2013 Competition Semi-Finalists

We are so excited to announce the 2013 BlueCat Screenplay Competition Semi-Finalists!

There are 58 Semi-Finalists out of 3391 submissions

A Cat’s Tale by Kendal Alexander Whitlock
A Long Mile by Graeme Robertson
Afterworld by Stephen Kopernik
Bikini Meat Locker by Simon Hewitt
Blue Pit by Blaine Tyler
Brother Daniel by Elizabeth Agate
Bus Money by W. Paul Apel & Ryan Gorman
Certain People by Michael Edward Walsh
Come To Me by Margaret Riseley
Da Tenebre by Antonello Sammito
Dead Dolores by Michael Yagnow
Degenerate by Karen Frank
Demain, Je Me Tue by Pierre Chance
Dust of Life by Jennifer Perrott
El Rabanito-The Radish Baby by Victoria Buksbazen
Evil Does It by Robert Bridge
Fatties by Matthew Ballen
Giants of the Valley by Bryce Wolfgang Joiner
Hand Lit Match by Rachael BernSousa & Mary Lusted
I Just Work Here by Greg Colburn
Impulse Control by Matthew Breault & Alex George Pickering
Judy Starr by Terrence Michael
Junction 26 by Adam Thurs
King Of All This by Pat Herford
Landlord’s Game by Cayman D. Grant
Last Waltz of Vienna by Brian Lee Weakland
Late Bloomer by Mandy Fabian
Little Tokyo Runs the Show by Justin Dean
Love’s Naked Nature by Greg Bowdish
Mending Season by Jennifer Renner
Mister Fox by Gabrielle Wendelin
Music Row by Ronald L. Ecker
Nuts by Doug Mallette
Peace Sells by Patrick Furie
Psyop: Raven Unit by Edward Mann
Robo & Juliet by Trevor Mayes
Target Audience by Michael Raymond
Templar by Stephen Kopernik
The Black by Ray Karp
The Burning Room by Kat Wood & Marco van Belle
The Doorman by Ben Hayflick
The Morphing of Eddie Lubeck by Alvin Easter
The Repairable Brightness by Derek Williams
The Rocket Man by Anthony Stitt & Jeff Trently
The Son of Edward Teach by Thomas Ryan Cuming
The Student by Augustus Rose
The Syndicate by Victoria & Amy Howell
The Toad Princess by Gigi Causey
The War of the Tooth Fairy by J W C Hickey
The Woods by Simon Sorrells & Casey Nelson
Tiles by Ethan Warren
Virtues of a Moth by Reid Goldin
Walden Matussey’s Blog of Total Truth by Tim Boughn
Watching Madison by Carolyn Stephenson
We Lost Grace by Michael Quintana
Wet by Lewayne L. White & Steven Hakeman
Wife. Bosom. Nothing. by Julie Brimberg Rothschild
Wolf Dreams by Tyler Peck


On April 1st, we will be announcing the FINALISTS of this year’s competition.

On April 10th, we will be announcing the WINNER.

2013 BlueCat Screenplay Competition Quarterfinalists