase by Jo Hannah Afton
Accidental Patriot by JD Deane
Adventure Man by Amanda Prentiss
After Ever After by David Schwartz
Aftereffect by Robyn Winslow
Ain’t No Place by J.L. Shenstone
Alejandra by Eric LaPlante & Susie Moon
All Dressed in Black by Kaelan Dickinson
All Manner of Thing by Rebecca Mlinek
All Of Us, Monsters by Dani Parker
Allison’s Island by James Ryan Meerdter
Alpha Male by Julian Awoonor Renner
American Blue by Jen Bieser
An Honest Killer by Ben Parkhill
Arcadian by Scott Hardie
Arrow in the Gale by Tim Mason
Assignment: Censored by Richard Krzemien
Assisted Dying by Susan E Sneeringer
Aurora by Joseph Lee
Aventuras by Tyler Kitchenman
Babies by Lizzie Prestel
Badlands Bully by Nick Davis
Bansheela by Anne M. Allis
Barbarian Storm by Brad Novak
Beauty Kin to Blindness by Jim Bryan & Maddy Bryan
Bhang Lassi by Terence O’Toole Murnin
Big Texas Larry by Perrin Spychala
Big Wave Dave by Sean Preci
Birthmom by James Hsiao
Blood Atonement by Barbara Townsend
Bloodshot Moon by Nick Loritsch
Bloom by Kevin Murphy
Boundary Waters by Joann Buckley Collins & Eric Scott Olson
Boy Most Wanted by Tuck Tucker
Brut Force by Eve Symington
Burrow by Noah S. Martin & Ashley Hazel Burns
Butterfield’s Lullaby by Jason C. Bellitto
Cadillac Deception by Martin-Philippe Tremblay & Jean-Paul Botelho
Carly: Red, White, & Blue by Erin Brown Thomas
Cat Lady by Joe Case
Changing Score by Bridget Bell McMahon
Children of the Fire by Eric Hueber
Children of the Tone by John & Samantha Constant
Chrysalis by Bethany White
City of Smoke by Christian Moldes
Comic-Conned by Bob Cousins
Committee of One by Bruce A. Levin
Crime Extraordinaire by Howard Fridkin
Crossing Open Ground by Ross Mayberry
Croton Falls by Ignacio Vasquez
Dandelion by Grant Laine
Dangerous Summer by Silvester Ruck
Deadlands by Emily Morgan
Dear Adolph by James Francis Johnson
Deepa By Design by Laura Jaques
Defense by Taelor Clay
Devotion by Claire Elaine Newman
Digger by Dave Wade
Disfluency by Anna Baumgarten
Don by Alberto Battistutti
Don’t Do It by Daniel Hurst
Doom Town by Katie Golden
Doomsday Web by Wilson Macduff
Double Albert by Tyler Domecq
Dragon List by Matt Brenneman
Drifting on Oblivion by Jason Paris
DTF by Daniel Gentile
Dukkha by Rachana Suri
Edenbridge by Paul Allen
Eric by Crash Buist
Erin’s Guide To Kissing Girls by Julianna Notten
Escape From Year Zero by Armand de Saint-Salvy
Fake ID by Eric Sollars & Scott Sollars
Falling Home by Scott Lipanovich
Family on Ice by Marc Ketchem
Faster Than Horses by Michael Mul & Chris Mul
Fatal Affairs by John Paul Gonzales
Father’s Day by Vittoria Rizzardi Penalosa
Fearless by Garri-Lee Lovell
Fearless and Fluffy by Dilpreet Kaur Walia
Finding Alexandria by Sy Huq
Finding Jess by Gordon M. Cowan
Fireflies by Amanda Keener
Flight Behavior by Amelie Yeager
Flyover Country by Richard Morell
For the Kids by Peter Horgan
Fore! by Steve Kronovet
Fox Hollow by Ariel Sobel
Frances Loves Oscar Wilde by York Davis
Franchise by Daniel R. Green
FRANKIE by Isaiah Nielson
Fugitive Zero by Joe Lam
Get Life by Mandy Jacobs
Ghost Trappers by Padgett Arango & Matthew Abrams
Gloom by Bobby Marino
Goal on the 13th Floor by Patrick Thompson
Goodbye, Darlings by Hugh Blanc
Granola, Minnesota by Susanne Aspley
Grassland by Yianna Dellatolla
GT by Travis A. Cox & Robert D. Williams
Harlem Fever by Dominick Santa Cattarina & Duane Cooper
