We are proud to announce our 2014 Quarter-Finalists, approximately our top 5 percent.

We received a record total of 4060 Features and 1602 Shorts.


Thanks again to all our entrants and congratulations to all!


2014 Feature Quarter-Finalists:


A Month of Sunday by Sharon Murray
A Rumble in Pinehurst by Bill Doncaster
A World Away by Sean Finn
After… by Gregory Cover
All God’s Children by Natalie Hanson
All The Way With LBJ by Randy Schubring
Alpha by Christina Pamies
An Exemplary Citizen by Josh Billig & Chris Martin
Annabel Lee by Mark Colety
Anti-grav by Jonathan Ammon
Arktos by Eric Day
Aurora by Amber Karlins
Bad Connection by Stephen Wells
Bad House by Doug Mallette
Ball Breaker by David R. Flores
Band of Angels by Katherine R. Craddock
Banner Hero by Lise Pyles
Better to Dance by Randy Hines
Big Bones by Soulla Tantouri Eriksen
Bill by Jeremiah Ra Richards
Birds of Jove by Simon Taylor
Black Ox by Joe Halstead
Blackland Salvage by Cullen Metcalf-Kelly
Blood and Dreams by Suzanne Griffin
Blood Letters by Eric Hueber
Bodhisattva by Annita Pieroni
Bon Ton Rouler by Beanie Barnes
Bonk’s Bar by Daniel Putkowski
Brandon Hill by Mike Powell
Breaking The Chain by David Braga
Butterfly Summer by Ryan Anglin
Cake by Colleen Cunha
Candidate by Rahul Victor Agarwal
Champions of Irya by Michael Douglas
Chicago Shuffle by Dennis Capps
Civilian by Marcus Sullivan
Coach by Ken Gire
Cold Front by Ken Kloser
Conquistador by Liam Goulding
Crashland by H.S. Tak
Crosswind by Melissa A. Calderone & Brandon Carter
Cut Loose To Kill by Jackie Biggerstaff
Cutting Numbers by Morgan von Ancken
Dead Letter by Joel Irwin & J.L. Munce
Deadlock by Robin Lindsey
Distance by Rose Judson
Do Not Disturb by Zev Blumenfeld
Don’t Marry Her, Fuck Me by Greg Colburn
Dr Finchley’s Worst Nightmare by Jerry Simcock
Dreaming on Paper by Missak Artinian
Early Plus Infinity by Clark Carroll
Egghead by Blain Watters
1887 by Christoph Brueck
88 Dark by Firas Janabi
End Of A Century by Neil Westley
End of the Road by Samuel Woodhouse
Engaging Eddie by Justin Robinson
Everyone’s a Critic by Carly Woodworth
Everything’s Jake by Scott Burton
Ezra’s Capybara by Kristen O. Bobst
Face to Face by Jason Pittock
False Flag by Mike McLaughlin & Eric Camiolo
Far From Grace by Richard Abercrombie
Farewell to the Chief by Michael Varhol
Fat Year by Marcy Jarreau & Jessica Stickles
Fool’s Paradise by Tom Midwood
Forged by Linda Ujifusa
From The Noise of Men by Larry V. Santana
Get Yamamoto by Mike Ross
Ghosts by Jemma Walton
Gloria by David Atkinson
God’s Acre by Dain Ingebretson
Gold by John DeCuir
Gossamer Folds by Bridget Flanery-Fownes
Grim Game by Dmitry Torgovitsky
Grimwood by Murat Izmirli
Grudge War by Jonathan Dick
Hambone by Kateland Brown
He Was a Teenage Sex Demon! by Scott Mooney
Helios by Mark J. Stasenko Jr.
Hell-bent by Nicolas Hinze
Help! I’m Trapped In A Rom-Com by Vance Tucker
History Of Magic by Jose Luis Gonzalez
Home More, Homeless by Peter Groynom
Honey Moon by Johnny Coffeen
In a Flash by Michael Peterson
In Plain Sight by Tom Moriarty
Jade Reinhart by Robert Lutz
Journey Home by Samisha Joshi LaMeyer
Kraksmashinov by Daniel May
Last Knight of Sudan by Ryan Riley
Leave by Ashley P Quach
Letter From The President by Tony Tambi
Limbo by Gregory Leonardo
Little Flea by Sabrina Siebert
Lone Wolf by Peter Rennie
Long Bad Gone by Jesse Jordan
Love Bunny by Jeff Dunphy
Love, Rockets, Robots! by Rudolf Kremers
Lowdown by Kieran Valla & Levi Smock
Mad Trapper Of Rat River by Todd J Hornberger
