2022 Finalists

We are so excited to announce the 2022 BlueCat Finalists! Congratulations!



There are 5 feature finalists out of a total of 2779.

Berry Pickers by Agnes Skonare Karlsson
Bunny by Heidi Hayward
Old Man Young Man Snake by Bradley Hathaway
The Feelers by Laurie Jones
The Fly that Doesn’t Listen Follows the Corpse into the Grave by Lu Asfaha



There are 5 pilot finalists out of a total of 1185.

Esperanza’s World by Sergio Cervantes
HONK! by Michael Zammit
Logos by Alexander Blum
The Palace by David Oliver Avruch
Yemma by Nicole Ballivian



There are 5 short finalists out of a total of 734.

Cottage Grove by George Ellzey Jr.
Happy Laundry by Kahyun Kim
Room by Laura Quigley
Surrender Dorothy by Cristine Chambers
Tamarin by Pollyanna Stevens


For a list of our 2022 Semi-Finalists, go here.