Havenwood by Jai Brandon
Her Weight On Me by Rebecca Shuhan Lou & Sofia Drummond-Moore
Hollywood Woman by Jesse Lopez
House of God by Chris Lawing
How To Win The War For Peace by Carol O’Biso & Richard Wininger
I am the Walrus by Jack N. Motosian
I’m Not Jack by Jack Cusick
Ice Massacre by The Warner Sisters
In The Darkness by Sion Eirug
In the Desert of Dark and Light by J. D. Mathes
In Too Deep: The Brian Futz Story (A Long Lost 80’s Movie) by Zack R. Smith & Andrew Miller
Incarnations by Albert M. Chan
Into The Trees by Matt O’Connor
Irresistible by Daniel Findlay
It’s My Life by John McKenzie
It’s Not What Happens by John Evan Harris
Jodie by John McKenzie
Juan for the Road by Ross Fischer
Karmarama by Russell Smith
killkill by Harvey Auzorst
Kissing Ralph Staccato by Brandon Scott
Konigsberg (A Love Story) by Tony Green
Kringle by Dennis Grace
Lament by Eric Pauls
Last Summer by Jake Thomas
Let Me Do Right By You by Sarah Joy Byington
Like a Bloody Monkey by Maurizio Caduto
Little Diamond by Marí­a Clara Vallés
Macho con Todo by Russ Nickel, William Stribling, & John Hennigan
Magnetic North by Richard Beck Peacock
Making A Monster – The Jaws Story by Dipak Chowdhury
Manifesto by Khaila Amazan
Mano a Mano by Joshua Fu
Medicine Show by Christina Wollerman
Misandry by Duane Rodney
Miske by Louis Spirito
Missing Mom by Lou Wollin
Mixed Up by Jonathan
Mommy, Wake Up by Jeffery T. Schultz
Morpho by Craig Winstead
Mother Trucker by J. Oyer Tomas
Mother’s Milk by Katie Driscoll
Neptune’s Stone by Amy Cornforth
Newcomer by Michael Leung
Next of Kin by Mackenzie Sunshine Aliano
Nurture by Alice Nicholas Wood
Oath by Paul Frank
Obviously Not Okay by Allison Flom
Of All The Days by Phillip E Hardy
Oh Very Young by Jacqueline Brogan
On Time by Xavier Burgin
One Day, Three Autumns by Felix Wong & Mac Hui
One-Eyed Charley by Zach Ragatz
Out In The Open by Samuel Jefferson
Outside Forces by Daniel John Carey
Outskirts by Alexandre Guterres
Pathfinders by Martin Arnest
Perimeters by Eugenie Carabatsos
Pip & Scout by Tian Kok
Requited by Bill Johnston
Reset, Limited by Samuel Vartek
Retreat by Garry Lawrence
Right and Left by Sonja Dumas
Rise of the Gulon by Matt Wildash
Road To Father by Tim Reaume
Roadkill by Jeff Lathery
Rocky Road by Phil Yuhas
Rupert in Paradise by Hugo Chamberlain
Rustlands by Will Welles
Sadie by Tahira Iqbal
Saluda by Rod Thompson & Tim Westland
Sam and the Seven Deadly Sins by Alex Fletcher
Save My Hero by Paul C. Hubbard
Saving Dostoyevsky by Rinsai Rossetti
Score by Stephanie Jaclyn
Screenplay by Scooter Trevelyan
September House by Nell Dobesh
Shaka by Warren Duncan
Ship of Lies by William D. Colella
Shooting Star by Michael Lederer
Single Car Crashes by Brittani Ward
Small Town Bring Down by Stuart Hollett
Snowberry by T. Michael Serrani
Soho Nights by Patrick Ireland
Sons of Treason by Sheila Rinear
Southside by Benny Jean-Baptiste
Spectrum by Jennifer Trudrung
Splinter Hold by Kristen Roche
Strange Aeons by Henry Hinder & Matthew Burke
Sucker by Jerell Rosales
Summer of ’98 by Aubrey Grace Tomlinson
Survivalist by Carlos Anderson
Swank’s by Edward M. Bookman
Sycamore Avenue by James Stuart
Talk Therapy by Thomas Moore
Tangent by Nick Wildash & Matt Wildash
Teen Feast by Charlie Anderson & Keith Keal
The Apostles Are Bleeding by Dawn Hart-Allen
