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02.04.09 We recently interviewed Malcolm Wong, creator of DOGEATERS, the graphic novel, as well as the screenwriter of the original screenplay the novel was based. We asked him about the process of adapting a script to a graphic novel...

What was your original idea for DOG EATERS?

The original impulse for writing post-apocalyptic screenplays started when Bush won/stole the election against Gore. It was an impulse fueled by frustration with Americans' addiction with celebrity while they ignored the political incompetence and arrogance of the U.S. government at the highest levels, the endless and incredibly expensive war -- the feeling that Americans were 'fiddling while Rome burned.' I started to speculate about what would happen if this current incarnation of Rome did in fact burn, bringing down the rest of the world with it in a chain reaction of economic collapse, war, disease, and famine, culminating in the 'Die Off.'


3.06.08 Bluestocking's 2008 BlueCat Interview with Gordy Hoffman

Abra Deering Norton is a writer and graduate of UCLA's MFA program in screenwriting. She writes spec screenplays and teleplays (Top 20 Slamdance Finalist) and blogs about all things "bluestocking" at "Bluestocking LA - Life & Times of a Writer and New Mom in Los Angeles" where she writes about her TV and movie viewing habits, screenwriting tips & insights (pithy or not), and her life & times as a scribe and new mom in Los Angeles juggling it all... and she tries to do all this with the least amount of "snark" as possible. Her blog has been featured on, and's "Hit List" and "Indie Hit List" several times.


Gordy Hoffman
2.21.07 Gordy Hoffman on filmmaking. Part two of my interview.
2.16.07 Gordy Hoffman Interview. Part one.

Adam Deich's Vodka-Yogurt is a blog dedicated to movie reviews and film criticism. Both films in theaters and in DVD rental stores are reviewed, from hollywood blockbusters, to cinematic classics, to oft overlooked independent movies.

2.13.07 Q&A: Gordy Hoffman
Scriptwriting & Script Reading in the UK

A place to pitch, moan and share. Scriptwriter and script reader, carving out a career in the UK TV/film industry, and beyond...

1.29.07 Gordy Hoffman: One Intense Dude
Development Hell

Christina Ferguson writes spec screenplays, reads submissions for Francis Ford Coppola's Zoetrope: All-Story and designs speech recognition software. Her blog, Development Hell, focuses on random topics including: screenwriting, high tech, bass guitar, ashtanga yoga, obscure movies and sometimes, her tragically comic personal life. She lives in San Francisco.

1.22.07 Gordy Hoffman & BlueCat Screenplay Competition
rabbit + crow

Neal Romanek is a writer and graduate of USC's Cinema-TV Production program. In addition to screen- and prose-writing, he compulsively interviews fellow artists, particularly those smarter and wiser than he, then records his observations in text and podcast form on his website,, and his rabbit + crow blog. Neal's most recent projects include producing the multi-media sci-fi site, the Cyclopedia Of Worlds and writing its accompanying novel, "Conestoga".

1.20.07 My Interview With Gordy Hoffman
Could You Describe the Ruckus?

Writing Screenplays, Waiting To Sell-Out

1.16.07 An Interview with Gordy Hoffman
B Movie Writers

One screenwriting team's journey into the bowels of B-Movie land, and their heroic quest to create something entertaining and watchable... if it can ever get made.

1.16.07 An Interview with Gordy Hoffman
The Wild Diner Films Blog

This is the blog of DIY (do-it-yourself, real indie/ultra-low budget & self-distributed) DC based filmmaker Sujewa Ekanayake. Current projects: DATE NUMBER ONE (2006) distribution, writing screenplay for untitled '07 film.

1.17.07 Interview with the founder of BlueCat - Gordy Hoffman

Wouldn't it be easier to find the best of the whole scribosphere in one place? To be able to read one blog in order to get the news on the screenwriting front? This is exactly where you can do it.
SCRIBOSPHERE posts everything written by scribospherians. No one can keep up with all the blogs out there, until now.

1.15.07 Ten Questions for Gordy Hoffman
The Happy Existentialist

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