Magic Hour by Bo Yeon Kim
Memories of a Forgotten Love by Mohammad A. Nawaz
Metal Mouth by Chad Schultz
Modern Times by Joseph Panebianco & Tom Philp
Moment of Truth by Yoav Potash
Moratjjan by Nicolas Hinze
My Brother’s Demon by C.J. Wells
My Posse’s in the Zone by Jesaka Long
My Purr-fect Life by Helen Taylor
My Summer Colors by Marco Pinheiro
Naraka by Raul de Miguel
Night Falls on Olympus by Christopher Zegunis
No Surrender by Michael Farkas
One Small Step for Neil by Tracie Laymon
Othering by Elle-Ditta Sciarrone
Ozymandias by Sean Saffari
Passchendaele by Kate Hagen & Jack McDonald
Path of Light by Faisal Lutchmedial
Perfect Lives Project by David Casals-Roma
Phantom Pains by Alvin Easter
Portal: Exile by Derek Chng
Portia’s Penguin by Benita Cullingford
Pounders by Josh Barkey
Precipice by Larry V. Santana
Pretty Badass by Tess Sweet
Prototype by Mark Steven Collins
Quinn the Eskimo by Susan Brunig
Rehab Cabin by Kate Beacom
Renaissance Park by Thomas W. Gatus
Replay by Kerry McIntosh
Safe and Effective by Bob Cusack
Sam by Stuart Price
Saudade by Kory Olson
Self-Defense by Jasmin Tekiner
Seventh Grade Mafia by Anthony Rivers
Shepherd Moon by Jonathan Ammon
Shopping Bags by Roy Adams
Skiing With Shakespeare by Julian Mountfield
So Beautiful by Robert Lawrence Nelson
Sonata for an Angel by Nancy Santoriello
Soup Sandwich by Sabrina Siebert
Spirit of the West by Lisa Henry
Stephen the Black by Karl Bauer & Michael Choi
Stove By a Whale by Eric Nuss
Strikepoint by Philip Landa
Suspicion by Mark L Bruner
SWAParazzi by John Woodard
Table for Two? by Warren Paul Glover
Tailgate by Tom Coyne
Taking Gold by Derek Asaff & Aviv Rubinstien
Tears of the Iconoclast by Bryan Adams Hampton
Ted and Helen by Alyssa Katz & Diana Ardzrooni
Tenerife by Richard Willett
That Time of the Month by Joe Hauler
The Antiquity by Ronald L. Ecker and Evan M. Pinchuk
The Author and the Aeronaut by Kendell Klein
The Bearer of Bad News by David Minaskanian
The Bicycle Thieves by Justin Perry
The Book of Life by Peter Groth
The Boy Who Drew by Michael Marche
The Bubblegum Killer by Andrew S. Olson
The Commonwealth by Alexander Chance
The Creed by Charles Fisher
The Defender by John Stancari
The Doctor Is Out by Rory McQueen
The Dowager by Robert Austin Rossi
The Event by Josh Renfree
The Evolushun of 20/20 Vizion by Sarkis Gabriyelyan
The Fabulous Sylvester by David Belenky & Joshua Gamson
The Fall by Caroline Hopkins
The Fortress by Janet Ritz
The Gurgitator by David Klein
The Heirs by Colin Larkin
The Joy Division by Beate Piotrowski
The Keeper of the Cup by David Turner
The Left Hand by Julia Andersen
The Longest Birthday by Savion Einstein
The Meek by Ryan Riley
The Mortician’s Son by Quinn Sosna-Spear
The Rim Of The World by Bettina Moss
The Rock Bottom of Russell Whoa by Matt Byrnes
The Savage Detective by Samuel Blue GIbson
The Shot by Chris Roberts
The Sleeping House by Suzanne Griffin
The Stronghold by Sebastian Bendix
The Trial of Ebenezer Scrooge by Mark Brown
The Ventriloquist by Michael Mortimer
3 Faces of Hunger & Thirst by HF Crum
Thresher by Stefan MacDonald-Labelle
Transcendental Signified by Gerhard Posch
Tween the Ropes by Elizabeth Oyebode
Under Fire by John Garofolo
Walker’s Lament by Leigh McCarthy
Welcome to Spero by Nick Padmore
Wet Bum by Lindsay MacKay
What’s Left Behind by Jennifer Martin
Where the Greener Pastures Are by Dana Pierre
Wise River by J. Curtis Moran
Yesterday 2.0 by Michael Shriro
Zen and the Supermarket Sample Lady by Scott Burton
Zero Carbon Zone by Peter Wilson