The Art and Beauty of Miserable Bastards by Marilyn Jacovsky
The Art of Taking a Dive by Stephen Graf
The Arthur Project by Cord McConnell
The Bad Driver by Russell Smith
The Battle of Bridgeport by Nate Washburn
The Branch Manager by Bruce Branit
The Cellar Rat by Gregory Fields
The Charmer by Richard Muti
The Conspirasphere by Justin Scott
The Danger Inside by Tyler Rabinowitz
The Delivery by Gil Seltzer
The Empty Quarter by Tom Groneberg
The Fetch by Bill Ellis
The Final Round by Gary W Allison
The Galway Hookers by Eamonn Shaughnessy
The Girl Who Collected Sound by Steven Benedict
The Good Man by Marshall Williams
The Gospel ACcording to Charlie by Kamal John Iskander
The Grinders Cease by D.I. Riordan
The Hammer by Jason Hunter
The Hotel Golgonooza by Sean McPharlin
The Illumination of Isaac Newton by GC Johnson
The Immortality Business by James Liu
The Juggler’s Act by William Parsons
The King and I’s by Mark Niu
The Last Adventure of Shay Blaze by Howard Fridkin
The Last Idiot by Nick Citton
The Leonids by Steven Keeley
The Liberator by Joshua T Carback
The Life and Death of Jacob Walston: An Epilogue by Cerina Aragones
The Lisa Project by Jennifer Fletcher
The Litany by Evan Cooper
The Lonely Hero of Someplace Else by Michael Bruno
The Low Road by Marlow Ferrer
The Madonna by Glenn Jameson
The Man From The Deep by Robert Riley
The Manifestation by Alexander Rose
The Mesopotamian by Esra Saydam
The Mothman by Jackson Murray
The Pearl of Gloucestershire by Paula Podgurski
The Pig Farmer by Samuel Vartek
The Pirates of Ponderema by Kevin MacLean
The Reithbards by Dick Goldberg
The Ring of Solomon by Elizabeth Shum
The Sauce Was Worth It by Luke Asa Guidici
The Scouts by David Hudacek
The Scrutiny by Patrick W. Hatten
The Stanley James Intensive by Sam Myerson
The Ugly Sisters by Danny King
The Undertaker’s Children by Natasha Le Petit
The Unsolved Case Of Richard Bennett by Jeremy Leder
The Waters of Liberty by Thomas Carmody & Greg Hurd
The Way We Speak by Ian Ebright
The Weaponier by Will Warren
The White Mouse by Molly Gardner
The White Rose by Callum Alexander
These Savage Men by Nick Lentz & Keith Clark
This is Not The End by Ruben Latre
This Is The Desert by Jeffrey Siniard
This is the Last Time by Jeff Bretl
This Teacher Life by Jennifer Rau
Three Little Pigs by Stewart McDonald
Timeless Attraction by Stephen Dornburg
Tonodran’s Legacy: The Greywing by Paul Woodley
Too Bad About Snowball by Paul Larsen
Trinn Begins by Dani Milton
True Conviction by James Gulian
Tulare Basin by Carole Ryavec
Turtles and Sharks by Kevi Pearson
Tutankhamun Not In Common by Robert Rogers
Unrepentant by Steve Dini
V.E.R.V.E. by Joe Madalena
Valentine by Stephanie Ginger
Valor by Allyson Hall
Venetian Undertow by Giles Brown
Visions by Danny Howell
Warbrave by Andres Rivera
Watchdog by Michael J. Prosser
Wetwork by Robert Bielak
What Comes Around by Bobby Nahill
What Did You Do, Sweet Mary Lou? by Dave Paterson
Whipped by Luca Servodio & Morgan Thompson
Wings by L. Spirito
Winter Jasmine by Jennifer Cooney
Witchella by Jack McNamara & Justin Schlich
Yes, Chef by Todd Wiseman Jr.
You Are Not My Trigger by Paul Ashton
Z – The Senet Medallion by Tish Dragonette
Zip and the Fly Boys by Shane Anderson
ZombaZombie! by Abhishek Arun Bandekar

Hour Pilots

There are 66 quarterfinalists out of a total of 651 submissions.