2014 Short Screenplay Quarter-Finalists:


Ady and Al by Harut Akopyan
AR- RuH (Souls) by Ridwan Hassim
Atlas by Terry Coffey
Becca by Janani Rajendran
Bernie and Rebecca by John F. Harris
Between Shifts by Jaime Saginor
Boris Lindowski Was Here by Ian Spiegel – Blum
Breakfast at Gerardo’s by Kim Nunley
Cruelty and Destitution by Patric Morgan
Denigration by Kelly Joy Dennison
Displacement by Sergio LoDolce
Five Days in Calcutta by Fred Perry
Fortissimo by Molly Gardner
Fred and Ginger by Timothy Casto
Goodnight, Gracie by Andy Nelson
Hank Was on TV Today by Mark S. Weller
Hearts and Minds by Jesse Gustafson
Hope and a Wish by Doug Nelson
In Extremis by Gregory Crosbie
In The Hills by Rachael Kelly
Inner Journey by Bill Sarre
It Looks Like 1992 by Trae Melton
Jellyfish by Caitlin Zvoleff
Johnny by Wendy Moulton Tate
Kame by Matt Dooley
Last Supper by Tsubasa Maruno
Lifted by Sharon Murray
Lock Pick by Jayson White
Lovebug by Maggie Green
Making Darkness by Andrew Griffin
Man Out of Time by Ed Stahr
Memorial Day by Pete MacDonald
Monopoly by Wenonah Wilms
Mulogo and His Quintuple of Trouble by Martin Reese
North Star by P.J. Palmer
Oracle by John Dowaliby & Mayo Whaley
Ox in The Culvert by Erik Bernard & Lyndon Tait
Picking Blueberries by Amanda Glassman
Prune Juice by Andy Nelson
PURL 1 by Jasmine Brammer
Q.T. by Alexis Porter
Red Run by Anders Vacklin
Reminiscence by W. Eric Bouwer
Replenished by Andrew Tucker
Rotten by Tyler Tice
Shelter by Barbara Linkevitch
Shopping Mad by David Braga
Slight of Hand by Robert Knight
Socks by Tony French
Space by Jillian Moylan
Stranded by Heather Wilson
Suds ‘N Stuff by Tom Orr
Symbiotica by Austin Alward
The Big Event by Marzia Pez
The Colour of Dirt by Barbara Truelove
The Crib by Samuel Laskey
The Hole by J.R. Wicker
The Illusion of Pain by Carroll Brown
The Last Recess by Robin D. Fox
The Legend of Slink E. Weesel by Michael Pallotta
The Line That Ties Me by Isa Benn & Matthew De filippis & Elisia Mirabelli
The One by Lyndsay Doyle
The Plastic Eating People by J.R. Wicker
The Promise by Matthew Redmond
The Second Daughter by Dennis Cravens
The Story of Sol by Craig Matthew Warren
The Tutor by Gilli Messer
The Twelve Plagues by Jeremy Lerman
The Vampire by Jason M. Vaughn
The Viagra Caper by Roderick S. Chapman
Trois by Mike Gallant
Tyranny of Evil Men by Lawrey Goodrick
Waabooz by Wenonah Wilms
Waking Billy by David Widdicombe
Winged by Jennifer Cui
Wolfie by Athenia Paris Mekarnia


2014 BlueCat Screenplay Competition Top Ten Percent List


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  • Finalists will be announced April 1st, 2014
  • The Winners will be announced April 10th, 2014.


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