American Psyche by Vinita Mehta & Richard Nguyen
Apache by Cameron Barsanti
Black Hatters by Adam Toltzis
Blythe Park by Julie Berkobien
Border Dogs by T. Siena
Border-Line by Kam Perez & Laith Nakli
Boycott by Jeff Mustard
Chaste by Elaine Clayton
Children of Ceres by Daniel McNaught
Cold War Charlie by Cheryl Gallegos Agbunag
Division 1 by Zeke Nelson
Dow Zero by Chuck Ansbacher
Evangelist by Seth Yergin
First Sister by Caitlin Alice Gilbert
Fox Hunt by Nicole Delprado
HappyLand by Alexandra Fernandez
Independent by Samuel Jefferson
Interloper by Nabil Chowdhary
It’s All Relatives by Michael Davis
John & Meryl by Jimmy Prosser
King Street by Justin Kohlas
Koba by Kevin Karp
Left to Utopia by Alex Abbandonato
Life Happens by Joelle Cornett
Liz-At-Law by Douglas Stark
Lyre by Amanda Prentiss
Masked by Jason Cavanagh
Modern Women by Jennie Wolfgram & Sarah-Raquel Jimenez
Napoleon by Kevin Karp
Newsers by Jennifer Kim
Nudes by Grace Carroll
Operation: Loki by Alex Simon
Outward by Brian Koffler
Past Tense by James Spillman
Promiseland by Stephen Wallenfels
Pulp Syndicate by John Paretti & Jakob Free
Realbots by Nicole Delprado & Joanna Beveridge
Retrograde by Ed Robinson
Seattle Sleuth by Julia Farsadi
Severed Souls by B. Isabella Bodnar
So Low They Can’t Hear You by Allison Bellbern
Sol Invictus by Amanda Prentiss
Stand by Seth M. Harrington
Strange, CA by Ben Warner
Suburbia Falls by Yolanda Buggs
Tenth Street by Benjamin Smith
The Arizona Project by Elise H. Greven
The Authenticator by Lawrence Rothfield
The Ballet Murders by Victoria Augustine
The Big Break by Kim Shaw & Marsha Dearing
The Conversion Con by Andrea Lawson
The Curator by Sonya Terjanian
The Davenwood Demon Raid by Colin C. Lawrence
The Deep End by Alex Harris & Mark Lyons
The Divided States of America by Vandon Gibbs
The Fairy Faith by Jennifer Nicole Stang
The Graveyard Shift by Brandon Vaughn
The Hellhounds by Z. R. Denis
The Muckrakers by Luis de Leon
The Peragro Project by Nabil Chowdhary
The Replacement by Nabil Chowdhary
Tuff by Katarzyna Tomaszewska
Two Truths & A Lie by Kendra Arimoto
Viceroy by Patrick Hayle
White Skies by Max Maeckler
XX by Miriam Rahimi-Cholensky

Half-Hour Pilots

There are 69 quarterfinalists out of a total of 538 submissions.

33 1/3 by Cody Tinsley
!! Oh The Humanity !! by Tyler Danna
(un)heroic by David Aaron Tripp & Brandon Zachary
99 + 1 by Sarah Isaacson
American Fusion by Jeff Bee
Artemis of Chicago by Venetia Ginakakis
Arthur Doesn’t Suck by Sarah Isaacson
Bad Jew by Adi Blotman
Big Bunz by Will Golder
Boom by Katiedid Langrock
Bottom of the Top by Clarissa Carson
Brewed by Adam Pasen & Turhan Caylak
Brutal by Nick Citton
Camp Creation by Jack Barnes
Charles Darwin in Charge by Ben Gottlieb
Clay by Katie Blair
Coconut by James Roche
Crash & Burn by Clare Higgins & Julie Fassnacht
Dead Humans by Logan Rees
Destruction, Inc. by Stephen Chen
Farm to Table by Amanda M. Hoffman
Fix My Brain by Dillon Mapletoft & Oliver Taylor
Girl Wonder by J. Oyer Tomas
God’s Waiting Room by EJ Mayer
Groupie by Daisygreen Stenhouse
Half Child Policy by Andrew King
Heroes Guild by Dalton Short
Homeowners by Carter Deems
Hospitality by Gabriel Galaza
How To Be A Good Citizen by Allison Kilkenny
Hyphenated Americans by Derrick Metellus
Insanie by Zenas Cao
InvestiGators by Dan Schneider
Joyce to the World by Joe Kinosian & Kellen Blair
June in the Clouds by Sam Group
Just A Girl by Emily Wahlund
Lacuna Matata by Grant Lease
Learning Curve by Eleanor Kirk
Lessons by Desi Lyon
Love Scenes, LLC by Lira Kellerman
Mama, You the Man by Darrel Guilbeau
Managing Life by Erin Brown Thomas & Kelly Vrooman
Meeting Life by Tim Mason
Mess by Ewan Kilgour
Modern Monsters by Mthunzi Ramphele
My Roommate the Monster Hunter by Jude Justice
N00BS by Jonathan Murnane
One Legged Polar Bear by Jay Shirtz
Recovery Radio by Sammy Sultan
Regular Fame-ily by Natalie Markiles
Saved By Zero by Anthony Brinton
Second Helpings by James Gulian
Sex Class by Daniel Waters
Spellbound by Andrew Greene & Nick Lopez
Talk Therapy by Thomas Moore
That Sister Thang by Lindiwe Mueller-Westernjagen & Dale Winton
The Greatest Intern In The Universe by Ari Miller
The Lady Birds by Kim Strickland-Sargent
The Last Abortion Clinic in Kansas by Tammy Caplan
The One With… by Matthew Gottlieb & Noah Smith
The Reboots by Andrea Lawson
The Upside Downings by Sean Sullivan
To Those Who Are Lost by Katie Waldron
Top Dog by Brennan Howard & Leslie McManus
Twinning by Andrew Boateng
Unplanned by Duncan Richards
Unspoken by Caroline Dean
Uranus by Langley McArol
Where Have You Been, Scoopy Poop! by Patrick Henry Phelan


There are 82 quarterfinalists out of a total of 704 submissions.

#Kissamate by Katharine Rogers
#lovemylife by Danielle Reid
A Dinner Affair by Olivia Johnson
A Museum For Two by Carrie Keating
A Road to Nowhere by David Earle
A Tune A Day by Rachel McAdam
A.I. Geddon by Leonid Leonov
Agile by Job Michiel van Zuijlen
Amends by Brian Delate
American Quartet by Erin McGuff-Pennington & Adam Grannick
Amontillado 1846 by Jane Barr and Ernesto Fuentes
An Aberration by Joseph Wilkowski
Anaesthesia by John Harden
Barbie Girl by Kim Booker
Best of British by Nadine Wilson
Blood and Ash by Kenneth Sanabria
Bridge Trolls by Jenna Yonker & Peter Zachwieja
Bruised Peel by Kevin Mahoney
Children of the Tone by John & Samantha Constant
Chloe ‘Two Fingers’ by Lisa Tedesco
Cross Sound Ferry by Katterina Powers
Crying by Karlo Oliveira
Daniella Dares by S.W. Fallis Stevens
Darling Dawn by Charlotte Alexander
Destiny’s Road by Kameishia Wooten
Eminent Domain by Kitty Troll
Exposed by Sheri Davenport & Lois Norman
Falling by Theo Burtis
Flight Plan by Patricia Tabb
Forever Tonight by Swetha Regunathan
Friends Like These by Mark Emery
Gargoyles by David Roberts
Home by Nir Shelter
I Am Other by Tiffany Silver Tucker
Ignored by Shaun Radecki
Just Passing Through by Jessica Stritch
Knight of the Kolossos by Jeremy Storey
Kodiak by Tyler Rabinowitz
LA I Love You by Weston Davis
Last Christmas by Owen Gower
Layers by Fay Beck
Leo’s Dream by Alan King
Little Girl Lost by Julian Awoonor Renner
Lunch Lady by Colleen Asbury
M Covenant Club by Kenneth Roberts
Making Notes by David R. Roberts
Mason & Jay Save The World! by John Woosley
Morning Glory by William Winston
Night Terror by Adam Maddox
North Star by P.J. Palmer
One Fish, Two Fish by Emily Vaartstra
Only Dead Know the Dead by Sivakrishna Vakamullu
Painful Beautiful Sex by Jeff Aron Lable
Pigeons Mate For Life by Shelby Cecchini
Pre-Game by Gilli Messer
Ranch Daddy by Chase Bortz
Refugee Status by Catherine Schandi
Roya by Anahita Mojahed
Scratch The Surface by Sean Kelly
Screamwater by Desireé Winns
Shifting by Jonah Z Helms
Son of God by Iva Prolic
Spic by Johnny Sanchez
Sucky Number 14 by Ji Strangeway
Sunshine by Amber Scott
Tampa by Jane Lowe
Tappington by Hatty Hodgson
The Assumption by M.C. Selfridge
The Biffy by Heather Debling
The Call Of Duty by Faye Upton
The Hero by Lori K. Ochsner
The House by MJ Palo
The Lost Track by Brandon Stark
The Passenger by Lindsay Boyd
The Ritualist by Jake Lemmen
The Unfortunate Existences of Augustus and Gustave by Joshua Laufer
The Whole Story by Jasmien Vandermeeren
Thumbs Up by Nick Grimwood
Thumper by Zack R. Smith & Andrew Miller
Vancouver Special by Montgomery Burt
Wild For The Night by Jamieson Rhyme
Wolves by Peter Donovan